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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fun in July!

Last May I used some S'mores fabric on a project, which started a conversation between Sharon(of Vrooman's Quilts) and I. The conversation was mostly about our love of S'mores.

While we love camping and roasting marshmallows, it just doesn't work out for us to do that very often, so Sharon had this great idea to have a Quilter's Campfire. 
Last year the kids and I had a great time of it. We built an artificial campfire, made s'mores in the microwave, shared how to make banana boats and I even sewed up a gift using my S'more fabric.

Well, Sharon and I had SO much fun that we are at it again!
Quilter's Campfire is scheduled for Saturday, July 21st. 

We'll have a linky up and going so that you can share your campfire fun for that day.
 (I hear that there might even be a prize drawing involved.)
Some ideas?
Go camping! Take a fun project to do while enjoying family/friends time.
Pretend to go camping! Eat camping food, have a picnic on the floor!
Work on an outdoor project, or a project with outdoor fabric.
Sing your favorite campfire songs to your pet. 
And mostly have fun. Well, and eat at least one marshmallow. It's almost mandatory.

PS--I've another fun item starting in July, but I'll give it a post all it's own tomorrow.


Wilma NC said...

I will really be camping on that date in Ohio. I will try to remember the date and be sure to have smokes. I love those things!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

YEah! I am so excited for this and already jotting ideas down for the day.

beaquilter said...

fun fun! we've had a bon fire a few times already- this fire pit on our patio... and scrap wood.
my neighbor said because of where it's placed it looked like our pool was on fire too that night- looking from her house. how's the FQ purchasing going?

Barb said...

OHHHHHH YEA!!! Ummm ummm good!

Fiona said...

I remember this last year... first time I had heard of Smore's.... I thought you were having a rest????? haha... you can't help yourself can you?

elliek said...

For the uninitiated ( or ignorant) what exactly are s'mores and how do you make them???? I'm not a camper at all but think I could enjoy an indoor one. Does the wood heater count as a campfire?