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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ahhhh 32:The Modernistic Star

I love the name of I bet back when this star was published in 1931 in "Prize Winning Designs" they had no idea that almost 100 years in the future it would be shown around  the world in a matter of minutes!

I, of course am behind on mine. Do you expect anything differently of me? So I did NOT piece the example. Mine is neatly cut out and basted. Same as the last Ahhhh. Only this one is MUCH easier. Are you breathing a sigh of relief at that? Ya, me too!


Snoodles said...

Wow! This one is gorgeous! You sure do find some lovely stars to make for us!

Belinda said...

Whoa Baby! That's some kind of star!!

elliek said...

Awesome.Can't wait to start. Have a good weekend... I'll be AHHHing!!!