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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ahhhh 8: Tumbling Stars

I just spent the morning at the post office. We were all trying to figure out new pricing and packaging that would not require customs paperwork, etc. What did we find out? Well myself and two employees all threw our hands in the air and said forget it until Monday when the new prices come out. Phooey on the USPS right now. Not the workers, just the system. Love my local office, they are always very helpful. So I am instead spending the day packaging and getting ready to mail out club ahhhs on Tuesday!!!

Tumbling Stars

Here are some colored models from May:


krisgray said...

OOOooo - love all the different colors, how different that all look!

Mommarock said...

Have you read the new shipping policy on the Fat Quarter Shop? Perhaps that will help you, I just read something on the Jolly Jabber blog the other day..

Heather Harper said...

Love this one Sis! I have started collecting materials & am going to get on to working these as soon as I finish knitting my socks! :)

elliek said...

pretty pretty pretty.

Terry Truesdale said...

My favorite so far!!!