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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Final day?

* The ahhhh will be out later today. Next week will be back to Ahhhh-normalcy again. Thank you for your patience ahhhh fans.

Before I get to Bingo I want to do a little May for ME re-cap. May never turns out quite how we plan it to. I always plan big; for even doing a few things for ME during May makes me happy!

I did have some fun times in May. I had a great Mom-daughter day with my sweet little grown up girl. We had fun getting hair cuts and trying on clothes and dreaming about the future.

I did have so many things planned to blog about. Quiltsy things, inspirational things, other things...I had a May for ME blog idea list going. I guess I'll just save it for next year. Bingo--it's been fun, but rest assured I will not repeat it again. Each year I come up with something different. Next year has yet to be thought up but I'll come up with something! (This year's idea hit me on Christmas Eve while I was taking a shower. You just never know, do ya?)

I will get back to my old blogging style soon. As soon as that last winner claims their prize I am shutting this blog down for a break (with the exception of Ahhhh's) until I FINALLY catch up on blog reading. I was going to shut my internet off soon but after going to a few places to place a job application I found they all have to be done via the internet. Guess I need to leave it on. But I will certainly take a break to catch up on my blog friends, old and new.

Marcia has had a pretty tough week with the death of her good friend. She was at a visitation/funeral both Tuesday and Wednesday, and now another good friend of hers passed away. She will be going to that funeral on Friday. She could sure use a cyber hug if you could stop by and give her one she would appreciate it I am sure.

Sharon is here in spurts only this week. She's had bad storms and computer issues. (Hey, Sharon...thanks for sending some this way. Truly! I love storms. I am supposed to have them off and on all day today. I am one of those crazy people that like to watch for tornadoes.)

Snoodles' husband surprised her with a un announced mini vacation so she's not around. (Good going Mr. Snoodles! Hopefully Padsworth is doing a good job of holding down the fort.)

So guess what? That means you've got me today. ONLY me. Don't worry. Here are ALL 40 of your words. Now do me a favor, someone PLEASE get Blackout. Today. Thank you :) (p.s. I've noticed less repeats since I stopped using a yellow colored pencil in the dark. *grin*)

G--humpty dumpty
I--duck or duckling

I-- fairy
O--ironing board
N--fire or firetruck or fire engine or fire hydrant but not fireworks
O--paw prints


N--spool of thread or spool or thread
O--Bee or bumble bee


Maria said...

Tonya firstly thank you for all the fun I had playing Bingo and No I did not get Blackout. Only one button on "O" for buttons.
Hope someone gets it.

So sorry to hear of Maricias sad news. Will go give her a cyber hug.

Sharons storms have semed to come all the way here in Aussie as I listen to the much needed rain on the roof.

and good on Snoodles having a vacation now.

Good luck with your job search too.

VickiT said...

OH gosh, that's horrible for Marcia to deal with one, much less two friends being gone now and in one week. That is so hard.

Well, it's getting down to the end and I'll be shocked if no one calls the blackout today. I'm finally very close now but still need two yet. OH well. When we're done, I'm planning to open up my card, rip the top "BINGO" part off the top and restitch the binding again. Hopefully that binding will go on much smoother this time. LOL Anyway, since my Granddaughter is so young at just under 4 months old, I thought this would be a cute little blankie for her to hold onto. I may even attempt to get fancy and open up some of those squares and slide some tostitos bag pieces (or another kind but I have saved a nice crunchy sounding tostitos bag) and then stitch those back up again. That way she will have little crinkly noises to play with. I also happen to have a puppy toy squeaker package I bought so I might put one of them inside too, but those I have not decided on yet since they have dogs and a puppy that was born about 5 weeks ago. I don't want them stealing Alexia's new toy.

Finally, I am kinda happy to see you will be keeping the internet. I was a bit sad knowing the end of the month was here already and you would be going offline.

Have a good day. Hopefully Sharon's storms are gone today. We have a lot of rain this morning but thankfully no storms like that.

OH (I guess that above wasn't a "finally" comment. haha
How fun for Snoodles! I think I may be a bit jealous of her, that lucky duck......or is that lucky frog? lol

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Thanks for posting all the BINGO Items. I posted a short post to link to you for my items. I will post later today - my recap of the May for Me Celebration. I like your recap... Life happens -- we can't control that! And we did have some very enjoyable days in May! Glad you got a day with your daughter!
What should I do on the last day of May?
Enjoy the rest of your day!

Marcia W. said...

Good job on the update and posting 40 words. Sorry cannot accomodate you for blackout as still have five missing words. Have a great last May for ME day!

Mhairi said...

No blackout for me. And I was looking at three cards!!!. I am blaming Padsworth for not calling Frog anywhere on the card!! :D
What an amazing way to end May. I hope the storms improve, the funeral is bearable and the mini vacation is relaxing. And Tonya, I hope that your June is quiet so you can catch up on the things you have missed while hosting BINGO. You have done an amazing job and I have had lots of fun. Thanks so much for creating this game and running with it the whole month. You are wonderful!!

Belinda said...

I'm so sorry to hear of Marcia's losses. That's gotta be tough. Tonya, thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into this Bingo thing. I don't know many people who would have gone to so much trouble!!
So glad Snoodles is getting away for a bit. That's always fun!

My Winston finally got a Bingo with a vertical N:

Yay for kid's bingo!! Ha. But sorry, no blackout for me either. I finally got an "H" but that's too late. :/ Oh well, it was fun and thanks again so very much!!!

Carrie P. said...

Well, it sounds like life is happening with all you ladies.
May for me was fun and I enjoyed being a part of it.
Only one word today so no blackout for me.
thanks so much for hosting along with the other ladies.

Needled Mom said...

Sorry that I can't lessen your load by getting that blackout!

We end the month of May with our 43rd anniversary and it has been a great 43 years.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Still missing 6 words all in different rows and columns, so no blackout for me.

Mary said...

Only one word for me today too and it was a square that already had a button on it. 7 Empty squares so No Blackout for me! Thanks for the fun.
Good luck on the job search.

Anita in Florida said...

So sorry for Marcia's loss. Will keep her in my prayers. On a lighter note....I will need a whole nother MONTH to get a BLACKOUT...that's how far away I am!

Sheila said...

Thanks Tonya for a fun bingo , really enjoyed it and appreciate the work you gals did to make this happen:-)

Sheila said...

Thank you for making May For Me special. Bingo has been so much fun. I know it was a lot of work.

Fiona said...

have a lovely June... thanks for a wonderful fun May...

Leah said...

Thanks for the great month.... Still no blackout here :(

Sallie said...

Thank you for all your hard work! Bingo and May for Me have been a lot of fun! I would love for you to change your mind about doing Bingo next year, but will wait to see what other fun you come up with. Thanks again!

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

Tonya, you and your wonderful "cohorts" did a fabulous job of keeping all us Bingo Bloggers entertained this month. Thanks to all of you and good luck with your job hunt.....glad you will continue to be with us and aren't shutting down your internet........

hueisei said...

So sorry to hear Marcia's losses. Hope Sharon got back to posting after the storm. To Snoodles - enjoy the mini vacation. To you - good luck on jobs finding.
I'm having so much fun for the Bingo game. Even though, I still 2 more buttons to blackout but i really enjoy it. The Bingo cards with 23 buttons will be my son new toy :)
Thank you again for making my May soooo special and fun :)

quilter000 said...

I need one word for my blackout. thanks for a fun month!!! enjoy the rest of your summer days