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Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's Almost time for...







Check back New Years Day for my exciting return to the land of blog!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

January is just around the corner...

Five or six months ago I said that I was backing off blogland awhile until I could start school and 're-group' after that incredibly busy May for ME season! 

Ha, re-group? How I wish the last 4 months would only have been a re-group. No, I do not wish that. I have been through probably some of the hardest times of my life in the last few months but I have grown personally so much during that time. 

 I said (way back when) that I would be back in the New Year, and it looks like that might just be true. I am not the same Hillbilly Tonya that 'left' you though. With life's seasons, and life changes come people changes. While I used to yearn to pick up a needle and thread...I now yearn to take a nap. (lol--seriously!). While I used to have a TON of projects saved that I wanted to do, from BOM's to cute little stitcheries, to EPP projects I've realized that while quilting is still very much a part of my life that I want to return to, it cannot be in the forefront. 

Going into January, Seth and I have ALOT of catching up on school to do, so while I will be returning to blog land, I will be taking it slowly. All of my spare hours are spent down at the fabric shop, (when did that become a fabric shop and stop being my Creation Station anyway??!!)

I have been keeping a HUGE announcement under my hat. It has to do with my Ahhh's. Everytime I came close to getting my act together to reveal, hubby would go back into the hospital. It looks like he is going to be spending much less time at the hospital, so I think my coming back for the New Year is the perfect time to make that announcement, don't you? So be watching! (Jerry--you better not go back into the hospital now after I said that. I feel like I 'jinxed' it.)


How is Jerry? He's been doing fairly well (for him anyway.) He was supposed to go to the doc today because his labs were not the best at his last appointment. But we had a big winter storm move through and he couldn't make it.
 He is working. Last week he made it an entire week. This week has been harder and he's missed some time. We know that there will be times that he is probably going to be back in the hospital, etc. He wears out very easily and tries not to over do it. He is on blood thinners now, (FINALLY) so I can breathe easier about his strokes--and the lack there of!
 There were so many times that we just did not think he was going to make it; and were ready if God decided it was time for him to go home. We may never know the reason we had to go through all of that mess, but we know that it all fit into God's perfect plan in some way or other; so we accept is as that is just how it was to be; so be it; learn from it; use it to grow, you know?

How are the boys? Seth is ready to start back on school. He really is. Stephen is getting used to having a daddy again. It has been an adjustment, but he's getting there. 

How am I? Tired. I know I've said that so much, but that really is the truth. I work all my hours late night. The fabric shop continues to grow and grow. The shop is now closed until New Years Eve, so I am going to wrap things up there tonight, then spend my time off cleaning house, working on school, writing lots of thank you notes to many wonderful people, and hopefully sewing a few items; including some Ahhhs. But I am not holding my breath. A week will be over far too quickly, won't it?

If we don't speak again, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Take this time to hold your family close. Life is fragile; we've none to thank for each breath that we take than the One who is the reason for the season, so please remember that above all. 

We'll chat soon. About quiltsy stuff even :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

A milestone!

Today Jerry turned 51. ( I guess yesterday because this has taken hours for me to get around to typing it all.)

Normally I am not the type to post something like that; as we all have birthdays, you know? Not too exciting to read about all our family members birthdays all around blogland. But when one family has been through what we have been through, I think it is a milestone worth celebrating--even in quilt world!

Since I have last posted, Jerry has been in and back out of the hospital again. Our new normal has become monotonous for blog posts, so I just let that one go. But I do have a funny photo to show you. This is actually missing 2 mugs...but hows this for perspective?? Yes, he's had 9 hospital stays now.

Actually Jerry is doing better. I am not going to say that he is great but he is now on blood thinners and is being monitored closely. That is a sigh of relief...hopefully that will stop the strokes! And internal bleeding has stopped. Once again, I am not going to say that it is over, but for now all is ok.

We are doing good as a family. Here is another funny photo for you. This is a screen shot of my bank account. I edited so that you could only see one little portion...Jerry's paycheck on the first.

Yep, only 95 cents. 
I laughed. But you know what? I could laugh. Why? because of you all. Someone started a walmart gift card shower, and we saved all of those for meds only. Jerry is going through tons of insulin due to his other meds, and the gifts of others have paid for that insulin.  Then our church has just sent random money several times. We never asked. They just did. And I have other friends that have. Someone called tonight and is bringing us over a deep freeze tomorrow. Why? I don't have room for the donated food anymore! We are truly blessed.(although one person has given us about 100 hotdogs or more. Good thing everyone but me likes hot dogs. LOL. But they do take up a lot of tiny freezer space!) Anyway, in spite of a 95 cent paycheck, rent is paid, utilities are paid, and all stomachs are full.

Oh and one more thing. My mother in law gave us some Christmas money. We decided that instead of a bunch of gifts, we wanted a tree. Someday I'll catch up Stephen's blog posts and he'll tell that adventure; but let me tell you my husband did himself in trying to get this family a Christmas tree. Isn't it wonderful that he was able to go with us though?

(No I've not lost a pound, that would be Amy providing a shoulder to my very worn out husband.)