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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ahhhh-33--Star Pattern

Ahhhh's come out on Thursdays. Sometimes every, sometimes every other. With each passing week they get continually more difficult. If you are just finding my blog, then I suggest starting at the beginning of the Ahhhhs. You can find a listing of all of them up top under the English Paper Piecing button.

For you that are continuing to follow me, thank you. I have made a personal vow to myself. While I am having to back off on blogging for just a season, my sewing has had to take a very back burner for far too long. Do you remember when I first started the Ahhhh's and the joy that I found in them? As I drew this one up for today I was so excited. It is absolutely beautiful. But did I get it finished? I think you all know the answer. So as I type this I am vowing to myself that I am going down to draw the very next one RIGHT NOW. And I am going to sew it up this week. And you know that will make me so incredibly happy!! (ok, who am I kidding. No way I can get it drawn up tonight. I am goal sitting for Saturday :))

I am also still hoping to figure out how to draw these in EQ someday. I would really like to publish them all drawn out already. I fear if I wait too long then my idea will be taken and I'll miss the boat. When one knows nothing about the computer this is a big hurdle to jump!

Anyway, this week's Ahhhh has a bit of a plain name..."The Star Pattern". It was published in "Weldon's Practical Patchwork" around 1890. It is anything but is beautiful. I cannot wait to finish mine in bright fussy cuts!! 

Obviously not my work; and very obviously very bad camera work too!

I've already cut mine out but I think I am going to only piece the inner stars and applique it onto the outer hexagon. Those divided outer sections are a bit tricky and would be much easier as applique. 
I will try to replace that photo of the block before the day is over...I just could not get to it at the time of publishing this.


beaquilter said...

Go play with EQ tonya!! ;-) cool star though

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Wow, I am just amazed at how you draw them out! I have EQ and still can't figure it out - but I'm busy sewing, so maybe some day when that foot won't work the pedal.

SeeingStars said...

What a beautiful star. At first glance, I thought it was one of those amazing quilt boxes!

I'm not a daily blogger either. Doesn't matter to me. I'd rather not waste everyone's time with photos of my stash. But when I've finished a project, it's fun to share. :)

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Linda e trabalhosa estrela,mas tentar e melhor que não fazer,não é?Copiei seu gráfico e vou tentar.Obrigada.

Snoodles said...

That one is beautiful! Have patience, my dear, and set your goals....I'm in that boat on some things! LOL

elliek said...

great star. All drawn out and I need thinking time for fabrics as well as how to tackle it. Think publishing them is a great idea, hope you manage it.. I'd buy a copy.