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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Linda, Ricky and I

For those of you that don't know...I have a soul sister. Well a few in fact. But when it comes to Linda....well we are so much alike. (That would be on the inside and not the outside).

Linda and I both have enjoyed owning our own brick and mortar businesses...and we both miss them terribly! We both enjoy working outside the home, but neither of us do. And when it comes to quilting, we often seem to be on the same wavelength. Linda was the only one to brave Mabry Mill along side of me. (Of course hers is all quilted and mines lost somewhere among my daughters possessions. That is scary. I fear it will never come home. My daughter was ripping all those little paper pieces out for me, but has moved twice since I gave it to her.)

Anyway, a few months back when Linda and I were both weary of a very hard Mabry Mill, and then a flop of a Lone star (Linda had problems too, although she did make these awesome big stars...once again she got further than I), and we discovered that we were both drooling over this book:

Given the fact that May was on it's way, we knew that we would have to put it off. But I am telling you we are NOW both ready for some Convergence fun now! Have you ever seen any convergence quilts? Since I cannot post other's photos, you can find them by googling. 

Linda and I have decided to begin working through this fun book on Monday July 9th. I don't know how long we will take. I've have the ebook version and I've not been able to get it transferred to the new computer. I need to do some reading to decide how long it will take to work through. We might just have a once a week Convergence update. What do you think, Linda?

Anyone else want to join us? You might be able to find the book at your local library, and of course can obtain the ebook (Not recommended. I don't like it.) or the regular book online.

Even if no one joins the party--
Linda, Ricky and I are going to have a great time!


Belinda said...

This looks very interesting. I'm excited to see what you and the others do!

Linda said...

Hey soul Sister!! Thanks for the shout out! I am super excited to get this project started. I'm up for weekly updates on our progress. I did end up purchasing the book on Amazon because it was always out at my local library. There must be another Ricky fan out here, lol

hope said...

I would love to join you. Ricky Tims is one of my favorites but I don't dare start anything new right now!! Will definitely enjoy watching your and Linda's progress though.

Susana said...

Como me gustaría darle una hojeada a ese libro! Pero mirare su trabajo atentamente.Cariños.

Connie said...

This is a fantastic book and I have made several projects out of it. Would love to join you but I think I have too much going on in July.