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Monday, November 5, 2012

It's high time, I know!

I have had emails and messages asking for Jerry updates. It is all so hard. With income at ZERO right now I have been working working working at selling fabric. There have been major changes made there so maybe things won't be so hard and time consuming in that area from now on. Anyway, about Jerry...

Last time I posted the hospital he was in finally gave him a colonoscopy. Well, they found lots of infection, swelling, etc., but thankfully no colon cancer! After trying to give him meds, he continued to worsen. Internal bleeding was added to his list of diabetes problems, heart A fib problems which they think are causing his strokes...he was truly a mess.

FINALLY the doctors admitted they couldn't find the answer. So he left this hospital:

And they transferred him to this hospital:

I think Jerry thought he got taken to a 5 star hotel. Room service food delivered whenever you want. Good food. LOL, when they tried to put him on an all liquid diet he threw a fit! He arrived here on a week ago Friday, and they just let him rest for the weekend. His internal bleeding did worsen as time went though.

On Monday (a week ago today) they ran tests on him. And by afternoon; they had an answer. 
Did you hear me...IN ONE DAY! (after 9 weeks at the other hospital and thousands and thousands of dollars of tests.)

He has....

This is what threw his body into DKA. What made him sick and lose weight (40+ pounds). What zapped his energy (well 3 strokes did that too). 

They kept him in this latest hospital for a week to monitor him, and all his meds. He is home now. 
He feels and acts so much better but he has a long healing process ahead of him. And his meds are really messing with his blood sugar. This is so scary because even with LOTS of insulin and eating right, the meds are keeping his sugar from 250-350. This can cause more strokes. 

It's a vicious cycle. He's going to attempt to go to work tomorrow. Financially it is quite necessary, but oh man, you KNOW I am going to worry.


Some stats for you: 10 weeks plus however many days on this one off work. Personal time ran out several weeks ago.
Hospital stays: 5 (I don't remember how many days each) Two different hospitals
ER visits: 5 (two different hospitals)
Total hospitals involved: 3
Ambulance trips: 2 from two different towns.
MRI's: I can count at least 6..but there were probably more
Surgery: 1
CT scans: umm more than 10
Ultrasounds: around 5
Xrays: 5-7
Blood tests: ha, impossible to count.
Medical bills total: I am not looking yet. I haven't even opened them. 


How am I doing? Happy to have Jerry home but am ready for it all to end. Running a home based business as a single mom is WAY harder than working as a single mom. I know. I've done both now. Today I am just fussy because I am so dog gone busy!!!!

How is Stephen? He has taken to stuttering..and it is progressively getting worse. I am not going to rush to some doctor so he can get rushed to some speech therapist so that we'll have to go into the parents as teachers program. Not my thing. He's not even three yet. If it worsens, and AFTER life calms down, I'll consider talking to his doctor. But NOT right now. No way.

Seth? ahh, he's almost 15. Not much more to say about that :)

Thank you all for your prayers and concern. Things are looking up. Way up. And blessings abound. Many many blessings. 


Belinda said...

I've been checked every day to see if you have found time to update. So glad you finally found out what the issue is!!! Praise God!
We will continue to pray and pray.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Glad you finally got answers!! This can be handled with the right care...good luck

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Woo Hoo.........we have an answer. I hope things do start looking brighter for you. Hang in there girl, you are tough, you can do it.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

So glad you have an answer. Things will come back around sweetie - hang in there. And once things calm down, I am sure Stephen will be better - just may be his way of handling stress.

Snoodles said...

I agree with Sharon, this may be Stephen's outlet for his stress, how he copes with how topsy turvy everything has been. Patience, calm, and time will be the best healing for him. Praising God that you have answers and a plan for the future...praying that the sugar will be regulated. Hugs, my friend!

Groovy Pumpkin said...

Hi Tonya, I really can't imagine how you must be feeling right now. It's good news that the new hospital found out the cause, let's hope Jerry will start to recover as much as he possibly can.

Always thinking of you all. Poor Stephen must feel under such stress too, and for a small boy it can be hard to express these feelings. I know that having you for his mother he will start to recover too, in his own time.

With much love, Jane xxxx

Dorian said...

What a long road for Jerry, you and kids! I'm so glad he has a diagnosis now. I will be praying he gets better, that his meds will be nice to his blood sugars and that he can work. hugs!

beaquilter said...

I'm so glad they found an ANSWER for you! hopefully he'll get better soon, kind of crazy going back to work already?? don't you have a cap on medical bills? I don't understand insurance rules at all, I thought I would cap- having a C section, didn't even come close... but that's just one surgery. big HUGS!!

Christine M said...

At least you now know what Jerry has and he can be treated for that. Having him back home will be great for all of you. As some of the others have said, stuttering may be due to Stephen's world being topsy turvy. Hopefully, once things start getting a bit back to normal his stuttering will go away. Hugs to you all. Christine xx

krisgray said...

So glad y'all have answers - finally! My FIL has had Crohn's disease for years and once it was under control, it has stayed pretty much that way with only a few flare ups. Hope some time and med balancing will make everything better.

Carrie P. said...

So glad to hear Jerry is home and has a diagnosis. I know that is a relieve.

My son used to stutter when he was little. We had him prayed for and God healed him. I am believing the same for Stephen.

Jill Martin said...

So happy there is an answer and that it is something that can be managed. Prays have been answered. Soon things will be back to as normal as they used to be.....

Jill Martin said...

So happy there is an answer and that it is something that can be managed. Prays have been answered. Soon things will be back to as normal as they used to be.....

elliek said...

So glad that you finally have an answer. Always good to have a name for something. At least this can be managed and life will hopefully return to normal. Stephen too will be okay. Poor mite has had his world turned upside down. Continued prayers, love and hugs coming your way. Take care friend.

Grammasheri said...

My daughter has Crohn's and it has been an uphill battle also. Took the doctors 1 1/2 years to find the answer. She is in remission now and it is a blessing. Praying for you all.

QuiltSue said...

I am so glad you finally have an answer. At least now, you can see an end, even if it's quite a way away still.

Pat said...

I'm so glad Jerry got a diagnosis. Fingers tightly crossed they can get the two things under control now and life will get to have a semblance of normality. Hugs to you all xx

Patty@Granma's said...

Thank Heaven! I know some with crohns and it take a bit (lot) of adjustments, but they do live and work and have totally healthy lives, (proper eating mainly) so you have much to look forward to. I'm sending you a hug - God Bless.

Carla said...

Holy Cow. KU is an awesome place! 1 day and you have an answer. Crohns is nothing to sneeze at but you have an answer. Liberty Hospital should have been able to find that I would have thought. Crazy
I know you and Jerry are in a better position now. Here's to getting better and life. God Bless.
Hugs from Texas

VickiT said...

I am just THRILLED that you finally have some answers. How strange that no one else could spot this. Wow.

I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Michael Nelson said...

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rosie said...

Tonya, sending more hugs... so glad you now have an answer, things are so much easier to deal with when you know what you are dealing with..
Keep smilin' hon. xx