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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ahhhh 29---The Florida Star

Every Thursday, or at least every other Thursday (just as I can folks, as I can...) I show you how to make an Artistic, Hexotic, Hectic, Hillybilly Hexagon. If today's Ahhhh just downright wow's you (it should!) and you would like to join in, then you can find all the details up top under the English Paper piecing button. I do not recommend starting with today's block. Go back to the beginning as they are much less complicated. (well, except for that 96 piece one maybe.)

I am working very hard, no that would not be true...If I had the time I would be working very hard at trying to learn how to draw these blocks in EQ. I have some craft shows to prepare for first. But eventually I would like to re-draw each one and make them available as a file for you. That way if the drawing part makes you nervous all you have to do is print and sew. Would that interest anyone? Just be aware that it will take me time. Lots of time. Trying to find a time tree...

Speaking of time; at times I can be very patient, and at other times I can be very not so patient. For instance, I was a very good, patient girl and worked very hard at gathering the fat quarters (one per week!) of a new collection for my Ahhhh's. But I am very impatient to see your reaction to the new fabrics--cuz I LOVE this Ahhhh today! It has got to be my favorite yet. I think.

Today's Ahhhh-The Florida Star- was published in the Kansas City Star on September 24, 1932. It has 36 pieces, and I fussy cut every single one of my 36 pieces. My blocks measure 6" from side to side--in case you were wondering. It is also 1:30 a.m. I am quite proud to have gotten this completed just now. (Especially for you, Liz!)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fabulous Friday Finish!

First of all the Fabulous Friday Fat Quarters..(I think I'm a week behind on showing them to you)...

Here is a photo from the collection so far. I am about done except for a couple of matching blenders from the set...these are going to be so good for Ahhhh's!

I've had a finish for awhile. I think it's time to show you. Although this little quilt has plenty of mistakes, I am very proud of myself for working through it. After several attempts at the applique, I know MY favorite method, and I think the only other person that does it the same as me is Bea. I like to use Ricky Tims' Poly Stable Stuff on the inside, glue baste in place, then applique it down. Finally I am not intimidated by hand applique!!! 

This quilt is for Jerry's great niece. I don't even know when the baby is due, but probably not too long from now. The quilt is already in Texas awaiting Shyanne's arrival.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Since I am only posting Ahhhh's every other week now, I thought it would be fun to share some Ahhhhmazing things on the 'off weeks'. I may not share something every Thursday, but if I have something Ahhhhmazing...then I'll share!

Before I get to today's Ahhhhmazingness, I want to share some Ahhhh's. I pulled out all my Kaleidoscope Ahhhh's and put them on the design wall. I wanted to see if I liked them all squished together, or if I want to separate them with black since there will be some rows of black for the border.

They've been hanging around up there for a week or so...and it came to me! Only I am not going to show you until it is done. And that may take a bit...but there is progress to doing something with these Ahhhh's. That makes me happy. 

You know what else makes me happy? I have the most Ahhhhmazing land lords ever! They really are very nice people. They own over 20 properties, and I know of at least three tenants that they have helped along the way, and I've only been here 2 years so I am sure there have been more. One lady tenant they help is elderly and has no family. They take her to her doctors appointments and to the grocery store. I know of another tenant who is a bit mentally slow, and she gets to paint to work off her rent.

Of course owning all those properties means that people come and go and often leave a bunch of stuff lying around. One day I heard pounding downstairs on my basement door so I ran down to see my landlords standing there struggling to hold a huge box between them. You all will be really will! 

Ha, looks like a big mess, doesn't it? But I've got it divided into piles and the photo doesn't show the half of them. Quilt magazines that date back to the early 70's! My favorites are:

This Pile of Patchwork quilts. It is the largest pile and it has some of the earliest magazines.

I've never seen these Stitch N Sew Quilts magazines. When sorting I saw one full of Dresden Fans. Oh Yeah!

When I used to have a few subscriptions, I loved Quilter's Newsletter Magazines.
Check out these old ones!

That could have been me on that cover below. I would have been about that age at the time that Quilt World magazine came out and had the blonde hair and same hair cut to go along with it. 

Note Stephen's Lady and the Tramp movie along side. I needed a strong hint I guess.

It will take me some time to get through these, but I doubt I will keep them all. Oh and there are about 20 books too! I am deciding on the best way to disperse, after I enjoy :) I would just give them all to you, but I just cannot do the shipping costs. Plus when I make a penny here or there, it makes me smile because I can go buy an extra fat quarter or something. I might put the magazines on the fabric auction on facebook. There are over 200 members, so that might work good, but they are not all quilters. On the other hand I sold over $50 worth of fabric there just yesterday. I have too much fabric(can it be?), and I'm trying to raise money for a worthwhile cause:

This sweet little guy needs eye surgery. 
Oh, haven't I told you about him? 
Well, I guess I've already got the topic for Ahhhhhmazing Thursday two weeks from now! 
We'll let him get all fixed up and then come back and tell you his story. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Linda, Ricky and I

For those of you that don't know...I have a soul sister. Well a few in fact. But when it comes to Linda....well we are so much alike. (That would be on the inside and not the outside).

Linda and I both have enjoyed owning our own brick and mortar businesses...and we both miss them terribly! We both enjoy working outside the home, but neither of us do. And when it comes to quilting, we often seem to be on the same wavelength. Linda was the only one to brave Mabry Mill along side of me. (Of course hers is all quilted and mines lost somewhere among my daughters possessions. That is scary. I fear it will never come home. My daughter was ripping all those little paper pieces out for me, but has moved twice since I gave it to her.)

Anyway, a few months back when Linda and I were both weary of a very hard Mabry Mill, and then a flop of a Lone star (Linda had problems too, although she did make these awesome big stars...once again she got further than I), and we discovered that we were both drooling over this book:

Given the fact that May was on it's way, we knew that we would have to put it off. But I am telling you we are NOW both ready for some Convergence fun now! Have you ever seen any convergence quilts? Since I cannot post other's photos, you can find them by googling. 

Linda and I have decided to begin working through this fun book on Monday July 9th. I don't know how long we will take. I've have the ebook version and I've not been able to get it transferred to the new computer. I need to do some reading to decide how long it will take to work through. We might just have a once a week Convergence update. What do you think, Linda?

Anyone else want to join us? You might be able to find the book at your local library, and of course can obtain the ebook (Not recommended. I don't like it.) or the regular book online.

Even if no one joins the party--
Linda, Ricky and I are going to have a great time!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fun in July!

Last May I used some S'mores fabric on a project, which started a conversation between Sharon(of Vrooman's Quilts) and I. The conversation was mostly about our love of S'mores.

While we love camping and roasting marshmallows, it just doesn't work out for us to do that very often, so Sharon had this great idea to have a Quilter's Campfire. 
Last year the kids and I had a great time of it. We built an artificial campfire, made s'mores in the microwave, shared how to make banana boats and I even sewed up a gift using my S'more fabric.

Well, Sharon and I had SO much fun that we are at it again!
Quilter's Campfire is scheduled for Saturday, July 21st. 

We'll have a linky up and going so that you can share your campfire fun for that day.
 (I hear that there might even be a prize drawing involved.)
Some ideas?
Go camping! Take a fun project to do while enjoying family/friends time.
Pretend to go camping! Eat camping food, have a picnic on the floor!
Work on an outdoor project, or a project with outdoor fabric.
Sing your favorite campfire songs to your pet. 
And mostly have fun. Well, and eat at least one marshmallow. It's almost mandatory.

PS--I've another fun item starting in July, but I'll give it a post all it's own tomorrow.

Monday, June 18, 2012

On my Weigh

Months ago I joined in on Annie's On my Weigh. (button is on my sidebar to go right to her blog.) While I have done fairly well, I for sure have had lots of room for improvement. I don't have a scale and occasionally get out the wii to check my weight, but that is very rare. Last check I had lost 6 lbs...but the check before that was like a year ago. Six pounds a year, not that great!

I've been wanting to go mostly vegetarian for awhile. I've done LOTS and LOTS of research on this subject.  Lest you have doubts whether it is nutritional or not (like the false belief that you cannot get enough protein being a vegetarian) I urge you to do your own research. One of the best places to begin is with Forks Over Knives.

Today we began our new vegetarian lifestyle. I am in wholeheartedly.. Jerry is only in about 3/4 way; but he needs it so I don't care. (LOL, he reads this blog. He'll be getting me for that.)

Wanna see our breakfast?

Lots of pretty colors.

Lots of good help.


Add caption

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ahhhh 28-- Morning Star

If you are new to my blog and the Thursday Ahhhh's, you can find out more about them by clicking on the English paper piecing button up top.

The Morning Star is a Laura Wheeler design, May 9, 1940.

I chose to dig out my African fabric for this week's Ahhhh. It's for sure on the wild side! Those are two different color fabrics that divide the triangles.

This is a super easy one this week!

More contrast than I used for the divided triangles would be best.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Well, I'll be horn swaggled there's skimpies on the line!!

Now I do be thinkin' ya kindly for all you uns fine comments on my last post. I just tear right up in yonder inside when I think bout whet kind folk all of you are.

Mercy am I fer sure glad to be back to my normal self these days. I've spent many a hour workin on be-u-ti-fi-fy-cationin my Creation Station whilst I've been a bit quiet. Course I been a createnin whenever I could. I did start readin' blogs agin too. Now just hold yur horses. If I ain't ben to visit, then you gotta give me a chance. I'm only done with them thar A's, B's, and C's. Us'n Hillbillies...we knows our readin' and such but we might be a bit slower than you all higher edjemecated folk bout that.

Now I do need to be tellin ya that I gots a right sweet little ol' girl that comes and plays with my young un a few days a week. For every hour she spends a playin' with my boy I spend an hour a learnin' her to stitch fabric sandwichers together. This here be the first sandwicher thet she made:

Then bless her little 'ol heart, she fell in love with some of them itty bitty squares that I won over at Katie Q's, and so I up'd and gived her some, got her all set up with an ol sewin machine I picked up at one of them classy shoppin centers. You of them thar yard sale shoppin centers. An that littl girl stayed up half the night makin this all by herself!:

Then yesterday we commenced to make her a gift for her Daddy. I were as proud as a big mama with a prize pig at a county fair when I saw what she quilted in the middle:

Course it are a bit wonky but watcha be expectin with a Hillbilly for a teacher?
Speakin of Hillbillies I am having trouble with modern inconveniences.

My dryer just upd and broked. So I went back to one of them there classy yard sale malls and got me another. Paid 50 whole dollars for it. And it don't work. Now I be tellin' ya, they weren't no hillbillies. Us hillbillies, we might not be all high and mighty as some of them city folk are but we sure nuff be honest as ol' Abe, an if we say it works it works. Course we tried to get that $50 back but they aren't answerin their phone. Now back in the day I coulda just sent Pa over with a shot gun. 

Now it be right humid in these parts, so sometimes it be tricky gettin clothes to dry, so I just commenced to rig me up my old modern clothes dryin contraption:
That big ol' barn fan nearly blowed my eyeballs out the first time I pulled the switch.

Course them basement rafters sure nuff  got in the way of my creatin. My students would come over and have to dodge our skimpies to get to the cuttin table.

Well, you know my husband is one of them special, highly learned peoples. Bein' so much more edumacated then I be, he rigged up a high class modern clothes dryer. Boy, howdy, don't ye be wantin one jest like it?
And the best part, it be portable! On a rainy day I can just drag it in the garage and turn on that ol barn fan.

TURN your HEADS there's some skimpies on that there clothes dryin rack!! Mercy Me, what do this world be a comin to that our skimpies be out for the whole world to be a lookin at?

For thems that don't be knowin' we live right here in town and we can't be havin a clothes line cuz this be a multi family home dwellin. 

In case ya be wonderin what that contraption are a frame for a porch swing. Me an' the little one saved it from the neighbors trash one day. I was sure a wishin on gettin me a little porch swing some day but for now I am mighty happy to have somewhere to be dryin our clothes.

Now here's ya a story for yur young uns. I do be lookin up to them Hillbilly Bears. Why in this episode they win all kinds of modern inconveniences from The Hillbilly Times. Ma's dryer do be lookin' a might nicer then mine, but she's the type not to let it go to her head. I do be lovin' ma bear. Why in just this episode I heard her use the words "horn swaggled". Aint that somethin'? 

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I got a very not so nice email today. Someone writing about a blog post that I wrote awhile back about my beautiful part Hawaiian daughter. I guess that I was wrong in saying about my daughters lineage.

While I would not normally quote an email, I think this time it is in order so that you can get the full story behind this post. Besides the email is a blog comment, so why not post it?

Here is the email/comment:

 I was so very insulted at a posting that you placed this month that I found an urgency to send you this email.

I have never thought it my place to correct anyone on what they think or believe, but this post disgusted me so much I found it necessary to ease my own pain.

First... There is no such thing as Princess Kaiuluni!!!

Second... Princess Kaiulani died at such a young age that she didn't have an opportunity to have children. Because of this, there are no direct descendants of our great royal family.

How dare you pawn your family off as royalty!!! If you and/or your daughter were in any way Hawaiian, you would have pride enough not to lie about who you are.
You should be ashamed of yourself and you owe an apology to All Hawaiian People!!!

And now my public reply.  This is just what I've always been told. I guess that I erred in saying that my daughter was Princess KaŹ»iulani' great great grand-daughter.

But I can assure you that I'VE ALWAYS BEEN TOLD that she is of Hawaiian royal lineage.

My daughter's father (my ex husband) has free land in Hawaii if he ever wants to claim it...due to his heritage.

So here is my public apology to all Hawaiian people. I apologized to some in person today. They laughed it off.

Oh, and here is a recent photo of my daughter's grandmother. I don't know...she looks awful Hawaiian to me. And she sure can speak the language. And she has all her siblings in Hawaii and nieces and nephews.

Well, you get my point...

To you who wrote the email....find someone else to pick on.

To my it any wonder why sometimes I just want to hang up the blogging towel. I already bowed out of one blog this week. I don't handle this kind of thing very well. Not at all. I will probably toss and turn all night. I think I still need more blogcation time.

Oh and by the way, yes Amy is Hawaiian and my boys are not. And yes I've been recently re-married again.
I've been married three times. (I figured this post would make you all see this, so I might as well admit it.)
If we are going to throw stones then start throwing. 
But I warn you, my GOD knows. He knows why I've been through these things. And I've come out the other side on top!

As for  L. B....I'll not accept any further communication from you. Your email is now blocked: oh and...
Aloha `oe 
Me ka `oia`i`o.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Thank you all!

Yep, we have a black out; and while we need to officially wait until tomorrow to see if it is challenged I am gathering my stacks of words (all 2352 of them) and getting ready to turn them over to the great Bingo game in the sky.

We have had a lot of fun. I want to thank each of you for your kind words, and encouragement, and laughs at my mistakes along the way.

I am going to take a break from here. I just have to; as I really need the break from the constant computer.

I do want to point out a couple of things real quick:

* Marcia is having a big fabric garage sale linky party on her blog. She's posting new items every day; as are others. Go check out her linky party.

* For an indefinite amount of time Thursday Ahhh's will only be posted every other week. I can think of only one of you that this will affect greatly and she's a very understanding person.

* I've started a big fabric and other sewing related supplies destash bidding site on facebook. In just a few days it's grown to over 75 people. I expect it to keep growing. It will remain open as long as fb does probably. All one needs is a facebook account to buy and sell and destash to your hearts content. If you are interested GO TO THIS SITE and request to be a member of the group. (And for those of you worried that I am putting another iron in the fire--not so. This one does all the work on it's own. I just started the page.)

* I've given up my Bible study blog completely and Snoodles is taking it over full time. Of course, Stephen's blog needs some serious attention and his Nanny has been telling me so!

* I wonder how long it will take me to catch up on over 3000 blog posts? Any guesses? That's where I'll be in my spare computer moments...

* I will be back in a couple of days ago. I've a finish to show you. Binding on tomorrow, then photos. I cannot wait to share. It's taken me a couple of months but I love it!

High Hopes--Randomly

My high hopes this morning:

* That my before Bingo blog friends will forgive me for being so rude as to not have read any blogs the past month.

* That my two blog fun ideas for July will be fun for all! (Of course you won't find out about them until one of you calls Blackout so that we might move on in this quiltsy blogland life...)

* That I will become friends with my new neighbor. (The one that we share the duplex with.) She quilts! She quilts with denim! She has two dogs. She also works at the prison. Poor lady.

* That my three brand new Etsy shops will get up and going and keep me home and away from the work place. (Not that they have much in them right now. When they do...I'll let you know first, because I'll want your opinion.)

 I have some friends that make their living mostly off of etsy. They are helping me out. What they've done with their shops in the last two years is amazing! They own three shops...

1) Barbie Emporium --Barbie clothes. Their newest hats are so cute! Everything in this shop is sewn by the HUSBAND if you can believe it. That is worth a look by itself.

2)Children's Emporium--Party favors. The crayon rolls are their biggest sellers. Husband and wife work on this together.

3) Custom Make or Custom Made--is where Mrs Crafty sells her crocheted items (when she gets to take a break away from helping her husband with his two shops.)

* That I can find a decent job. (Which is why the above high hopes comes first.) Our town is actually fairly small. The population of over 9,000 is misleading because over 3,000 of that is prison population. Without driving 40ish miles my choices for evening/weekend work are: Dollar General (just hired 3 people); Walmart, a handful of fast food places and gas stations. That's it. I've done gas station work before. (phooey--I've done Walmart before too.) I was just hoping to not have to do the gas station thing this time around. I will for sure choose it over fast food. I hate cooking type jobs. Double Yuck on those! I actually don't mind gas station work but my husband really doesn't like the idea. Oh, this reminds me of another video, can't pass this one up while on this subject (maybe this is why hubby doesn't want me to get a gas station job?) :

EDIT...It didn't show up! Oh well...

 * That Stephen will sleep more. Ha! Been wishing that since the day he was born. I've never seen the likes of this child when it comes to sleeping. He went to bed at midnight tonight and will be up by 7 and will take an hour and a half nap today. I think I might as well cross this item off my high hopes list.

* And for my final HIGH HOPE--that this would be the LAST day of Bingo. Several of you have said that you only have 1 or 2 words. You'll get 25 today. I know that I said 50 to some of you but although I am prepared for several of you to call Blackout I don't want you all to call it at once.

RAPID FIRE COMMENT SECTION: you know the routine. First thing that comes to your head; shortest answer as possible. My answers are in parenthesis:

1) Do you remember who is the first blog that you followed? (I first followed my sisters blog; secretly. She didn't know it. We didn't know each other at the time...hadn't talked really since I left home and she was only 4 yrs old.)

2) Do you like your roasted marshmallows brown and gooey or cooked crispy? (brown and gooey!)

3) How many times have you moved in your life? ( 15 for me)

4) What was the last item that you purchased. Come on--be honest, even if it is embarrassing. ( stuff to make cabbage soup.)

5) What is the worst job you've ever had. (McDonalds.)

6) Do you sleep under your favorite quilt year round? (I most certainly do!)

7) What is one thing that you have high hopes for--and getting black out doesn't count!


B--raindrops or rain


Friday, June 1, 2012

Fabulous Friday!

Ok, I know that I was calling this day Spectacular Friday. But really, isn't Fabulous Friday more fitting? And now I am a week ahead of you on my fat quarters. So while you are drooling over my  fabulous fat quarter purchase from last week....
If you will remember, I bought two cuz I deserved them :)
I am still working on getting the Morris Meadow prints.

..... I probably am out buying my fabulous fat quarter for this week.

And while I am buying a new  Fabulous Fat Quarter, I am probably dressed up Fabulously in a fabulous pair of jeans with a fabulously nice shirt on and my fabulous new tennis shoes.

Of course my definition of fabulous is a bit different than Zsa Zsa's I am sure. Oh wait, maybe Eva and I can relate!

I had some fun things coming up that I wanted to announce today but something got in the way. (That something begins with a B and ends with an O.)

Hey, you want some Bingo words? You can't have them. It's June! Nobody wins black out.
Oh never's all packaged up and ready to mail. Guess I might as well give you one more chance. (and another if need be. And another....and there better not be any more other anothers after that last another; in fact there better not be another another after today's another. )

{{I get a little silly when I am to the point of exhaustion.I get fussy two. I become a complete oxymoron. I must be at that point because as Jerry said bedtime prayers with Stephen tonight they said, '....and please help Mommy get some sleep so she won't be cranky...". LOL, I almost laughed right out loud. }}

I--grand canyon

There really aren't that many words left. Lets stop there today before I get all 98 of you calling blackout at once!