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Thursday, May 17, 2012

I can't stand getting new computers...

Can you? I switched over to my husband's computer a couple of weeks ago because my laptop pretty much is a mess. Missing keys, skipping spaces. It is not good for blogging. Then today I had trouble getting into anything google with this computer. I finally had to remove the free AVG antivirus and it is all good now. Of course I can't not have an anti virus so I guess I'll be pinching pennies to get a good Norton download. Just won't have it any other way. I started using it on my own laptop after it died a serious death from a virus. Norton caught tons of things AVG didn't catch. Stupid viruses!

I also have all my files on the other computer and don't know how to get them from one to the other without emailing them to myself. Hubby keeps meaning to do it for me but I think I'll just start emailing. I want to get Stephen's photos moved and I need to get my BOM files swapped before I catch up on blog reading. I guess I could read from the old computer and save all the files there. It will just be hard to comment without a space bar. I'll think on maybe doing that at least for my BOM's. Then I can start catching up on blog reading! This has been one of my big hold ups. I didn't want to read new BOM posts and then go back and find them later when I finally got my files swapped around. So I've just been letting them go. Hmmm, maybe I have just talked myself into leaving them on my old computer. If I start commenting with funky words, and lack of'll know why :)

So there are my computer struggles. I wish that I could use the old one forever. And ever. I miss it. Does anyone else hate new computers too?

In the meantime, since I spent the evening fighting between computers, I have only your Bingo words right now. There are a couple of Bingo's that were called yesterday that were not challenged so if nothing happens by around 8 a.m. those will be winners and added to the winners linky that is now under my bingo button. Everyone thank Marcia as now it will just be a quick glance for you to know if your Bingo has already been taken or not.

Oh, and my Ahhhh is done...just let me get my computers working. I'll post it this afternoon during my little guy's nap.

Please remember all Bingo words singular/plural is the same. No need for us to type (s) everytime, right?



QuiltSue said...

I enjoy getting new toys, like computers, but moving data can be a pain, I agree.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I know your computer frustrations. Went through it for almost a year, and then broke down and bought 2 new ones, one for me and one for hubby. I am still looking for files, not sure which one of the 4 computers or two hard drives they are on. I am slowly getting everything into one place. My suggestion for moving all the files is to get yourself a jump drive, or burn them all to a CD. The biggest pain with getting the new computers was I ended up getting a new printer then afterwards because for over a month we could not get my printer to work with either computer, then it just started acting nuts sitting there all by itself. It would turn on by itself and start shooting pages out, all the lights would blink, with no one in the room. I think it was madder than I was. Also most of my ancient programs either won't work with this computer or I still haven't located the installation disks that are somewhere among the thousands that we have scattered throughout the house. Urghhhhh. Trust me I know your frustrations, I am still feeling it! But it is getting better, and at least the computer turns on and I can do most of what I want to without missing keys or keys that don't work, or screens that are just black this time around. I think I finally remembered all the passwords to get into all my favorite websites too that I had on autosave.

Andrea said...

Try Microsoft Security Essentials as an alternative to Norton - it is a free download. My hubby is a PC technician and he recommends it to all his customers. We have it all our computers here at home too xxx

beaquilter said...

do you have an external harddrive?
we have one and I guess my laptop, hubby's laptop and the kids computer(my old compute r) are networked, so when I got this new laptop I put all the old files on this external harddrive, which is a great back up system to have anyways, and then I can "read" that harddrive from the laptop, I kept old pictures still on there and didn't move them over. my email address book I also moved there and then because my email is gmail, whatever I had saved in my in box, when I set up the new laptop's email program (mozilla) it kept all those, since I guess they are on the Gmail server. But it IS a pain to re-install all the programs etc...

Carrie P. said...

computers can definitely be frustrating. if it weren't for my husband being an IT person I probably wouldn't even have one.

BINGO! I am pretty sure I have a horizontal row right down the middle but I see someone has won the horizontal.

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Computers are great when they are working right. Mine is getting old and worry too that it may be time for a change that I don't want to make. I like this old computer!

Send me the "for sure winners" whenever you get a chance and I will update the winners page!

Enjoy your day!

Connie said...

Hey Tonya. BINGO!!! Finally, I gotta go sew on buttons now. Yah I'm excited!!!

Maria said...

Computers can be such a pain.. Hope you get it all sorted..

Hilachas said...

Have you tried Dropbox? You get 2 GB free but can buy more if needed. You store your "stuff" on Dropbox and can access it from another computer that has dropbox installed.

Dora, the Quilter said...
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Dora, the Quilter said...

When I switched from the telephone co to another co, I went out and bought Norton 360. What ensued were days of frustration getting my computer to work right. The Norton has caught a lot of things, but in the process it was as if my computer was fighting sniffles!
You could transfer a whole lot at a time on a 2 to 4 gigabyte flash drive, and they are very reasonably priced.

quilt happy said...

i had a free for 2 years and now i cant get rid of it it keeps poping back up all the time. does any one know how to get rid of it all?

Colleen said...

Ok I know others above have given you computer advice but the an awesome and highly reccomended by IT people- is a free program called avast. It is continuous protection that does not give you the conflicts Norton can and is stronger then Microsoft. An additional addon as a backup for many of the virus' that blogs have become infected with is Superantispyware. Both of these stop and remove attacks.

Pat said...

All I can say is thank heaven the computer people don't make cars! Can you imagine? :)
Glad you're nearly sorted with it and hope you are well *hugs* Pat xx

Joan in coastal MS said...

Another option for transferring files, there are hard drive cases or enclosures. You remove the hard drive from the old computer, put it into the case which connects to the new computer with a usb plug. I took my hard drive with me and the great guy at Best Buy installed it for me. Everything is there and can be accessed without the copy part. Joan

Carla said...

Can't live with them and Can't live without them now a day.
I have found a better anti virus software called Kaspersky. You can find some good deals on line. Even the school district I work for switched to it.
Good luck.

Benita Bolland said...

I don’t think it’s really the new computer we hate. I actually celebrate if I have a new one. The only thing that never fails to make me frown is setting it up… The ‘getting-used-to’ part. It’s just tiring to tweak the settings to something more like what we used to have. ;) But I think it’s a little different in your case, in which you are sharing with your husband’s PC. It’s really a big struggle to work without your files. I hope it didn’t take you long to get out of your technically difficult situation.

Benita Bolland

Lance Vartanian said...

You can always ask help from computer experts to assist you with transferring your files, Tonya. I’m sure you have skilled neighbors or friends who would know how to help you. With regard to your computer, just be reminded to take good care of them, so that each and every part can last a long time and for you to have a smooth sailing browsing experience.

Lance Vartanian