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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ahhhh 30--Alhambra Star

Today's Ahhhh comes from Weldon's Practical Patchwork c. 1890

And it was very very difficult.

For the next several we will have a lot of thin, narrow points. I found that glue basting on these narrow points is much better for helping them keep their shape.

Confused yet? 
I decided to color this one in to clarify it a bit better for you.

And here's mine.
It will get a yo yo in the middle because the middle is messed up!
(but it's pretty anyway.)


Belinda said...

Gee whiz that turned out pretty!! The fabric is awesome!!

beaquilter said...

oh wow! that's gorgeous Tonya!! how big is it? and you GLUED??? I don't believe it.... I'm in shock! lol

Pokey said...

It is an amazing block! I thought the middle gives a spinning star coming out of it, that's kinda cool ~

sherry said...

those are nice

Snoodles said...

Wow, Tonya, that is awesome! So many tiny pieces and points! Whew! I don't think I'm ready to tackle that! :)

Linda said...

Holy Cow! How do you have the patience for such tiny pieces? It's really pretty!!

Mommarock said...

Now here is a challenge. Look at those teeny tiny pieces! I just found your blog, and I'm very happy to have spent the day catching up on learning all of the candied hexagon blocks that there are so far. Is there a hint of how many you have up your sleeve?

Miki Willa said...

This is such a cool star! I am going to have to put this in my want to try file. Thanks.

elliek said...

OMG this will be a challenge and I may not get that centre done like you. I love the outer diamonds.Okay to the drawing board!!!!!!!!