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Monday, October 8, 2012

I don't wanna....

I've been needing to write an update post...but it's been hard to do. Why? Because I grow weary of writing posts that are full of medical; and not full of fun. So maybe I'll just do a random post today. But it has to be fast as I have so much to do...always so much to do.


Jerry was in the hospital last week. I don't even remember which day we went in this time around. I had just stayed up an entire night(and only 3 hours sleep the next night) to work on apples and fabric; and was just too exhausted to come home. So I stayed in a motel a few days. My friend Helen knew I was just about done in, so she came up to help me for a few days and left yesterday.

Jerry has a liver enzyme that wont quit rising. All his other blood work is great. Just that one liver enzyme that gives a clue something is wrong...but no one is sure what. They ran an upper GI and found a bunch of ulcers all down throat, esophagus and stomach. They are doing biopsies but we've not heard back yet. He's home and eating...and more importantly keeping it down. But he's not getting out of bed much at all. Just to eat. Not much more to say. We take one day at a time.


My fabric friends have been awesome in helping me out and gifting me cash for gas, groceries, meds. The prison took up a collection and the church has helped as well. One day at a time here too. The bills are currently paid, there is plenty of food in the house, and all prescriptions (not total over $500 for the last month) have been paid for. All is good!


Speaking of fabric, I ordered a bunch of flannel but I sure have a lot left. Some other goodies too. I removed the fabric pages here on the blog as they didnt do very well. I think I'll run some things as a post every so often. That would be so much easier for me. I'll start with the next post after this. I hope you all dont' mind me posting fabric, but someone may want some and I need to move it out of here.

If you belonged to my destash page on facebook, thank you. But I need to tell you that I broke away from that as it is an auction format for anyone. With no income, I need to step up my game so I started my own page. The button on the side bar goes to the page. Please help me share it. This fabric pays the bills right now. Thank you.


Ahhhhs---these I feel so bad about. I don't even know what I've given you and what I havent. I will look into that and get a post up as soon as I can.


Blogland--I sure miss it and you my bloggy friends. I am ready for life to return to normal, that is for sure! There are some BOM's that I missed the postings on and I pretty much give up on them...I guess there will be more, huh?
Oh, and I finally gave up and deleted all the comment emails just today. I was going to try to reply to all...but it's been so long now. Lets start fresh, what do you think?


Jill Martin said...

Thanks for the update. Everyone in blogland understands your plate is full. We just need you to be rested and ready to deal with whatever comes your way. Ron and I are continuing to pray for Jerry and you. Also praying for much wisdom on the part of the medical team. Take care, Jill

barbara woods said...

praying for you and your family

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Prayers and wishes for a better day. You and your family are in my thoughts.

Mommarock said...

The Ahhhs are NOT the most important things, they WILL wait, as will those who are truly friends and so you should not feel bad nor let it get you down. You are doing those things out of the kindness in your heart, and anyone who has a problem with it can just disappear from being an issue. You just don't need it right now. When you are able and willing to continue you will, and not before then!

Pokey said...

Thank you for sharing what you can, you all are being thought of. Do NOT think anyone writing to you right now even expects an answer, we just want you to know we are here ~
hugs and prayers, pokey

elliek said...

The most important thing for you to worry about at the moment is you and your family!!! Glad Jerry is feeling a little better, prayers that this continues. AHHH's will wait, you are gorgeous for sharing them and anticipation makes it all the better. Fret not friend all in YOUR time. The ones who care understand.

Sunnybec said...

Thanks for the update was just thinking about you. Forget answering all the comments just post on your blog, we don't need an individual reply we just need to know you are okay. Take care. Hugs x

Pat said...

Thanks for updating, Tonya.
We all understand that you haven't the time to reply. One day (soon I hope) things will be normalised for you and then we'll all be pleased to see you back again xx

Snoodles said...

I'm just echoing what's been said already - no need to reply to us; we are all happy to hear an update, and to continue praying for you, your hubby, and the doctors. We will wait on your posts as you have time - no stress. Take care of yourself, so that you can care for Jerry and the boys. I'm going to put your button on my blog so maybe more folks will come to your page.
Hugs to you, my friend!

Heather Harper said...

I'm glad to hear that this are doing a bit better. I hope they can figure out what is wrong. If you need anything just let me know. :)

Teresa aka MarieSews said...

Take care of yourself & Jerry. My thoughts are with you and hoping that all things get better.

Carla said...

Glad for the update. Thoughts and prayers are with you.