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Monday, September 10, 2012

Fabric! Fabric!

I have added fabric for sale right here on the blog. These are closeouts of my closeouts. How is that for a good deal? The other group has had a go of these for several weeks, so now it is your turn. I have to have constant turn around, so when they are not moving...I'll bring them here and offer them to you.

I've marked all fabric yardages at $4 yd and all fat quarters are just 99 cents.

Riley Blake, Westminster/Free Spirit, yummies!

Just look under the appropriate tab up top. Examples of current fabrics:


Ya, I pretty much only get to finger fabric right now.
I did attempt a trade show Saturday.
I've now given up on those. 
I took 3 huge rubbermade crates of finished crafts.
At the end of the show I just dumped two thirds on the tables and gave them away for free.
I've lugged them around for too long and it is discouraging to say the least.
Giving them away and having them out of my hair--relief!
When I do get to sew again--it will be for gifts.

Hope you all are doing well.
Thanks to those of you that check in on me!


Heather said...

I'm sorry your craft show didn't go so well. Can you sell those items in your etsy shops? I feel so bad that you gave them away after the time you put into them...then again, I completely understand the need to de-clutter and move on.

Sunnybec said...

Oh what a shame you had to give stuff away, but that seems to be the way of the world these days, no one wants to pay for stuff. Hugs

Pat said...

So sorry the trade show didn't do well, Tonya.
I know a few who do them here and they are forever packing and unpacking. Tough way to eke out a living :(

Teresa in Music City said...

Times are so hard on people right now that things like craft fairs are really suffering. I hate it that you got caught in the middle of that :( And I envy those who were there when you were giving your crafts away - I bet there were some goodies in there!

Patty@Granma's said...

Well, a generous heart is a wonderful gift!, I found on the craft fair circut that lots of people equate 'homemade' with 'cheap', and it's self-fulfilling. We often had people who were selling below cost, because "they didn't need the money, just something to do." You just can't compete with that - Hugs!

Carla said...

Free huh? Wish I'd been at that craft fair. Is that the one where they moved you around? Bummer
I went Fabric tab to buy some fabric since I'm fabric poor. (cough cough)
Maybe when I come to Missouri next year for my nephew's wedding I'll give you a shout out for grins. Then again my hubby will be driving so there's no telling what stops I'll be allowed to make ;o)