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Friday, May 11, 2012

Are you late to the party?

Because, really, I kind of am. I did have my day out last Saturday with my hubby and new friends, and I did get my ahhhh done yesterday. (Rats, I always forget to link it to Marcia's blog!) Anyway, other than that I am kind of late to the May for Me party. I had several fun blog things planned, some ideas to throw at you..things of that sort. So, starting today, I am going to try to put my May for ME ideas into action. Several of you have been linking some fun May for Me things to Marcia's linky party. Pop over there and watch the fun, then make your own fun!


So for the first May for ME thing that I had planned; I have a daily Calm for you. What is a daily Calm? Well, it's just something to help you calm a bit when life gets crazy. Today's Calm is...

Waste some time

Do something completely frivolous or fun. Something totally out of the ordinary for you. Just waste some time. I bet you'll find that you are rejuvenated  for the task at hand. How will you waste some time today? I think I might just color a picture. A Snoopy picture! Oh, I am going to print one out as soon as I get done typing this!


I am attempting to fix my blog. I have tried on so many new blogger outfits that I can't even think straight. It's 2 a.m. here, guess I'll let it go til morning. I did find a really cool outhouse with a barn quilt on it. It's not my image, so I couldn't share it, but you can see it Here. If I knew how to do graphic design I could have a lot of fun making cute hillbilly stuff. The header is one that I just made from a free site and I use it for my Etsy shop. I think it needs 'cuted' up too; but it works. Anyway...expect outfit changes around here until I find something that I like.

Bingo words for today:
Note--I messed up on two different words now. I am a bit human, you know, and I do type up so many of these words. I send the lists to all the other ladies...lots and lots of typing so I am bound to mess up. I have now listed P--Poinsettia and A--apple. So if you have a poinsettia or an Apple word anywhere, then just sew you a button on! Remember, on any of the following, plurals count.

G--tie dye
B--bear(s) Teddy Bear or Teddy


Linda said...

Hi Tonya, yes, I am jumping around bloggy land today to find the bingo words. It really not typical of me to skip around but, I don't want to be late to my winning Bingo party. he he he No, I'm not even close but it's my only May for Me thing for today. It's going to be a crazy day. haha Have a good day!

KatieQ said...

The Bingo blogging has been so much fun, It doesn't even matter that I don't have many button worthy blocks. Every morning when I wake up, Bingo has become part of my routine. A huge THANK YOU for all of your hard work on the May for Me festivities. Blog land has become so big and there are lots of quilt alongs and swaps, but this has connected quilters in a unique and personal way.

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Love your calm time and wasting time... Coloring... I like that! Many sharing today at the linky party! I love that too! I have to hop around tonight and check them all out!
Enjoy your day!

Maria said...

Oh I had a calm time today. Just went to town with a friend. Looked at and bought fabrics. Tired on heaps of cloths. Bought some and then went to her place and watched a DVD. Great "Waste Time" day...

Oh yes I have a caterpillar in "G"
Maybe a green button ah Stephen???

Congrates to the two Horizontal winners today...

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

I forgot to write: I like your NEW look! springy!