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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ahhhh 27--Moroccan garden

I don't know if this block is copyrighted or not...I didn't realize it was a Jinny Beyer block until I sat down to write this blog. Just please note that credit goes to Jinny Beyer for the Moroccan Garden block!

It is now after 11:30 and my block is still not quite finished. Even worse, this is the one from LAST week. Good grief. I so often wish that I could just go a night a week without sleep to be able to work the night through. Anyway, here is mine... with a mistake in the center. Do you see it? LOL...I like it regardless. My little Thursday night sewing girl fell in love with it. I think I'll just sew it up into a hot pad for her to take to her summer school cooking class.

In the photo below I showed that you can combine the final two steps.
Note the pink line/arrow.


elliek said...

Looks pretty and well worth the wait. I managed to catch up on some other things. Take care. Hugs to Marcia from me. Can you pass them on please.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Such tiny pieces - I see the center, but sounds like someone loves it no matter what. Catch up with you tomorrow.