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Monday, May 14, 2012

Blogger...what next?

Ok, so we all know that things keep changing with google. And they like to throw it at us all at once..with gmail, blogger, picnik...that was the latest changes. And I can deal with them. Except for one thing. That little button way up at the top that used to say "FOLLOW" and now says "SHARE". That annoys me. Why? Because there are people that do not put that little widget thing with all those little faces on their blog. So if I want to 'follow' them and they don't have that section...what's a person to do?

Ever since it changed, when I saw the "SHARE" button, I thought that meant I was already following, so now I can 'share' them. So there are several of you that I thought I am following but I guess I am actually not following. I really don't want to take the time each time to manually put them into my reader, so does anyone know a better quick fix to follow someone? Of course I am talking about BLOGGER blogs only. I know how to deal with wordpress , etc.


Daily Calm

REFLECT ON BEAUTY--beauty is calming. God made or even man made. Find some beauty to enjoy today.


Just some thoughts....

It is exciting when someone gets a big idea. It's even more exciting when that big idea comes into reality. It is fun to bounce ideas off of people and get their response. Positive response, super! Negative response...ugh. (although we may need to hear it.) I am one of these people that are response needy. I'm full of confidence in some things but in others I am like a little baby that won't let go of the blankie. And I'm so super super sensitive to rejection. If you knew my life story, then you most likely would know why that is. Okay...getting to the point... Blogs are fun. But they are human based. There are feelings involved. I, for the most part have not ever found too many hurtful quilters in blogland, but occasionally I've seen some mean comments or at least some comments that are just not the nicest anyway.( I was quite shocked by some on a friends blog a few months ago concerning how a random prize drawing was handled.)

I ran across This POST on another blog that you might find interesting and a help if you are like me and really have trouble dealing with negative feedback.

 This was just a random ME to YOU thought thrown in for today...


Bingo--I do not want to make a blog post every time someone calls a Bingo. Remember, if you are going to call a Bingo you need to either comment on MY blog post for that day or send me an email. I need a list of the words you are claiming for that BINGO. If there are others that call the same in 24 hours, I will let you know via email. I expect things to get very crazy this week. Prizes going out left and right( Which is why I just don't want to make posts all day long.) I will edit that days post to reflect any Bingo calls. It will be at the bottom. REMEMBER--just because you call 'bingo' you are not guaranteed a prize. We have to be fair to everyone in all time zones. Current winners are posted on Marcia's blog. Also the prize page is changed every time a prize is won.

Some of you prize winners have not sent your snail mail to either me or the person sponsoring your prize. Please do so that we might get your prize out to you--thank you!

Sometimes I will make mistakes. Today I gave Marcia the word "I-Squares" by accident. There were 2352 words that I had to log down. Most of the time I 'caught' repeats as I narrowed the list down to 1087...but I guess that I didn't on I Squares. Please accept my apology for this and similar mistakes in the future.


I--Santa or St Nick

BINGO--Lisa M of Port Hope calls Bingo on Vertical B.


Belinda said...

Wow... that was a great post Tonya. The article you linked to was helpful. I know how you feel about needing positive reinforcement, and it's a shame there are so many nay-sayers in the business of putting others down. We should pray for them, even if it's hard.

Thank you for all you do, and all the trouble you go to.

Julie Fukuda said...

I have only been blogging for a year and a half but have not gotten any negative comments. I have only seen one negative comment on another person's blog. As to blogger changing things around ... that drives me nuts!

beaquilter said...

I get annoyed too with the follow button not being there if I want to follow other blogs, if it's not there, then i won't follow, I follow enough as it is.... did you get your EQ yet?

QuiltSue said...

Blogger is a downright nuisance sometimes, and I keep saying I'm going to change, but perhaps I'm too lazy, cos I'm still with them!

The "naysayer" post made interesting reading, especially for someone who was brought up with a naysaying mother.

As someone famous (can't remember who) once said, "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all".

Margaret said...

Hi Tonya. How do I know what number I am? You posted that #81 won but I don't know what number I would be. Thanks for doing all this. It has been a blast even though I am not getting very many squares it is still fun.

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Great post -- lots of info and good thoughts.
You are doing a fantastic job with all of the questions and details with the Bingo game. You are on top of every little thing that comes up!
Like the post about the Naysayers. Good advice. My Dad always said if someone says something negative, you should acknowledge it and then thank them for their input. Stay positive even if they are negative.
Have a wonderful day in May!

Snoodles said...

I agree with all of the comments above, and want to add my gratitude for all that you are doing! Nay-sayers beware!! Have a hoppy day!

Patty@Granma's said...

Whoa - that's a boat load of Binog words to keep track of. Got my winner's address and will get her prize out today - Keep up the good work - and don't forget to

Leah said...

Sorry to hear about the negative comments... that is very frustrating.

You are doing a great job with all those items to call! I'm finally getting some squares filled in on my Bingo card, but am no where near a bingo! But that's ok, my girls and I are having fun!

I didn't even notice that the "follow" button was missing... yes I agree that is frustrating!

Pat V. said...

Don't stress over bingo, for goodness sakes, it's a game and supposed to be fun! Thanks for all your work on it.

I got a square today!

Fiona said...

it is sad when people get negative comments.... don't stress on the bingo... we are having fun...

LM said...

Bingo! B vertical. Bee, truck, bus, teacup, honey.
#60 Lisa M in Port Hope

hueisei said...

I get annoyed too with the follow button not being there and new blogger interface. I try to adapt since I have no other choice. I copy the blog address and add to my google reader one by one. Very time consuming but I don't want to miss reading any of the great blogs.

Grammasheri said...

Thank you so much for the article on naysayers...very timely!

And most of all, thank you for putting in so much time and effort on the bingo game. It's fun for us - hard work for you!