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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Well, I'll be horn swaggled there's skimpies on the line!!

Now I do be thinkin' ya kindly for all you uns fine comments on my last post. I just tear right up in yonder inside when I think bout whet kind folk all of you are.

Mercy am I fer sure glad to be back to my normal self these days. I've spent many a hour workin on be-u-ti-fi-fy-cationin my Creation Station whilst I've been a bit quiet. Course I been a createnin whenever I could. I did start readin' blogs agin too. Now just hold yur horses. If I ain't ben to visit, then you gotta give me a chance. I'm only done with them thar A's, B's, and C's. Us'n Hillbillies...we knows our readin' and such but we might be a bit slower than you all higher edjemecated folk bout that.

Now I do need to be tellin ya that I gots a right sweet little ol' girl that comes and plays with my young un a few days a week. For every hour she spends a playin' with my boy I spend an hour a learnin' her to stitch fabric sandwichers together. This here be the first sandwicher thet she made:

Then bless her little 'ol heart, she fell in love with some of them itty bitty squares that I won over at Katie Q's, and so I up'd and gived her some, got her all set up with an ol sewin machine I picked up at one of them classy shoppin centers. You of them thar yard sale shoppin centers. An that littl girl stayed up half the night makin this all by herself!:

Then yesterday we commenced to make her a gift for her Daddy. I were as proud as a big mama with a prize pig at a county fair when I saw what she quilted in the middle:

Course it are a bit wonky but watcha be expectin with a Hillbilly for a teacher?
Speakin of Hillbillies I am having trouble with modern inconveniences.

My dryer just upd and broked. So I went back to one of them there classy yard sale malls and got me another. Paid 50 whole dollars for it. And it don't work. Now I be tellin' ya, they weren't no hillbillies. Us hillbillies, we might not be all high and mighty as some of them city folk are but we sure nuff be honest as ol' Abe, an if we say it works it works. Course we tried to get that $50 back but they aren't answerin their phone. Now back in the day I coulda just sent Pa over with a shot gun. 

Now it be right humid in these parts, so sometimes it be tricky gettin clothes to dry, so I just commenced to rig me up my old modern clothes dryin contraption:
That big ol' barn fan nearly blowed my eyeballs out the first time I pulled the switch.

Course them basement rafters sure nuff  got in the way of my creatin. My students would come over and have to dodge our skimpies to get to the cuttin table.

Well, you know my husband is one of them special, highly learned peoples. Bein' so much more edumacated then I be, he rigged up a high class modern clothes dryer. Boy, howdy, don't ye be wantin one jest like it?
And the best part, it be portable! On a rainy day I can just drag it in the garage and turn on that ol barn fan.

TURN your HEADS there's some skimpies on that there clothes dryin rack!! Mercy Me, what do this world be a comin to that our skimpies be out for the whole world to be a lookin at?

For thems that don't be knowin' we live right here in town and we can't be havin a clothes line cuz this be a multi family home dwellin. 

In case ya be wonderin what that contraption are a frame for a porch swing. Me an' the little one saved it from the neighbors trash one day. I was sure a wishin on gettin me a little porch swing some day but for now I am mighty happy to have somewhere to be dryin our clothes.

Now here's ya a story for yur young uns. I do be lookin up to them Hillbilly Bears. Why in this episode they win all kinds of modern inconveniences from The Hillbilly Times. Ma's dryer do be lookin' a might nicer then mine, but she's the type not to let it go to her head. I do be lovin' ma bear. Why in just this episode I heard her use the words "horn swaggled". Aint that somethin'? 


Michelle said...

He he... loved your post!

Maria said...

Good one LOL

Linda said...

Great post! Made me chuckle several times. Love Ma and Pa Bear :)

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Love the quilts your student made! Cute clothes dryer! You do what you gotta do! I like that you can pull it in and out of the garage for the rainy days! I watched the cute cartoon! Thanks for sharing!
Enjoy your day!

Angie said...

you make me laugh!

Dora, the Quilter said...

Back in the 90's I bought clothesline poles and clothesline wire from a big Ace Hardware distribution center. When I got it home and looked at the handwritten receipt, it was listed as "solar clothes dryer."
I think it's very sad that people who claim to be ecologically minded restrict the presence of clothes lines!

Patty@Granma's said...

Oh my! Sorry about your dryer! Years ago we had one that popped up like an umbrella, only with clothesline attached. When the weather prevented hanging things outside, I set it up by the living room heater and we crawled under wet clothes till they got dry! Course I had a wringer washing machine at the time - Ahhh the good old days!

Belinda said...

You are really making an impression on this young girl Tonya. I remember vividly my first sewing projects when I was young. What a legacy to leave!! And she will remember your kindness and instruction the rest of her life, I'm sure.

LOVE your hill billy clothes line! What a fun post!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about being horn swaggled, but I think I see some of my skimpies on that thing!

Snoodles said...

Well, I'll be a crosseyed polecat if y'all didn't put together a purty funny post, hillbilly cuz! I kin call you cuz, cuz I lives in the hills hyar, too! Shore had me a-giggling at yer antics this time....reckon we-uns kin all gang up on them thar hillbillies what don't answer the phone? Cuzin Guido could swing by thar and persuade 'em to give that money back! LOL
Sorry about the unscrupulous yard sellers, sweetie! Bummer.
Hugs to you!

elliek said...

You do make me laugh! Sorry that you hit a dishonest person but hubby is very inventive. Take care

Heather said...

I'm glad you figured out a good solution for your clothes dryer. I've been using my line a lot more lately. Ian loved your little cartoon at the end! :)