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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back to Back with Vodka

I am going to write a couple of back to back blog posts. I don't like my Ahhhh post to be anything but Ahhhh's, and I don't feel comfortable posting it without giving a bit of a random update that I've not found time to do this week. So writing them back to back works for me; hope it works for you!


I read that some quilters use vodka to make their own spray starch. My young sewing student is doing a traditional sampler quilt right now, and I have her starching her HSTs (sewn using traditional methods). She just has a time with it though, so earlier this week we did some vodka experiments.

The first batch we did just 1 cup of water and 2 Tablespoons of vodka. (Found this recipe on a forum.). No good. Might has well used straight water. I did up it to 4 Tablespoons and I do think it made it a little more thick, but not enough to do any good.

So for the next batch we mixed up corn starch, boiling water and vodka. (found this recipe by googling.). Well, it worked ok, but it still flakes and I truly think for the trouble I might as well just use starch.


I have been wanting to start something on my blog each week called "I want to know". Well, this is a good time..."I want to know what you use for starch".  I will probably make a page of  "I want to know" posts for future reference. In fact, don't even answer this today. PLEASE. Wait until Friday. I'll make it a post of it's own.


Saturday we had a nice time at our concert/theme park. My daughter and I got chosen to work the booth for the cover band. I felt that a great privilege and my son enjoyed his free t-shirt and signed cd. We might just start working more concerts. It is a nice way to get out of the house. I LOVE working booths like this and if I can't get my act in gear for a craft booth I might as well volunteer and get a free t-shirt out of the deal.


School starts in 2 1/2 weeks in the Hillbilly Home. I've been searching and searching and searching through curriculum; all is bought and here. So, starting tomorrow the HUGE job of scheduling begins. I am one of these that likes to have the whole year all lined out. (Not to mention it is Missouri law.). Only the preschool year is a huge task to me but we will have fun. Stephen is going to get a theme every few weeks. To start the school year off he gets Bugs, then Oceans, followed by Fall, Christmas and Things that Go. I'll figure out the rest as I go on him. I do like to have several months in advance scheduled and ready though, so I can just put it away and forget about it.

Anyway, all that to say, my friends, I thank those of you that are supportive and still check in with me even though I am slow to check in with you. I desire to, but the time isn't there. I mean look, it's almost midnight and I've an Ahhhh post still to write too!


I have not touched my Convergence project 2 since last week. I think I will set aside some time tomorrow night if my family cooperates. Mom is feeling the need to get alone for a bit; and creating just is my getaway spot. What is your getaway?


I really just cannot even think of anything Hillbilly right now. What a boring post this was with no photos! No worries, the next has enough to make up for it....


Vroomans' Quilts said...

No need to reply to this as you are busy - have a response to your starch, but can wait for Friday.
This might be a good resource for Stephen

Barb said...

I use Best Press and Nigra Spray Starch.

Mommarock said...

I use STA FLO liquid starch. When I am using it I use it in about a 10 percent starch to water concentration. You will have to mix and experiment to get your solution. When I am doing applique pieces and taking out the form after ironing the shape in like circles. I make it a bit strong.. what can I say, it washes out.

Pokey said...

No starch advice, I use a can as little as I starch.
A mother at home is pulled enough, but you are also a full time teacher, you just do not get dressed and leave home, or get the paycheck for that matter.
I homeschooled for one year...a classroom full of kiddos is better for me. I think it is great that you approach the home work with so much organization! I have had the students returning to school after a year of hs, and they have so many struggles to get into the groove of learning. From one busy lady to another, Blessings to you, Tonya!

Pam at Antique or Not said...

I use Best Press and absolutely love it. No flakes like I get when I use Niagara. Plus the scents are divine!

I have company coming this weekend, and took the time to press their pillowcases using Best Press. Don't get me wrong, I'm not usually an 'iron the sheets' kind of gal, but I thought this would be a nice touch!

Snoodles said...

Hi sweetie! From a retired homeschooler to you -- many blessings and good weather. (It's always easier in good weather. LOL) It always distresses me to hear comments like those above, about homeschooled students. We had two families in our support group of 200 families that would fall into that category...they just didn't take it seriously. That's not to say that you must have them sitting at attention and crack a whip, but the dedication must be there, in both parent (first) and child. Students from our group have gone on to be bank managers, state legislators, IT dept. managers, self-employed people, and more. Knowing you, I am confident that Seth and Stephen will do well. are lighting a fire - the desire to learn. Not filling a bucket! LOL
Well, I didn't mean to write an epistle....good to see you post and to know that you are OK! Love ya!

Carrie P. said...

I read the whole post without pictures. lol
interesting idea about the starch.

Denise said...

I think the only way that vodka works as a spray starch is to drink it first and then you won't care how it looks LOL. I don't use starch much just use steam. Is there a reason you need to use starch?