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Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Spectacular!

Woohoo! Can't keep me down for long. Nope! Today is the day I get to go buy a fat quarter. Yippee!

Only I had this great idea. I need to buy 2. I need to be one week ahead of you so that I can post the fat quarter from the week before on Friday Spectacular Day. So...I'll buy two today. (Are you laughing, Bea?) Besides it will make up for yesterday, won't it?

What are you going to do today for Spectacular Friday? I think I'll keep this going after May. Any excuse to buy a fat quarter is a good excuse to me.

Ahhhh Thursday, Spectacular Friday. What will I think of next?!

Speaking of Ahhhh; I am working on it. Promise. I just don't want to post it without the finished block as it is an unusual one this week. Hopefully I'll get it posted later today; but tomorrow for sure.

We got several new Bingos yesterday. Here is a list of what is left for you to win:

"H"; "T"; "Blackout" and one Random drawing. Congrats to the winners from yesterday. Marcia will add them later this afternoon after all the 24 hour marks have been filled.


B--Watering can


Belinda said...

You go girl!! I can't think of anything spectacular to do on Fridays, but maybe something will come to me. I've been invited to go to the lake with my sister and her family tomorrow, so it will be more like a Saturday spectacular for me!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

beaquilter said...

Ha Ha! I was laughing before I even read my name in there, I KNEW it!! you can't just buy ONE FQ.... that's like buying half a... hmm.... I don't know.. :P.. can't wait to see your purchase :-)

Linda said...

Yay for Fat quarter Friday :) Glad you bounced back quickly! Good for you! I actually have a free Friday which is rare so I think I will take a few minutes for me and sew. I haven't sewn anything in many days but I can't complain because I was away and had Ooodles of Minutes for me :) I also have an ant invasion in my kitchen so the war is on to obliterate them (insert creepy laugh here) lol Happy Friday!

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Yep! I will post the winners this afternoon! But email them to me so I don't get it mixed up!

Yes buy 2 fat quarters today! That way you are ahead and then it would make up for yesterday! That makes a lot of sense!

Enjoy your day!

Sheila said...

Have a nice weekend :D

Mary said...

Every Friday is Fat Quarter Friday at my LQS. the other LQS in town has Fat Quarter Monday. My FQ drawers are bursting... Hope I get a T or Something MONDAY, No Buttons today...

Snoodles said...

Have a good weekend, and have some fun! I'll be unplugged most of the weekend, check back with you later!

elliek said...

Glad that you are back on top of the world!. Enjoy those fat quarters. Hanging out for the next AHHHH as I am up to date and have posted a photo. Have a great weekend.

Fiona said...

hope you had fun fat quarter shopping.... i'm on the top of the world too... I got a button today!!
Isn't it fun when such a small thing makes your day!!