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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ahhhh 9: Starburst

I really loved the name that May chose for the star: The star of Elendil but figured that was copyrighted so 2nd choice and a great name as well goes to Kylie for naming Ahhhh 9. (although this is a repeat ahhhh for us if you will remember way way back when!)


Some colored ones from Bea and May for you:


My little guy has been up sick all night for two nights now. Fevers all night long and runny nose issues. But the older boy came home last night so I have help now. We are working on packaging the last ahhhhs as soon as I hit publish and if it works out with Stephen will have them all invoiced tonight! (or tomorrow if I have to stay up with my boy again tonight.)

Monday, January 28, 2013

The face of Innocence?

Face of Innocence?

I think NOT!!!

I am so angry I could just just vent.
Above papers were all counted except the last pieces.
They are now discarded. (well not really, I will keep them for me to use.)


Stephen is a sick little boy. I am typing this at 4:00 am because he cannot sleep due to fever. Once the tylenol kicked in he found some energy. So while he jumps on the couch I thought I would just share my thoughts. Many say to keep personal away from business, and since I am now selling my Ahhhhs and the fabric I feel like I can't blog personal but that is not fair. I never see other adults so I have to have an outlet somewhere, right?

I had this great plan. I'd put Stephen in daycare on Tues and Thurs. 
Tuesdays I would cut fabric. (I cut only once a week for customers.) 
And Thursdays I would count ahhhs and when I catch up, sew some ahhhh samples.

But my plan has gone all bad. Last week on Tuesday I had to get Stephen a checkup so half that day was lost. Then Thursday we were at the hospital all day for outpatient procedures. Then this week Stephen will for sure will not go on Tuesday and maybe Thursday.

So much for my great plan of FINALLY catching up; FINALLY sleeping again; FINALLY finding a moment to breathe. This week is going to be double tough because I am up all night with him tonight; ahhhhs are not done so that will be an all night tomorrow; and fabric is supposed to be done on Tuesdays. I will sleep Tues though and put that off until Wednesday.
I am just inner thought rambling here trying to figure out my schedule for the week. I don't know why I do that. If my boy pulls what he is tonight there wont be middle of the night working. Silly me!


Due to above stated craziness, and the fact that I cannot take my sick boy to the post office I cannot send out ahhhh invoices today. Trust me, I have fretted, stressed, paced over this. I don't even have them all counted yet! I may send your first bunch to give you something to work with and send the other ones as soon as they are packaged. I'll pay shipping on the second batch.
Yes, brilliant idea, that is what I will do!!
Oh what a relief I talked that out to myself. I can even sleep tomorrow night now. Thank you brain!
(wow so relieved...)


Well my boy is winding down and needs mommy cuddles.
Oh one last thing...the person who made my blog button removed it and I didn't even know. So I'll be putting a new one up with my new logo. I'll do that tomorrow.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ahhhh 8: Tumbling Stars

I just spent the morning at the post office. We were all trying to figure out new pricing and packaging that would not require customs paperwork, etc. What did we find out? Well myself and two employees all threw our hands in the air and said forget it until Monday when the new prices come out. Phooey on the USPS right now. Not the workers, just the system. Love my local office, they are always very helpful. So I am instead spending the day packaging and getting ready to mail out club ahhhs on Tuesday!!!

Tumbling Stars

Here are some colored models from May:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Some life stuff, shipping stuff and Ahhhh 8

Took Jerry to get some scopes done today. His Crohns is not behaving very well and as a result we have to go back for another test tomorrow. Never mind that the hospital is 2 hours away and that this is my BIGGEST shipping week ever (thanks to the USPS price increase) and that it is the end of our first Ahhhh month!


Speaking of the end of the Ahhhhh many of you are anxiously awaiting invoices. The only problem is that pesky price increase Sunday at the USPS. That is why I've not been able to quote you exact prices. After this month--not a problem. This month, until Sunday, major problem!
I know some of you are worried about shipping prices but even with the increase I think it will be less than $5 global-wide.(for ahhhh club members).  I cannot guarantee that but it will be close to that I think. I just wont know until Sunday! I am sorry but you have to blame the post office on that one!


If you have requested to be in the one of the Ahhhh clubs if you could kindly comment here (no need to put what club; I have your info)--I need to see that you have read this. Mainly because I am still waiting on zip codes (or country) from some of you. By asking you to comment I will see that you are reading my blog for communication purposes (although I think I'll make an email group of you all from henceforth).


I worked ALL night last night, no sleep.(Ya I know, common but hopefully not starting next week!!!) Only 3 hours sleep the night before. I have to take Jerry to that appt tomorrow. So I am going to post your ahhhh 8 tomorrow night. I actually planned to tell you that I'd write another post now but I think I am dozing at the computer so I will post it tomorrow. Good night!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A bit of random for a change

It has been so long since I did a fun random post!

Do you remember when I used to post hillbilly videos for your enjoyment? Well this one has been going through my head all evening while I have been working:

Why you ask?? Well I have the cutest little envelopes for my ahhh packaging. And while we were working along guess what? Some of the designs have pieces that are too large to fit. Oh the GLOOM!

So I did a quick search of the internet trying to find cute little packaging that would work...and I did find some but the cost was too much. It would have taken the price of those ahhhhs up another 20 cents each. I suppose less cost is preferred to pretty packaging. Oh the DESPAIR.

Well, I found packaging that will work. There is nothing pretty or nothing hillbilly about it. I am going to have to figure out how to pertyfie them up. Seeing as how the clubs are due o ship Monday, I had to pay for 2nd day air to get them here in time. OH the AGONY!! (especially for non perty packaging stuff, you know?!)


Hubby goes in for some testing tomorrow just to see how his inner parts are holdin' up. Two hour drive there, two hour drive back. I told him he is completely putting me behind schedule here....


The teenage boy and I might do another video shoot in the mid of the night tonight. If we do I'll postify it for ya!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ahhhh 7: Diamond Window

I've had many of you ask about shipping prices. I just did a quick calculation for this month, but keep in mind this will all change next month because US shipping is going up on the 27th.

I am going to be sending out invoices this weekend, so that I may ship before the 27th so please if you have not done so, send me your address! Thanks.

Today's Ahhhh is an easy design and it was named by Belinda. This one and the last one are easy designs and a great starting cost of only 60 cents!! They are listed for purchase on the ahhhh page.

Diamond Window

The next video will be coming out soon; and will be about how I glue baste.
Going back to cutting fabric now so that I can put that to the side and invoice your ahhhs for this month!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy My Birthday to You!!

I know so many of you are anxiously asking for your Ahhhhs. The monthly clubs will be invoiced at the end of this week to be shipped next week. As a reminder they are always shipped the last week of the month when they are all released. If you have not sent me your zip code or country I will need those before I can invoice you.


My son and I have been working on some instructional videos for you. Keep in mind we are complete amateurs but I think these will help you.

So many have been confused on how to make their own Ahhhs (as opposed to buying them), so these first two explain that process. I will release more videos this week on the actual basting and sewing process.

Video one explains how to use Incompetech graph paper....

Video two explains how to draw up the pointing star:


Today is my birthday. My husband and young son gave me the gift of getting out of my hair last Saturday for an over night adventure. My older son and daughter gave me much needed bath towels and a new shower curtain.

I am giving one of you 6 free Ahhhhs, your choice! Just leave a comment and I'll draw on Wednesday.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ahhhh 6: Pete's Turtle

When you look at today's Ahhhh I would be interested to know what you see. My little 'naming group' was so busy thinking up the craziest names ever that they forgot to send me some color pages of it! It is an easy design, I'll be able to whip up one in no time (when I find that time.)

Now about that name...well they were pretty convinced we'd turned galactic alliance on you and gave it every star wars name under the sun, then it somehow got switched over to Mary Poppins before finally ended up being a looking glass. Until Bea's daughter looked at it and saved the day. She said it looks like a turtle and I happen to agree.

Now back to my beloved Ozarks and our Shepherd of the Hills from a couple of Ahhh's ago, if you know the story, then you know about Pete. He was a very special child that had a special connection with animals. So I chose to leave Star Wars behind an name this a much more fitting:

Pete's Turtle

It will be later tonight before I get the price added over to the ahhhh page. I have a deadline I've got to meet first. 


Life stuff:

After spending the last four months sleep walking, I made a major decision yesterday. It was a HUGE step for me and a leap of faith. As most of you know, I homeschool my children and I never send them anywhere to be taken care of. I feel like they are MY children to raise; just personal opinion.

But given the fact that I never sleep and am constantly run down and worn out and behind, I decided to put Stephen in a local day care. They will accept him part time, just two days a week. I think that in doing so, it will make for much better mommy/son time together as his mommy wont consistently be totally exhausted. 

I'll be able to cut fabric on Tuesdays (I average about 60 customers a week with a total of  2000 -2500 yds a week to cut.) and work on my Ahhhhs on Thursdays. Plus Seth will get some time alone with mom for harder school subjects.

It was a huge leap of faith financially as well. You might not think so with all that fabric that I sell, but those in my group will tell you that my prices are insanely low, (don't worry my quilt shop friends, with the exception of one designer I just deal with closeouts...I still support you all the way!) and we have now so many meds to pay for each month, and now add in the child care costs. Kind of makes me nervous but sometimes you just have to take that leap you know?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

5: Gracie's Glass

Sharon Vrooman, even if you don't sew these you will appreciate how the name of this one came to be. Below is copied from the Paper Piecing group on facebook when I asked them to"Name that Ahhhh"

Marcia Kennedy said, " I have a 7 week old kitten called Gracie. She runs around like crazy, knocking things over and tripping us up. On Friday she ran into the living room, made my DD bump the table, knocking over and breaking a glass onto the floor. Your block, in black and white, reminded me of the pieces we ended up picking up all over the floor!"

I am having a fun time letting them choose the names; can't wait to see what they will come up with next!

Gracie's Glass

64 pieces.
(I'll add it to the ahhhh page as soon as I push publish here.)

Here are some colored inspirations for you...
From May-Hege:

And from Beaquilter

Monday, January 14, 2013

Some Inspirahhhhtion for you

I have most of the first 5 ahhhs all basted but not stitched. Hope to show you those very soon. I am using the Deco line by Jason Yenter for my first few. (more about Mr Yenter on another day.)

I do have this one to show you. I already sent it to another home but it's a start. Kind of wild, huh? normal style.

My friend, May-Hege made this one. Not so wild as mine so probably much more suited to your tastes! Cute huh?

Then I put out a plea to Bea--visit her here-- and she colored some up for you since I am a bit behind in my game. I hope this helps inspire you to make some beautiful Ahhhs!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Ahhhh: The Shepherd's Star

It is with much excitement that I bring you today's Ahhhh! I have been working behind the scenes as promised!

When one starts on a new adventure, then one needs a fresh new look, right? While I do not have my header completed yet, I do have a brand new logo. I just love it...rainbow hexagons!


A new logo is very important when one is working on labeling for brand new Ahhhh's. Guess what? Numbers 1-4 are ready to go!
I've been receiving emails asking where can you get them and how do you buy them? 

Well, just look right up top. You'll see a new page that says, Ahhhhs--find them here!
And there ya go.
You'll find all the currently released Ahhhh's, the price, and even Ahhh Club info. 

After you get done feasting your eyes on what you want to buy, then hop right over to the next button that says, "Buying Info" and it will tell you just how you can get them!

( While you are up there jumping buttons, you will note that I added an button to direct you to Ozark Fabric. I didn't know one could do that!)


Credit for today's Ahhhh has to be given to the lovely people at 

(although I do get to enjoy naming it. I am horrible at naming things!
So I asked For The Love of Paper Piecing on facebook and together we came up with 

"Shepherd's Star"

The name came to me when my Norwegian friend, May-Hege named it "Star over Ozark Mountains". 
Then thinking about my beloved hills, I really love the Shepherd of the Hills and Compton Ridge area the thus the name "Shepherd's Star" was born. 
I am pretty sure you will see more Ozarkian names in the future, as May had a wonderful idea!

This is considered an Advanced Level Ahhhh.
There are 61 pieces. 

I have been asked if I am going to start coloring these in again like I used to do. 
My plan (fingers crossed) is to start showing you finished ones again with each post, as well as backing up and showing you numbers 1-4 finished. 

I am going to go to my daughters for the afternoon/evening on Sunday. I am kind of secretly hoping she'll entertain the little guy a bit while I stitch to my hearts content!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The new Ahhh 3: The Patchwork Prism

Ok, so I am here to tell you that naming these are the absolute hardest part of the job!

This is an easy difficulty level. 
I'll post the price on the new Ahhh's 4 Sale page soon.


I need to answer a few FAQ's...

1) These all measure 3" on a side.

2) These will soon be sold as paper pieces. All cut up and ready to use IN your project. They are not plastic templates. Each can be used a couple of times but they are considered disposable.

3) I am going to have different purchasing programs and I promised to have that for you this week. The week isn't over yet thank goodness! You will be able to purchase from here on the blog or from the fabric group. There will be several options available.

4) I will show these finished with fabric just as soon as I can. I have them all basted. I will TRY to get them this week but no promises. I know a visual diagram is much better and I will give every effort to get to them. Trust me it is not by choice that I have not gotten to finish them. I am using some fabulous fabric by Jason Yenter for mine. 

5) I will do a recap on how to use the Paper Pieces next week; complete with illustrations. You can start reading now by looking at the English Paper Piecing tab up top of this page.

6) I will eventually show setting options as well. Just give me another week or two.


On the homefront, Jerry is not feeling well (worse in fact). He is going to try to switch all his docs from Liberty to KU. It is such a long drive but he was very impressed with his gi doc visit last week.
 Stephen is sick, his baby sitter is sick (last week and this no babysitter at all..which is just 8 hours a week but that is alot of time to me!) so last night I had to work all night; and I've not gotten to pick up that needle and thread yet.
 I am not sick. I feel great! I just want to work on my Ahhhs.

My birthday is coming up. I asked my husband if he wanted to take the little guy to a hotel room with a pool for my birthday (and leave me home.) 
And he thought I was kidding....

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The new Ahhh 2: The Conference Call

Seriously. That is what we named this Ahhhh. I asked my teenage son and that's what he said to name it. 
I asked him where he came up with that name and he said it's a gun in a game. 
Whatever. I like the name. 
So, that's what it is.

Item Number: HClub003
Item Name: Ahhh The Conference Call
Item price: 75 cents
Difficulty level: Beginner


Still waiting on those scales, so I'll post prices by next weeks appearance. I would like to see if I sent just one if I could let it pass in a flat envelope. The USPS postage prices are going up so this would be great if it would. You could be on a 'send one a week' club; and this would work good for my international friends.
(I just worry about them getting bent??!! thoughts?)

About the club deals, after reading feedback and thinking...
I think I'll have a few different options. Some of you want them all.
Some of you are just beginning and there are some that would be overwhelming at first.
Maybe an "I want them all" club
and a "Beginner" club, "Intermediate" club and "Advanced" club?

I am excited and anxious to get going so I might just release 3 next week. 
I don't know. We'll see.
Numbers 4 and 5 are not for beginners...but oh so fun!

I've been gluing some up as I go to show you finished options but have not got to stitch them yet. That is my weekend goal...but first I have hundreds and hundreds of yards of fabric to cut. Literally. I may not get to sew very often but I sure have fun!

Oh and my fabric group is having a jammy sew along Saturday. 
Elastic, Yikes!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ok, so does this mean my year is going to be CrAzY??

So, yesterday I was very happily working on my new labels for my little Ahhhh packages, when my computer died. Dead. Gone. Forever.

It completely stressed me out because I had a huge flannel sale going on for New Years and those ladies get crazy on me if I don't list new fabric every few hours. They do! Seriously!

So I ran to the city and took the computer to the Best Buy Geek Squad. He did not give me good news to start out the New Year. He told me that it would probably be better for me to buy a new computer than for him to replace the mother board and the hard drive. Yep. Most likely so. Easy for him to say. He has NO CLUE how this stressed me on the inside. But I held it together, and started making phone calls.

My ex husband and his family are all computer geeks (seriously they are proud of it). So, that was my first call. He has a 'few spares floating around' to various family members, but he decided since I use it for Seths schooling and it is basically our income right now, he'd just go buy me a new one. Well, ok then! No arguments and thank you. So I am now the proud owner of an HP something or other that cost $379 at Best Buy--the cheapest that they had. But it works for me! So all of you awaiting your next Ahhhh you need to wave to my ex in thanks.

You also need to wave to K.... at paper pieces because I needed a quick send over of ahhhh photos and she sent it right over. Tomorrow's ahhhh show will go on...but I will not have shipping info for you. Those scales did not come today. Not that it mattered without a computer, huh?


I thought since I had to share that quick update I'd share a family update too.

Jerry is having some crohn's complications. He drove 2 hours to his specialist from KU today. It was a good visit and he's going to have to follow up with some tests. He has so many medical problems that fight each other. He needs some specialized Crohns meds that he cannot have because of his Hep C (that he got from a blood transfusion when he had cancer.) And of course his diabetes is fighting him tooth and nail too. He's weary of not feeling well. But he's working, almost full time. He leaves work early quite often. He had to turn down a promotion until he feels better. Oh and his left arm/hand is worse. That bums him because he can't play guitar and rather than improving, neuropathy is the cause of it getting worse. All in all though he's doing better and can even spend time with Stephen on occasion.

How am I? I am trying to recover from the flu virus (head cold type). Lots of coughing and that kind of fun stuff. I still have not found a needle and thread...just can't get my finger around them. ME time is always LAST on the list to do. It has to be with school and the shop and Jerry and the house. It won't be this way forever and I am ok with it. I get more stressed about the lack of time to school than I do about not having me time.

How are the boys? Stephen is starting to spend more time with his daddy again. It is still a bit touchy because he really became a momma's boy when mom was all he had. His stuttering is much better, he rarely stutters at all anymore. Seth...he needs to do his math homework right now!

Well, I need to get back to loading things onto this new computer. The ahhhh will be a bit late tomorrow but it will be there. I need to sleep first, yawning!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

An Ahhhhhnouncement that will change your Ahhhh life!

While typing this blog post this morning, it seems someone attempted to hack my account right when I was sitting there using it. Please inform me if you see anything ODD coming from my blog or through my email. Thank you.

When it comes to Artistic, Hexotic, Hectic, Hillbilly Hexagons you as a reader, fall into one of the following categories:

1) You could care less--you just follow my blog to be nice. (Husband and other family--they fall into this category.)

2) Ohhhh pretty! But you have no clue what they are beyond that.

3) As a quilter you like them but there is no way you are trying English Paper Piecing.

4) You like them and would like to try them but there is no way you are going to draw those up and cut them out. Too much work for you!

5) You are working through the Ahhhh list but you are getting burnt out because a) your host disappeared and quit showing you new ahhhh pretties and b) this has gone on a long time...time to move on!

6) You are working through the Ahhhh list and you are excited to get back down to work!

7) You have no clue what in the world I am talking about. I might refer you to the English Paper Piecing button up top..then come back and read!


Did you find yourself on the list? 

If you are a number 1, 2, or maybe even 3--then just move on to the next blog in your reader. (*sad face*)

If you are a number 4, 5, or 6 then have I got just the thing to rekindle your Ahhhh interest!

If you are a are arriving at the perfect time!

Ever heard of Paper

Well, one day last before before my life got unbearably crazy I made a little phone call to Paper Pieces. And a very nice "K..." answered the phone. K... is a real sweetheart and she heard me out. Then she got right down to work and let me tell you...this girl is fast and amazing! All she has to do is look at the designs (she paged through the ahhhhs from the blog) and she can whip out exactly the pieces and sizes that we need...just by looking at them! 

She already has, are you ready for this...almost 100 Ahhhh designs ready for us in her computer system! Yes, seriously she does. (I am still in ahhhh that they are working with little ol hillbilly Tonya to do this! Makes me want to just dance a jig!) Some of these designs I've shown you already and many new ones. So here is how it works...I leave it completely up to K... which ones she works up and sends to me every couple of weeks. She always chooses a variety of easy, medium and hard designs. Because I leave the choosing up to K..., the numbering system is different than what I've been doing on my blog. Which is good for you, because those of you working through and waiting on new designs...I have some to offer right here up front! (cant wait to get to my favorites # 4 and #5). 

So, how does this help you? Well if you are a number 4 from the list above--here ya go! If you are number 5--let this re-spark your Ahhhh flame. Pieces, already cut up and ready for you! If you are a number 6--and really don't care to buy paper you'll make it yourself...well that is ok because I'll be posting them twice a week now. Some will be old designs but many will be new designs! If you are a number 7--no better time than the present to start!

Oh, oh, wanna see number one? Kate's number one and my number one from the original blog posts matched, so today we re-introduce

Ahhhh Number one: The Pointing Star (originally published in the KC star in 1936--bet they didn't have these handy dandy paper pieces all cut out and ready for them though, did they?)

These all Measure 3" on a SIDE when finished.

A HUGE Thank you to K... over at Paper Pieces .com for making this dream of mine a reality!


So, what about cost, ordering details, etc?

The price of each Ahhhh design varies slightly, due to the amount of pieces involved. I don't even know all the prices yet, and will just know as I receive them. But today's ahhhh is

85 cents!

Yep, that's it. I know it is only a few sheets of paper, but they are die cut, exact and so EASY for you now. I will release another on Thursday (a new one even!). I am working through a program for those of you that would like to buy the collection. I actually buy the designs in groupings of five, so maybe a program where you get all 5 sent to you the minute they are all released on my blog? How does that sound? Anyone interested? I'll have an estimated cost for this on Thursday when I release the next design. I think five is the perfect amount as they will fit into a bubble mailer.

If you are interested in purchasing Ahhhh 001 by itself, then give me a day or two. I am waiting on a digital postal scale to arrive in the is due to be delivered tomorrow. I wouldn't think it would cost much more than normal postage just to drop it in an envelope. We shall see! I'll know by Thursday and will post those prices on Thursday.

So, watcha think? Huh, huh? You excited as I am???


As today is my official day back to blogland I am going to go delete the literally THOUSANDS of posts in my reader and mark them as read. I hope to catch up with all of you now. It may take me time, my husband is still not 100%, and Seth and I are SO behind on school from this fall...but I am coming back. Slowly but surely. That makes me smile. So does this blog post!