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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Since I am only posting Ahhhh's every other week now, I thought it would be fun to share some Ahhhhmazing things on the 'off weeks'. I may not share something every Thursday, but if I have something Ahhhhmazing...then I'll share!

Before I get to today's Ahhhhmazingness, I want to share some Ahhhh's. I pulled out all my Kaleidoscope Ahhhh's and put them on the design wall. I wanted to see if I liked them all squished together, or if I want to separate them with black since there will be some rows of black for the border.

They've been hanging around up there for a week or so...and it came to me! Only I am not going to show you until it is done. And that may take a bit...but there is progress to doing something with these Ahhhh's. That makes me happy. 

You know what else makes me happy? I have the most Ahhhhmazing land lords ever! They really are very nice people. They own over 20 properties, and I know of at least three tenants that they have helped along the way, and I've only been here 2 years so I am sure there have been more. One lady tenant they help is elderly and has no family. They take her to her doctors appointments and to the grocery store. I know of another tenant who is a bit mentally slow, and she gets to paint to work off her rent.

Of course owning all those properties means that people come and go and often leave a bunch of stuff lying around. One day I heard pounding downstairs on my basement door so I ran down to see my landlords standing there struggling to hold a huge box between them. You all will be really will! 

Ha, looks like a big mess, doesn't it? But I've got it divided into piles and the photo doesn't show the half of them. Quilt magazines that date back to the early 70's! My favorites are:

This Pile of Patchwork quilts. It is the largest pile and it has some of the earliest magazines.

I've never seen these Stitch N Sew Quilts magazines. When sorting I saw one full of Dresden Fans. Oh Yeah!

When I used to have a few subscriptions, I loved Quilter's Newsletter Magazines.
Check out these old ones!

That could have been me on that cover below. I would have been about that age at the time that Quilt World magazine came out and had the blonde hair and same hair cut to go along with it. 

Note Stephen's Lady and the Tramp movie along side. I needed a strong hint I guess.

It will take me some time to get through these, but I doubt I will keep them all. Oh and there are about 20 books too! I am deciding on the best way to disperse, after I enjoy :) I would just give them all to you, but I just cannot do the shipping costs. Plus when I make a penny here or there, it makes me smile because I can go buy an extra fat quarter or something. I might put the magazines on the fabric auction on facebook. There are over 200 members, so that might work good, but they are not all quilters. On the other hand I sold over $50 worth of fabric there just yesterday. I have too much fabric(can it be?), and I'm trying to raise money for a worthwhile cause:

This sweet little guy needs eye surgery. 
Oh, haven't I told you about him? 
Well, I guess I've already got the topic for Ahhhhhmazing Thursday two weeks from now! 
We'll let him get all fixed up and then come back and tell you his story. 


Colleen said...

Wow! I wish there were more people in the world like your landlord! So caring! You really licked out! BTW could you tell me the name or send me the link to the fabric auction on facebook? Thanks!

Sunnybec said...

Wow your Landlords are amazing people, it's so nice to hear of people like that, and your doggie is a very lucky boy to have found you to take care of him. Hugs xxx

SeeingStars said...

Really nice to hear about your kind landlords. It lifts all of us up to hear encouraging words.
If you have magazines left that don't sell, see if your local quilt shop will take them. At my LQS, they have a large box of magazines which are free for the taking. Helps get rid of clutter and get them in the hands of those who will enjoy them.

Linda said...

Your Hexies are beautiful all together! You do have a special landlord! How nice of her to think of you for all those neat magazines! Your little fur ball has the cutest toothy grin. He knows he is loved :)
Oh and is that a VHS video? I have some that I can no longer use or need. If you want them they are yours!

Belinda said...

Love the color of your Ahhhs. Your landlords are wonderful people and we should all be more like that! What windfall!! I wouldn't get anything done for days and days if that was dumped in my direction! You should put the ones you don't keep up for auction and see how it goes. Just my opinion though. *grin*

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

Tonya, you were definitely in the right place at the right saved those wonderful landlords from having to "dispose" of the magazines and at the same time found a treasure! The kalidioscope ahhs are gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Heather said...

These look great together! I'm getting ready to pick my AHHHH's back up! I just finished a big project. Phew! I love all your collection! Lots of inspiration there. :) I hope you can get your dog's eye surgery soon. What's his name?

Janet said...

I love your Kaleidoscope blogs. Very pretty! Sounds like your landlords are special people.

beaquilter said...

love your blocks! teaser- won't show us until it's DONE! that's not fair :-)
what a nice landlord!

Kat said...

I don't know who that sweet little guy is at the bottom of your post, but he looks very much like a sweet little guy that lives at my house. My guy is Oliver, an 11 year old black & white Cocker Spaniel who is blind in both eyes. We didn't opt to do the eye surgery (because of the heart murmur that is apparently common in Cockers but really bad in ours), but he gets around OK as long as we don't leave things in his way.

Snoodles said...

What beautiful Ahhhs! Love seeing them all together! Now, those folks are indeed a nice landlord and landlady! Enjoy your treasures!

Jindi's Cottage said...

What fabulous landlords...Lady's Circle was one of the first magazines I purchased back in the 1980's...we didn't have our own patchwork mags here then and only a couple of USA ones were imported...I still have it and I love it...wish it was still in print...enjoy all that inspiration...

Fiona said...

doesn't it lift your heart to have people come by and give you something they know you will get so much pleasure from....

Pat said...

What a lovely thing for your landlord to do!
I know you'll enjoy browsing those.

Looking forward to hearing all about the cutie pie :) xx

QuiltSue said...

What an ahhhhhhmazing landlord you have. That's a wonderful haul, and I'm sure that they'll sell fast, after you put Lady and the Tramp on and then sit and look through them all. Actually, that DVD may need to play on a continuous loop for a few days to give you time to go through them all! Happy reading.

Angie said...

That was as if God winked at you.

Enjoy your books and magazines!