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Friday, January 11, 2013

Ahhhh: The Shepherd's Star

It is with much excitement that I bring you today's Ahhhh! I have been working behind the scenes as promised!

When one starts on a new adventure, then one needs a fresh new look, right? While I do not have my header completed yet, I do have a brand new logo. I just love it...rainbow hexagons!


A new logo is very important when one is working on labeling for brand new Ahhhh's. Guess what? Numbers 1-4 are ready to go!
I've been receiving emails asking where can you get them and how do you buy them? 

Well, just look right up top. You'll see a new page that says, Ahhhhs--find them here!
And there ya go.
You'll find all the currently released Ahhhh's, the price, and even Ahhh Club info. 

After you get done feasting your eyes on what you want to buy, then hop right over to the next button that says, "Buying Info" and it will tell you just how you can get them!

( While you are up there jumping buttons, you will note that I added an button to direct you to Ozark Fabric. I didn't know one could do that!)


Credit for today's Ahhhh has to be given to the lovely people at 

(although I do get to enjoy naming it. I am horrible at naming things!
So I asked For The Love of Paper Piecing on facebook and together we came up with 

"Shepherd's Star"

The name came to me when my Norwegian friend, May-Hege named it "Star over Ozark Mountains". 
Then thinking about my beloved hills, I really love the Shepherd of the Hills and Compton Ridge area the thus the name "Shepherd's Star" was born. 
I am pretty sure you will see more Ozarkian names in the future, as May had a wonderful idea!

This is considered an Advanced Level Ahhhh.
There are 61 pieces. 

I have been asked if I am going to start coloring these in again like I used to do. 
My plan (fingers crossed) is to start showing you finished ones again with each post, as well as backing up and showing you numbers 1-4 finished. 

I am going to go to my daughters for the afternoon/evening on Sunday. I am kind of secretly hoping she'll entertain the little guy a bit while I stitch to my hearts content!


Kylie Lloyd said...

I love the new logo. Well done on the Ahhh club. Its a great idea. Just deciding on my club choice.

Belinda said...

You are on a roll and on your way Hillbilly Tonya! Congratulations and best wishes on your new adventures. You'll be giving Stephen a run for his money in that department!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Congratulations sweetie! The logo looks just wonderful.

beaquilter said...

can't wait to get mine :-)

Terry Truesdale said...

Tooooooo excited!!!!

Snoodles said...

Haha! Don't keep it a secret....tell her that you need some sewing time! :)
Congratulations, my dear!

elliek said...

Love the logo and so far LOVE all the AHHH's Hope that this all works out for you ( sure it will ) Glad that you will be posting colours... you know I struggle with that.Hugs