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Monday, May 21, 2012

Who would you choose?

If you could,  as a May For Me treat to yourself, have any one designer or teacher come to your home for a personal 'one-on-one' class - who would it be and why. 

This is the question that Sharon asked us Bingo ladies to answer for you this week. I've really had to think hard on this one. There are so many things I want to learn. I want to learn stars from Jan Krentz or Barbara Cline. I want to learn how to design blocks from Jinny Beyer. I choose her because she likes kaleidoscope effects too. I want to learn how to make Judy Neimeyer quilts. I want to learn applique from Carrie, I want Sharon to come teach me basics that I've never learned, Marcia to teach me to think out of the box and Snoodles to teach me to be patient in my learning. I want Ricky Tims to teach me to be more creative and I want to learn how to do Fabric Portraits from Marilyn Belford. I want Bea Quilter to come walk me through EQ...and the list goes on. So, my final decision would be...I think Sharon. I need to learn some very very basic things that I know that I do wrong, (I am completely self-taught) then move on from there. 

This week several of us Bingo bloggy friends are planning to eat meatballs on Thursday night. My husband wants porcupine balls. I'll post a recipe tomorrow. Join us for meatball Thursday? Why? Well, we all accidentally ate Sloppy joes on the same day last week, so why not meatballs this week?


CHILDREN prizes are separate. If they get a Bingo, they win. Period. So...please let me know of all children that have gotten ANY row on their cards. Thank you.


ANY ROOSTER--I forgot that I had rooster written down in one place and actually had it written down in another. I was originally gonna just throw those roosters in with the chickens but then one person had a rooster and a chicken on the same row of their card so I had to go back and add roosters in. But it still got messed up, so if you have a rooster, put a button on. And if someone else calls rooster this week (cuz I think I remember emailing the word rooster to at least one of the other ladies) then consider yourself ahead of the game.

I--pinecone or pine
G--soccer or soccer ball
I--teacup but not teapot


Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Love your mulitiple choices of teachers! Perfect!
I can't wait for your porcupine meatball recipe --- I made them about 25 years ago when my kids were little .. but haven't made any since them! We could have them on Thursday too! We were going to have Manwich like you, last week, but I started to make it, I changed my mind and I made goulash instead! We hadn't had that in years either!
My post about my favorite teacher will be up later today - I had a few more photos to take to add to the post.
Enjoy your Monday!

Belinda said...

Would you believe I have meatballs in the freezer ready to cook? Wow. I can wait until Thursday, since I have a menu for the week planned and can just swap days. What fun!!

Marcia W. said...

I'm going to chose a different teacher(s) for each May for Me / BINGO post. Angela Waters, or Leah Day, or Patsy Thompson - to teach me how to machine quilt and FMQ.
Happy Birthday EARLY!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

How sweet Tonya and to be put in that same list of people humbles me. Oh, I will find something for meatball Thursday - sounds fun.

krisgray said...

Hhmm...gotta think about this one. I'd love to have Bonnie Hunter teach me patience in piecing small pieces and how to let go and just use up my scraps. I'd love to learn applique from the Becky of Piece o' Cake, too.

Needled Mom said...

There are so many classes I would like to take. I would especially like to take a hand applique class.

I think I got a horizontal BINGO today. Yeah!

VickiT said...

Wow, you have a long list of 'teachers' you'd like to have visit you. I can totally agree with your choice for learning EQ. I have that and still do not understand it. I have no idea why I cannot grasp the software because I have always been one to be able to install a new program and just go with it having no knowledge or training with it. This one however, nope, no such luck and I'm on my third version too. How sad eh?

Anyway, my answer to that question is the same as the other two blogs which asked:
If I were to have any one designer or teacher it would be Eleanor Burns. I can't imagine anyone as down to Earth as she is with as much quilting knowledge in her head. I think it would be an amazing day because she is so awesome and the very first one I watched years ago that gave me the first interest into quilting. I never did much with that interest until two years ago other than buying one of her books years back "Christmas at Bear's Paw Ranch" but she put that little spark into my head for sure. And she appears to have the patience one would need to help me with the things I don't understand and could probably give me the help I need to overcome the stupid things that confuse me - math being the top one there. LOL

I had to laugh at the story about why we should join in on Meatball Thrs. What's really funny is that I pulled the big pack of meatballs we buy from Gordon Food Service and put them into the kitchen freezer the other day. My husband (and my entire family for that matter) LOOOOOOVES my Cranberry Meatballs. It started out being an appetizer I'd make on New Years Eve or Superbowl Sunday or any other special snack type day and moved to the mainstream supper menus because everyone loved them so much. I love them myself because I can just drop all the ingredients into my Crockpot, stir them up a bit (or put the ingredients (not the meatballs) into a pan, stir til hot and melted and then toss over the meatballs in the crockpot) then toss the meatballs into the crockpot and toss them around a bit. Then it's a matter of checking them every once in awhile. Easiest meal ever. The bad thing about them is that after making them for SO many things including supper is that I've become really burned out on those and stopped making them for awhile now so hubby would be very pleased to come home Thrs to find we're having Cranberry Meatballs for supper. I buy the canned cranberries when they are on sale so cheap during the last few months of the year when I also have coupons. Buying them during that time of the year when they go on sale and I have a coupon, especially when my store doubles the coupons makes them super cheap so I stock up for the whole year.

Snoodles said...

Hmmmm, got to start looking for a recipe now! Or I could wait for yours! LOL

Kat said...

Sharon would be a great choice!!!

I don't know what porcupine meatballs are, but I'm curious!