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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday Spectacular! (yes today is Saturday).

Typically Fridays in our home are known as "Friday Fun Day". That is the day that I give Seth the day off from regular school to go do something such as a field trip or even a trip to the local 'swimmin hole'.(Seth is allergic to the chlorine in pool water). We love Friday Fun Days around here.
The image is a hidden picture game you can Go here to play

But...Fridays were all about the kids. And this is May. All about ME you know? So I implemented a change around our home. Fridays are no longer "Friday Fun Day". Nope, Friday is now Friday Spectacular!

It all begins with me dressing up a bit. Yesterday I donned my nicer pair of blue jeans, a pair of black loafers, and a pretty shirt. (As opposed to a pair of jogging pants, or holey jeans and my beat up pair of tennis shoes and an old comfy t-shirt that most likely has bleach stains.)
I used to have these dolls. My brother was a toy collector. I had to sell his toys off when he passed away to pay for expenses. Now I really really want the Beverly Hillbilly Barbie back!!

Then I went to the LQS. As I have said before I actually live near several. (More about those another day). This time I chose the really-local-only-a-mile-away shop. I was not disappointed. This shop is actually the 'dark' shop when you compare to the other quilt shops around. I normally don't shop it much as it specializes in Civil War reproductions and dark wool.(not brights) So, imagine my shock with I found that they carried In the Beginning Fabrics! Don't know about In the Beginning Fabrics? Take my breath away kaleidoscope is what they are all about (much of the time)! 

Just take yourself HERE and have a browse around..

I have no idea why this LQS that specializes in reproductions is carrying something completely the opposite, but I am thrilled! So, as part of Friday Spectacular, my other new rule is to buy myself a Fat quarter every Friday. I will try to stick with one line of fabric until I have them all, then move to another, but I do have to keep an eye out because if they are getting low on something of another, I will need to purchase it. Wanna see what I got yesterday? Huh, wanna, wanna??

This is from Morris Meadows line by Michelle Hill. Just look at that Kaleidoscope fun! Oh man oh man I cannot wait to get some more of this line for my Ahhhh's.

Yesterday's Friday Spectacular ended with some water and mud fun. You'll have to hop over to Stephen's blog to read more about that. He tells the story much cuter than I ever could. 

Of course I am linking this with Marcia's Minutes for ME for this week! Have you linked some moments for you? Go here and join!


Belinda said...

Oh Wow! Oh Wow! I LOVE that fabric. What an amazing find!

Angie said...

Love that fabric!
LQS. . . .Local Quilt Shop??

Sunnybec said...

Good for you! That fabric looks gorgeous!! Hugs

Sherry said...

Your fabric is beautiful. It sounds like you had some great minutes for you. Have a great weekend too!

Pat said...

Stunning fabric! Oh what you couldn't make with that! Give up everything else and sew that one now - I want to see what you do :) xx

QuiltSue said...

I can really see why you had to bring that fabric home. It's going to look wonderful in a kaleidoscope.

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

I was off my computer most of the weekend .. So I am trying to catch up! Love the fabrics! Perfect for your Ahhhs...