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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Convergence Bites the dust

I have had  a quiet day alone today. And I purposely stayed away so that I could enjoy my hours sewing. And silence. Oh how I love silence!

Of course my convergence quilt was right on the top of the list. As I've been working though I have been falling more and more out of love with it. I really liked the design that I chose to applique:

But the more that I worked on it, the more busy it became. It was just way too much.

But I kept plugging along. Until I decided that I was not going to hand applique all that shrubbery with all those little mountains and valleys. 

So I tried thread painting that so many of you love. Oh my gosh! Thread nests. Thread breaks. Thread nests. Thread breaks. 

So then I tried satin applique. Never a fan of that. Thread knots this time. And lots of 'getting stuck' issues. I just do not do well with that stitch at all. Not at all.

Then the worst of all? Taking the botched project out and looking at the satin applique. 
I hate satin applique. Always have. Always will. Sharon I need a teacher! I never get it right.


It stands out like a sore thumb against all that hand applique.
It is not possible to rip out. It has layers of thread paint. Layers of satin applique. It's stuck. Good.

Hey, Jill! Want the scraps? Ok...thrown in the scrap box now.

But what I am proud of:

Sticking with it and trying to fix as long as I could.

Many many hours of hand applique. 

I am so ready for our Quilters Campfire next Saturday.

Marshmallows. S'mores. Chocolate. Crafts. Stories. What are you going to bring to the party? 
Sharon and I will set up a linky start planning! 

And now--I am moving onto something else. 
How about convergence project two?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I would have done just a silhoutte in a black - no satin stitch but a straight line close to the edge. There's a lot of seam bulk on top of adding a fuseable (use an extremely lite weight - whisper) - so a small very sharp needle and some silk thread. That being said - I'm hand stitching/embellishing mine - LOL!!

Belinda said...

Oh gee, I feel really bad for you. Almost as bad as I did with my own fail. Are you really really sure you can't take out the satin stitch from the backside? I've done it before. It's tedious and you have to take your time and be careful, but you might could do it. Just a thought.

FabricFascination said...

Sometimes projects are just plain disappointing. I had one of those this week too. Glad you were able to see the positives in the experience.

Fiona said...

Sometimes our projects are lessons in what not to do aren't they....

Carrie P. said...

I have been following your progress and what a shame you couldn't get the look you were wanting. I have tossed projects out before. It is hard to keep working on a project if you have all kinds of things going wrong.

SeeingStars said...

Sorry your project wasn't one that makes you happy to see the end result. Guess it's one of those learning experiences. When you take a fresh look at it, you can decide what took away from it. BTW, I just ripped out lots of quilting stitches b/c I didn't like the thread color I'd chosen. It was hard to get started ripping out those stitches, but I'm glad I did. Looks better now. Lesson learned. :)

QuiltSue said...

You may have been disappointed in the results, but you learnt/confirmed a lot of things as you were working on it.

I do think it could be unpicked, with a lot of patience and time, and I also agree with Sharon, I'd have gone for a plain silhouette hand appliqued on.

Barb said...

You were wonderful to stick with it and the things you learned are priceless.

Linda said...

Oh Poo! I hate it when that happens. I've had it happen to me too. Anyway I can see how the others would say to just use a dark silhouette for appliqué. It would be less busy. I say give it a try to rip out. I've done that and it is a pain but well worth the effort on a loved piece. Bring on project number 2 :) Can't wait!!

Snoodles said...

Aw, I'm so sorry that it didn't turn out like you wanted it to...but ya know, you already wow us with the ahhh's -- we'd be terribly intimidated if you were that good at everything! LOL Sorry sweetie! Hugs!

Jill Martin said...

Maybe you could send it to Pokey for Ufo on Quilting Arts. I would add more shrubs to soften it with a straight edge or truly thread paint with straight stitch zigging and zagging like loosely holding a Crayon and scribbling over the edge. Lines would extend a bit beyond the shrub making it look more organic. I like it how far you have gotten. I found a reasonable camera and will post mine as soon as I get the pictures taken. Now my husband wants to do one. He spins wool for me cause my feet don 't work so great anymore so who knows you may have inspired dueling machines in this house.