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Monday, May 28, 2012

Sharon's words

Sharon had a computer glitch. Her computer is broken and won't be back until it is done with repairs. She will be mailing out the winners from her birthday drawing tomorrow. Since she won't be able to finish out May for ME! with us I will be giving you her words on my blog. Hopefully we will have some winners really soon. All we have left are T, H, and Blackout.

I messed up and posted my words with last Monday's date so they were published on Saturday. It is the post before this one so after you read over Sharon's go have a look at those. Hope you on our side of the pond are enjoying your holiday weekend. I hope all of you enjoy your last week of May for ME!--make it a good week!

Sharon's Words:

B--polka dots or dots
I--gingerbread man


Maria said...

I have completed my bottom row with a yellow button on monkey.

Snoodles said...

Have a lovely holiday today!

Sheila said...

I have now completed the top row and the middle row making a T , not sure what I do next .

Fiona said...

2 buttons today... but still no complete lines.... and I only need 9 buttons in 2 days.... is there a prize for the most non buttons???? haha... this has been such fun Tonya -the daily search for a picutre on the card!!! I will miss it