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Thursday, May 10, 2012

What? No Bingo yet??

Believe me, I think we are all as surprised as you about that!!

Remember if we start getting some action around here that after someone calls Bingo you have 24 hours to call the same Bingo. The words have to be from the same day as the person that called Bingo. In other words, if Fiona (everyone wave at Fiona!) calls Bingo tomorrow afternoon from across the pond, then Linda (Linda, you around?!) cannot call the same Bingo such as "B-vertical" with a new word from Friday morning. Linda would have 24 hours to call Bingo but it would have to be with a  Thursday word that Fiona won on. I got to thinking I better add this to the rules. We allow the 24 hours due to time zones but we need to be fair too!

Thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday. I won't be leaving until the second week of June and will probably be back full time by fall. It just depends on a few things. I've been kind of looking around town for wi-fi connections. I need to see if they work from the parking lot. I thought I might drive to Burger King once a day to check my email but I won't go inside to do that so we will see what I can find. This is a travel hot spot and every hotel says they have it too, so maybe I can find something strong enough to work from the car.

I will post my ahhhh a bit later today. I worked hard to get it done but I didn't quite make it. Almost though, so I'll get it posted before the day is over. It has something like 66 or 67 pieces!

Well, here are your words. SOMEONE get a Bingo already, ok??!!

O--Checks or checkered or check
B--safety pin or pin(s)


Fiona said...

hello all.. this is fiona from across the pond... no need to feel threatened I will call bingo too soon... seems I placed my squares in the wrong columns??? !!!!
Good luck to all and thanks to the hosts...

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I almost could have my card cleared by now, but all the words are in the wrong columns too!

Brenda R said...

You are calling several words that are right for me except they are in the wrong columns also.

One of the hotels we stay at makes wi-fi free in the lobby and you have to pay if you get it in your room. I doubt the parking lot will work. What about your public library? Ours have several computers that anyone can use-don't have to be a member of the library.

Wanda Correll said...

I need one more. Please someone call it!


Needled Mom said...

Wh knew there were so many items??? It's fun to check each day though.

Linda said...

Waiving to Fiona! and Yes, I am still around my dear friend Tonya! I was going to text you yesterday but then I got busy with my soon to be niece in law. I will text ya later. haha Anyhoo, bingo has been a daily fun thing for me and it's super fun to check the words every day :) Not even close to a bingo though. haha

Maria said...

Yah Hoo!!!! I have a BINGO Row..
It's my "N" row...

I am delighted. Have three buttons to sew on tonight Stephen. A yellow,maroon and pink.Happy sewing.

Deb said...

Just a comment on the time zones - those on the left coast are being penalized. I check before 8am yet the blogs have been up for 5 hours already - so most of Europe and 3/4 of the US can call my bingo before I even get up! I can never be 'quickest' to call if someone else has just finished the same row.

The reason why you haven't gotten lots of bingos already - you've got over 1000 items, each can be in 5 rows. Bingo is specific - 15 possible things per row.

Beeshebags said...

I'm calling bingo on Sharina's behalf ( until she has a chance to do it herself...which I'll go next door a bit later in the morning (it's 1.10am here now and she's in bed). By my reckoning tonight, and her previous buttons, she has a diagonal line going from top left corner to bottom right corner B - Boat, I - Squares, N - Freebie, G - Mesh & O - Leaves.

Blogger said...

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