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Thursday, December 26, 2013

My brand NEW blog!!!!

I hope you have all had a wonderful Merry Christmas and holiday season.

I am working hard at streamlining my business so that I have more time for family and sewing. Its been a process but its getting there. I shut down for the holidays and thats allowed me a LOT of time to get things done. Its amazing how much time that fabric group takes!! Of course you all know that because you knew the before me..and the after me.

I've not made any posts yet but could you go follow my new blog? I'll do something nice when I get some more followers. Like a nice giveaway. A real nice giveaway. Just working on some other things first. Lots to do while my fabric group is closed!! Tonight I am sewing Christmas presents. I know Christmas is over...but not for us. The older two kids wont be here until New Years Day so I had extra time :)

Miss you guys and meet me at

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Time to Bid Adieu...

One of my lifetime favorite movies is Sound of Music. I can watch and watch and watch it. Of course I can totally relate to the opening song, I mean... who wouldn't want to run to the hills? Of course WHICH hills depends on personal preference...and I think everyone knows which hills I run to every minute that I possibly can.

The last few weeks I have been struggling about this blog. You all know that I used to LOVE blogging. I found it so nice be silly, fun, share how to do things and be serious. I am still kind of in shock that it all changed overnight. I kept hoping things would return to how they were. That I would find time to blog again like I used to. Time to read blogs and comment on them. But instead I find myself purposely pulling away so that I dont upset one friend if I might comment on another friend. I have met so many beautiful people in blog land. Many of you have followed me, coming over to facebook and keeping up with my happenings where I am. Many of you havent and I dont blame you. I dont like like facebook for personal reasons either. I have a personal profile I never use. Its just not my thing for that. But I do find that the platform works better for me on the business side. I have a group to sell the fabric, another to share paper piecing projects; I am in a stitchery group and a quilt guild. While I might not interact very often, if I need inspiration, I can click over, yet I am still right there available to answer messages. Having several hundred regular customers, I get messages day and night... and I find that when I am on the computer I am there on fb answering questions, and when I am done I don't care to spend more time on the computer. I have a family. and they are first.

Soooo.... I will from now on be sending out newsletters instead of blogging. I have my first one in composing stage. I am still learning the process so I don't know how to 'merge' you in without asking you to go to my store and signing up to receive a newsletter. I hope to include short family blurbs, etc.

I am also making youtube videos so you can follow me on there. I have a list started of up and coming youtube projects; they wont all be about paper piecing. Coming soon are some McKenna Ryan methods and twining, as well as paper piecing of course.

Stephens blog will remain... and I will be blogging more often for him.

The dream: which was always a dream before life turned topsy turvey is to write those childrens books someday. You all know its buried deep within me and hopefully we can make it surface again someday. I also plan to continue writing quilt books and patterns as long as the publisher gives the ok.

So, picking back up to the beginning of my story.... as I sat down to write this, I found the following song just kept repeating in my head. Blessings to all of you... but it is time...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

all about appreciation

It was posted on Facebook that yesterday was Wife Appreciation Day. Of course the conversation followed that the men pretty much didn't know about the holiday. I mean I didn't even know about it...holidays for everything under the sun are getting ridiculous. 

Back to my point though... I was thinking how in my job I hear almost daily from women ( or often myself venting) that cannot find a single moment to shower much less do something for themselves like sew or read a book. In fact... Their moments to themselves are often just to make or do things for those they love ( such as the five pair of Stephen undies that I've been slowly working on in my 'free time' for months now. )

Women are expected to not only work but also carry the rest of the household burdens on their shoulders. They have to clean the house, do the laundry, many homeschool their kids, do the grocery shopping, play mom taxi, and give attention to their husbands... And most women that I've talked to don't get any help with the everyday running of the household.  Then they start feeling guilty that the book case needs dusted and the laundry mound has become a MountEverest replica, yet if they are like me, they are clueless how to do it all. 

So this is why I am writing this post ladies. I assure you that you will never get the appreciation that you deserve from your family members. In fact, you will most likely never get that dream of getting so sick that you land yourself in a hospital for a mini retreat, but not so sick you can't enjoy the break. ( ha! You know that you've dreamt about it before! And even if you do get a retreat.. hospital or otherwise...guess what? The housework just accumulates while you are gone! )

But what I can assure you is this... We women are a large army. We stick together. We know that each of us carries the world on our shoulders and we willingly march on. Be encouraged because each of us appreciate what the other does. I appreciate that you sew your little girl a dress in your spare moments or that you whip up a quilt for the local VA. I appreciate that you do your best to do it all...and I understand when you are in the dumps because you can't. I i appreciate that you often encourage and inspire one another. and mostly, I appreciate your prayers, and I pray for you. 

Be encouraged ladies..march on knowing you ARE appreciated! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hillbilly Mojo

Hey Y'all!!

I am finding my Hillbilly Mojo again. Now I am tellin ya for sure I dont really know what Hillbilly Mojo be bein'. Mojo is one o' them city folk like languages I pick up along the way har and thar.

Best thing I can describe it like is a young jack donkey, when the sun warms up sky and the snow commences to melt off o them hills...and he gets a look see at a perty little jill donkey, and he starts kickin his hills up and dancin' a jig.

Well thar be a portrait of Hillbilly Mojo.

Now I am still just a glipsin at the sun warmin things up a bit, not quite ready to kick the heals. Hubby is feelin better than he has in a coons age, my Washington Princess has taken over the website, including a countin and a packagin them ahhhhs, and my pretty little daughter has taken over all choppin and dividin of the fabric shop goods. Hillbilly Jr has started preschool, just 4 hours a week but that thar be breathin' space is what that are.

I still spend many a hours at Ozark Fabric but I also have...are you ready? One of them thar callous' formin on my finger again. I cant be very well takin a photo and showin you cuz it would be another one of them thar city folk stupid words if I held it up to ya.

Now I know I need to be answerin some emails. I am goin to make me a schedule. Yes sirree, and them emails will get answered from hence to forth, I be assurin ya that!

Now finally, I want to thank those of ye that have stuck around and sent me a comment on occasion when you felt it in your gut that Hillbilly needed a hug or a line. Cuz, I be tellin' ya. I do have lots of new friends over on the fabric group but I be missin my old ones and our little talks and the inspiration (hillbillies do be knowin big words ya know.) that ya all be providin'.

Well it be high time i quit jawin'. I'll let Jed be givin' ya some kick yar boots up music.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

moved and ready!

Ok, the website portion of our warehouse is moved and ready to go. I will not be moving the fabric until I offer it to my facebook group at reduced prices first. This would be less expensive than shipping it all out!
So in the future I think the website will be more Ahhhhs, notions and ribbon focused. I get a lot of ribbon orders from there.

August ahhhhs are ready to ship. My friend will be shipping them from Washington State. I'll have 'spare parts' such as 3" triangles and things like that ready later this weekend.


As for personal life, way busy as usual. Hope to chat soon.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

closed for the weekend.

Just a really fast note...

I have the quilt shop closed ( or will in just a bit) until I can get my paper pieces, ahhhhs and notions moved to their new warehouse. I know that you've not seen ahhhhs all month and its time for them to release. Just give us a few days to get them settled in their new home. 

I will show you the August release soon. 


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Big changes, big grins!

I've had a couple of emails asking why I am so quiet. Lets see if this helps:

And this:

NO we are not moving. Just my fabric warehouse. Its moving a very very far from me. In fact I am kind of jealous because it gets to move here:

Well, maybe not that EXACT location...but Port Angeles anyway. So pretty!

You have heard me talking about 'my Princess'. My right hand man. My do anything for me partner in fabric crime.

Well we have decided due to upcoming things happening in my life that we need to switch roles. That is the beauty of Internet business. I have never met her in person. I wont be anywhere near my fabric. But the fabric hoarders enabling marches on no matter where my fabric is located. I spend way too many hours dealing with shipping and way too much money paying people to cut fabric for me. And my space is so limited. I have so many customers..that I have over 100 mailing boxes sitting here. We cant get in and out the door hardly. Its just gotten ridiculous. A good ridiculous but still crazy to make my family deal with this. So..I am fixing the problem with a HUGE sale and then a big move.

(Ozark customers...don't freak out and ask for shipping yet. I have TONS of in stock fabric I am still trying to sell off before we move the warehouse. I will take in the Yenter prebuy but then starting next month I'll have most shipped to Washington. Its really ok that you have boxes at both places. Its kind of like shopping from two quilt shops and I KNOW you all do that!)

I will keep all my Yenter in stock fabric at my home, and that as well as notions and ahhhhs will be available on the website. As well as book kits when the book comes out.

You dont know about the book.
That is the itty bitty HUGE news I've not been telling you but that I am ready to tell you now.

(I had to pinch myself first to make sure I wasnt dreaming.)

Next year I should have not one but TWO book releases.
One around the beginning of Feb and the other around September.
I even have book plans for after those two but I am trying not to get ahead of myself.

What type of books? No not childrens books. Many of you remember my old blogging days and know that I love to write and many have encouraged me to write childrens books. Maybe someday. Lets start with quilt books though...would that be ok with you?

I am not going to say anymore other than that is why I NEVER show you projects,( book secrets!) and the books are about English Paper Piecing.

With the move of the warehouse in September, I should have more time to devote to blogging but school and book projects come first. Plus Ozark will still keep me pretty busy. And counting ahhhhs. I am forever counting ahhhhs. Want to come count ahhhhs with me? I need to count some today for an order in fact.


Jerry is doing Fabulous!!!
Better than he's been in a year!
They adjusted some medicine a couple of weeks ago and the difference is night and day. He'll always have up and down moments, but he's DOING things again. ( I think he is sick of his bedroom. He hasnt even been watching much tv. You all know how I HATE tv so I am so happy with that change!) 
 I've had way more time to breathe lately. I've been able to spend alone time with the two older kids while Jerry watches Stephen. Stephen has become a total Daddy's boy and really wants not a lot to do with his mommy when his daddy is home. They have been building things and playing ball, going to the park and going swimming. ( I am not too jealous. I get him during the day still and I am starting to back off from Ozark enough that the day time belongs to school and boys. So he gets lots of mommy time. )

What this all boils down to is this:

Hillbilly Tonya is grinning again.
Big grins!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The last two

No, not forever! Just for the month.

They are already all up on the website. Month 8 begins next week with a Tuesday release!

I dont have coloring designs for both of these but I am pretty sure that number 56 is an easy one to imagine something GREAT!

Number 55 
Tiered Hexie

Number 56
Grandpa's Socks

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Tri-Blader

This one is just...FUN!
Thanks to Natasha for coloring all these for us lately. They sure look great dont they?

No. 56
The Tri-Blader

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Taking Friday's back

Way back when...
I used to have Friday Fun Days with my boys.

Every Friday we would find some woods to walk in, visit Amish town, go to the city, etc. Even during the school year we would use Fridays as a discovery learning tool. 

I do not remember the last Friday Fun day we have had. Until today. (ok, yesterday, as it is after midnight). 

Up north where we live now, there really isnt a lot of opportunity to hit the woods like I am used to doing, unless we plan to drive awhile. Well I dont care. I am taking Friday Fun Days BACK and if it means I drive, then I drive. 

Today we went to the most beautiful Botanical Gardens in Overland Park, Kansas. It only cost $2 to get in. I saw SO MANY quiltspirations. My photos were just taken with my phone but you get the idea. 

Loved the little garden dancer.
I think this is exactly how I felt today.
I am so at home in the outdoors.
I just LOVE it.

I need to make a floral quilt.
I have always wanted to.
(I havent forgotten my pretty pattern Belinda!)

I think I could sit and stitch here all day long.

Or how about an entire studio in the woods.
Away from it all.
Think they would mind me setting it up here?

Another dancer...still my mood for the day.

So hillbilly....
love them!

This garden was really pretty in person.
It was red, white and blue.
I would like to applique a red, white and blue floral quilt.

Wait! This is the garden I could stitch in all day.
I'll just take both.

Or how about that bench over there?

Well, no matter, I had a wonderful time and so did both my boys.
Stephen even blogged about his day.
His is MUCH more interesting.
You better check it out.

The Weirdest Woods Ever
by Stephen

Friday, July 26, 2013

I Wish I Might

is that old poem coming back to you? I wish I may and I wish I might (ahhhh style) are very similar. Dont confuse them!

No. 53 I Wish I Might

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Name changes

I had mentioned a while back that I needed to change the name of some of the ahhhhs. I did change them but I failed to show them to you. I need to do that TODAY and tomorrow you will see why :)

Number one is now called:

I wish I may
(remember that poem from when you were little?)

And number 14 has been changed from the friendship star to
Triangle Star
(sorry folks it had to happen)

Now tomorrow you will see why I had to show you this today :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Peaks and Valleys

Several wanted a star name for this one but we have quite a few star names already so I went with Peaks and Valleys for number 52