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Monday, September 3, 2012

Winner among other things...

I appreciate the opportunity to have this particular traveling stash. The originator has been so good to keep up on it; find out where it is, who won it; where it is going to next and stay on top of me for blogging about it. Ha! Little does she know that I LOVE to blog and my hiatus from blog land is not something I covet. At all.

But having the opportunity to announce the winner gives me an excuse to type up a Monday Random. That makes me smile; how about you? Of course I'll announce the random winner too.


Life Random:

 My husband did NOT get his job promotion. We are all glad about it. Yes, a small pay raise might have been nice. A move--not so much. We are all weary of moving around; and unless some prison springs up between here and my beloved Branson Ozark Hills--then we'll just stay here.


School Random:

The boys are doing great this year in school. Stephen gets my undivided attention from 8-10 every morning; then the rest of the day we work on Seth's as we can. We often save the harder subjects for the evening. Stephen has been enjoying studying bugs and our living room looks like an official preschool with the alphabet train on one wall and the huge grass and bug habitat on the other.


Fabric Random:

My new fabric selling auction site is still growing with leaps and bounds. I have cut down in invoicing only once a week. I invoiced exactly 40 buyers this past weekend. But I do have some fabric left over that I need to move out of here. I am still considering placing them on a page on this blog. It is all closeout fabrics from Riley Blake. Is there any interest at all? Here is one example of some that I have available for $4.65/yd.


Sewing Random:

I am working on an actual Ahhhh with real fabric for this week. Imagine that! I have a photo of some Ahhh's from Ann in Australia. She doesn't have a blog but she shared her Ahhhh's with me. Aren't they beautiful?


Random Winner:

Hey, I made you read this far so I guess it's time, huh? Thanks for listening. It was so nice to blog. I still refuse to get back into it until I can devote time to reading blogs. Anyway...Mrs Facebook Random Friend says that...

Jill Martin

is the winner!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

It was so nice to have a Random. Oh those AAHHSS looks so sweet! I would be interested in your fabrics - even privately.

Pat said...

Glad to hear all's well with you and the bug train is as cute as can be!

Christine M said...

I love your alphabet train. Enjoy stitching your Ahhh's.

Maria said...

Love Stephen's class room wall...
Ann's Ahhh's are lovely..
Congrates to Jill for being the random winner.

Colleen said...


Linda said...

Hello friend. Love the Random post. Stephen's little classroom is just perfect. Oh and the fabric buys, I need some backing fabric for my Giant Star Quilt #2 Blues and Greens and I might just make another Star quilt with all that Pink Riley Blake so I will get some more of that from you too. I'll email you on what I need :) Keep up those Aahh's, they look great!!

FabricFascination said...

Love the hexagon Ahhhs. My daughter begins homeschooling this year. Your schoolroom space is adorable.

Jill Martin said...

What an in credible surprise to have the traveling stash heading this way. I am excited can you hear me!!!!! Wow I thought I might be a bit crazy when I started to put things aside to include if It visited me. Thanks to randomness....

Snoodles said...

Congratulations to Jill! Wish I were not on a fabric diet....would love to pick up some of those RB fabrics! Glad that your selling is going so well and filling a need. Stephen's homeschool space looks wonderful - so bright and full of interesting things!
Take care, sweetie! Have a great week!

Belinda said...

Congratulations to Jill!! Nice to hear from you again my friend. I'm loving Stephen's little set up you have there.

Beloved Ozarks...oh my yes. I LOVE to visit them and would love living there. When we were first married, we talked about moving up there but now it's just a dream.

I'm so glad God has blessed you with your fabric sales. He always works things out! Nice post dear heart!

Carrie P. said...

I am glad to hear you are happy about the non promotion.
Sounds like you have a routine going for school which is always good.