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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A little something everyday.

Each and every day in May I want to do a little something for ME. Actually I have a couple of big somethings planned too.

I am so excited about my first little something. Yesterday I went to one of our LQS' and signed up to be in their Art Quilt Club!

I've never taken a quilt class, never been in a club or Bee or anything so I am just ecstatic. The club meets once a month (the last Thursday so I've got a bit of a wait); and only cost $5 a month. It meets for two hours in the morning and is close enough to my daughters workplace that she can watch Stephen for me and then the three of us (or 4 if Seth is home) can enjoy lunch together before she has to go into work. You can bet that I am excited for the 24th to get here! At the bottom of this post I'll post a video of the art class that I found on the quilt shop's website.

A BINGO clarification:  If a called word says, "B--Sheep" then that means it is in the B row. You cannot put a button on "I " or "N" or "G" or "O" if you have a sheep there. This is the same with every character we call. 

Also...if you are a no-reply blogger---then I cannot email you back! If you have never changed your settings from this; then you are a no reply blogger :) It is best to change those settings so that I can get with you. Thanks!

Here are your Bingo words for the day:


If you are not sure what BINGOs that you can win...such as Vertical I etc, then check the prize page. It has all the possible wins listed.

Here is the Art Quilt Club video:


Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Great explanation again on the Bingo rules.
Cool looks like a fun class! I want to come to the class too!
Have a wonderful day today!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

The class looks like fun and good for you!

Michelle May said...

Woo hoo! Good for you Tonya! I know you will enjoy that class and having some "you" time with other quilters. I'm so happy for you.

VickiT said...

That looks like a fun class. I'm sure you'll have all kinds of fun

Linda said...

Good for you to take that class. Looks super fun and you get some much needed ME time :) Wish I could go with you.

Snoodles said...

Looks like a great class - now I'm looking forward to seeing what you create!

Carrie P. said...

How exciting. I am so glad everything works out for you to take this class. I really enjoyed the video. Pretty cool technique. I really liked Sue's piece.
Do you iron it all when you get done to heat set it?

Have fun!

Margaret said...

I love taking classes and learning new things. I go to a class every month to learn a new block and a class called patch abilities where we learn about new tools and techniques. I really enjoy them. I know you will too.

Maria said...

Grst class.

Today I was lucky to have Bat in O

Bannad Studios said...

Hello Tonya! I think you will enjoy the class. The sponsoring store and owners are great.

(It's D'Anna from around the corner)

Haven't had time until now to stop by again and say hello, but now I'm working from home and have more time for those things.


Enjoy your class!


Heather said...

Oh I wish I could go to a class like that! It looks like fun! I hope you enjoy it. :)

elliek said...

Enjoy the class Tonya, you deserve some ME time. Look forward to seeing what you make in the class.