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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's a color thing...

I was supposed to post this yesterday and completely forgot! Marcia did too, so I don't feel so bad. Those of us that are working behind the scenes sometimes have discussions about different May for Me things. Last week Sharon asked us a question for us to answer. That question was,

"....about what is the most predominant color (or favorite color) you use in your quilting, what inspires it, and what is your favorite block or pattern to use with it."

What a question to ponder! My favorite color in my non quilt life is blue just like the other three ladies who host this thing called BINGO. The blue shirts in my closet are the first to go after wash day. And dare I wear any pants but blue jeans? I think not! But I confess. I lead a double life. My quilting life is completely opposite! I love bright and colorful. I love rainbow colored quilts with black backgrounds. I tend to like blends and marbles above any other type of fabric. Oh, and then there is my African and Asian fabrics. Love those too! As for my favorite block; well, I am not a block kind of person. Since my plunge into blogland I've been doing some scrappy quilts, and trying some traditional blocks here and there...but it's not my favorite thing. I like to be different! I like landscape quilts and the non-traditional (although I am not too keen on some 'modern' quilts.) I have noticed that I lately I am antsy to get back to the old quilt me. Bring on the brights!


Bingo players--could you please do me a huge favor? Before sending me a BINGO claim, could you please check the prize page(up top under the Bingo tab) to make sure that no one else has already won that particular Bingo? It would sure save me a lot of time. Thank you very much.


Congrats to Lisa of Port Hope--she won vertical B! She has a flikr account and her card is # 60 if you'd like to congratulate her. You can go here. Lisa, I'll snail mail your pattern out right away.


Hey, would YOU like to win something...come on Mr. Random...someone wants to win a John James Fun Pack--who, who wants to win?? How about Sally?! # 76 (Sally is a non blogger. Sally please email me your snail mail address.)


G--Bunny or Rabbit or Bunny Rabbit
I--Bee or Bumble bees


BINGO calls for today so far: Kimberly called Vertical G, and Kathy calls Vertical I.


Kathy said...

Wheeee! I have a BINGO for vertical "I".
Bumble Bee, Bat, Lemon, Tea Cup, Bird. For a picture of my card go to

I also have a cross, but I don't think Vertical "I" and the middle horizontal row wins anything. Oh well, fingers crossed for the next step.

VickiT said...

FINALLY I broke my 'no match today' streak with a match of ONE word from Marcia's list this morning. I hope that will be the start of many more matches to follow in the coming days. :) My card is looking pretty empty still.

Have a good Wednesday Tonya.

Gwen said...

Kimberly (my daughter) got a vertical G today-- BINGO! Her list is Web, Rabbit, Candy, Zebra, and Bandana!! :-) This has been fun!! I've got buttons on my card, but they're scatter all over the place! :-) Every morning, the very first thing I do is log on to see what the new words are!

Mhairi said...

With very few buttons to sew on and none last night I managed to get the binding on both my children's BINGO cards. YEAH!!!!!
I have posted pictures of the finished product on my Flickr site.

Needled Mom said...

I guess I lead a double life too. My home is in warm colors, but my quilting tends to be the brights.

Snoodles said...

Looks like we have some winners popping up now! Thanks for all your efforts keeping up with this!

Fiona said...

I'm like you with colours and styles.... I like to call it having an eclectic taste!!

LM said...

I'm into purple right now...but I'm trying to stash enough variety so I can make a colour wheel quilt.

I actually got a needle book made on the weekend, I feel pretty happy about that as me time. Sharon had linked up to a travel sewing kit linky and inspired me to join in.

Thanks again for hosting this, I'm chuffed that I actually won something!

Lisa from Port Hope

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

All I can say is ... I love Blue too! clothes and quilts!