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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ahhhh 27--Moroccan garden

I don't know if this block is copyrighted or not...I didn't realize it was a Jinny Beyer block until I sat down to write this blog. Just please note that credit goes to Jinny Beyer for the Moroccan Garden block!

It is now after 11:30 and my block is still not quite finished. Even worse, this is the one from LAST week. Good grief. I so often wish that I could just go a night a week without sleep to be able to work the night through. Anyway, here is mine... with a mistake in the center. Do you see it? LOL...I like it regardless. My little Thursday night sewing girl fell in love with it. I think I'll just sew it up into a hot pad for her to take to her summer school cooking class.

In the photo below I showed that you can combine the final two steps.
Note the pink line/arrow.

Final day?

* The ahhhh will be out later today. Next week will be back to Ahhhh-normalcy again. Thank you for your patience ahhhh fans.

Before I get to Bingo I want to do a little May for ME re-cap. May never turns out quite how we plan it to. I always plan big; for even doing a few things for ME during May makes me happy!

I did have some fun times in May. I had a great Mom-daughter day with my sweet little grown up girl. We had fun getting hair cuts and trying on clothes and dreaming about the future.

I did have so many things planned to blog about. Quiltsy things, inspirational things, other things...I had a May for ME blog idea list going. I guess I'll just save it for next year. Bingo--it's been fun, but rest assured I will not repeat it again. Each year I come up with something different. Next year has yet to be thought up but I'll come up with something! (This year's idea hit me on Christmas Eve while I was taking a shower. You just never know, do ya?)

I will get back to my old blogging style soon. As soon as that last winner claims their prize I am shutting this blog down for a break (with the exception of Ahhhh's) until I FINALLY catch up on blog reading. I was going to shut my internet off soon but after going to a few places to place a job application I found they all have to be done via the internet. Guess I need to leave it on. But I will certainly take a break to catch up on my blog friends, old and new.

Marcia has had a pretty tough week with the death of her good friend. She was at a visitation/funeral both Tuesday and Wednesday, and now another good friend of hers passed away. She will be going to that funeral on Friday. She could sure use a cyber hug if you could stop by and give her one she would appreciate it I am sure.

Sharon is here in spurts only this week. She's had bad storms and computer issues. (Hey, Sharon...thanks for sending some this way. Truly! I love storms. I am supposed to have them off and on all day today. I am one of those crazy people that like to watch for tornadoes.)

Snoodles' husband surprised her with a un announced mini vacation so she's not around. (Good going Mr. Snoodles! Hopefully Padsworth is doing a good job of holding down the fort.)

So guess what? That means you've got me today. ONLY me. Don't worry. Here are ALL 40 of your words. Now do me a favor, someone PLEASE get Blackout. Today. Thank you :) (p.s. I've noticed less repeats since I stopped using a yellow colored pencil in the dark. *grin*)

G--humpty dumpty
I--duck or duckling

I-- fairy
O--ironing board
N--fire or firetruck or fire engine or fire hydrant but not fireworks
O--paw prints


N--spool of thread or spool or thread
O--Bee or bumble bee

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No wonder I can't sleep...

I was tossing and turning and tired but couldn't sleep. Don't you hate that? Then it hit me...I hadn't typed up my Bingo post.

I need to handle a quick random drawing then, all that is left is BLACKOUT! So far I've been able to come up with prizes for double calls but if two people call Blackout on the same day, there is no way I have that many prizes all over again, so we will certainly have to draw between you.

First lets get to our last random drawing. This is for 3 yds of wide backing fabric from Marcia. You and she can work out the color and details. Who will Mr. Random pick for the last Random drawing of 2012 May for ME bingo? Who? Who?

Sharon's words:

N--M and M's
N--teddy bear or teddy or bear

Tonya's words

B--spool of thread or spool or thread
I--hydrant or fire hydrant
G--jigsaw pieces or jigsaw puzzle

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Only 3 days left

And only 2 prizes left.  H and Blackout. We have two people that claimed "T" yesterday and I will be drawing between them later today.

Edit: We have someone that called an "H" this morning!

Sharon's words:


Tonya's words

N--tiger (tigger)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sharon's words

Sharon had a computer glitch. Her computer is broken and won't be back until it is done with repairs. She will be mailing out the winners from her birthday drawing tomorrow. Since she won't be able to finish out May for ME! with us I will be giving you her words on my blog. Hopefully we will have some winners really soon. All we have left are T, H, and Blackout.

I messed up and posted my words with last Monday's date so they were published on Saturday. It is the post before this one so after you read over Sharon's go have a look at those. Hope you on our side of the pond are enjoying your holiday weekend. I hope all of you enjoy your last week of May for ME!--make it a good week!

Sharon's Words:

B--polka dots or dots
I--gingerbread man

Fast day...

Don't have time for chit chat today. Hubby is off work; daughter coming; busy day! If you call a Bingo I might not get to it until late tonight, but since there is 24 hours I guess that's ok :)

I-- The letter 'Y'

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Spectacular!

Woohoo! Can't keep me down for long. Nope! Today is the day I get to go buy a fat quarter. Yippee!

Only I had this great idea. I need to buy 2. I need to be one week ahead of you so that I can post the fat quarter from the week before on Friday Spectacular Day. So...I'll buy two today. (Are you laughing, Bea?) Besides it will make up for yesterday, won't it?

What are you going to do today for Spectacular Friday? I think I'll keep this going after May. Any excuse to buy a fat quarter is a good excuse to me.

Ahhhh Thursday, Spectacular Friday. What will I think of next?!

Speaking of Ahhhh; I am working on it. Promise. I just don't want to post it without the finished block as it is an unusual one this week. Hopefully I'll get it posted later today; but tomorrow for sure.

We got several new Bingos yesterday. Here is a list of what is left for you to win:

"H"; "T"; "Blackout" and one Random drawing. Congrats to the winners from yesterday. Marcia will add them later this afternoon after all the 24 hour marks have been filled.


B--Watering can

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Total Sadness

That's what it was. You all know how excited I was to go to the class today.

Well, I got all dressed up. I drove 38.6 miles to take the boys to their sister so she could watch them. Back this way another 11.4 miles to the shop. To hear...well I'll tell you in a moment. Then another 11.4 miles back to my daughters to pick up the boys. Then another 38.6 miles back home. Did you add that up? Almost 100 miles. Normally we guard our gas money very closely but this was one of my May for ME things to try this class--at least one time to see what it was like.

Bah humbug and all that.

They cancelled the class. The emailed all the participants. Except me. You know,  I'm the new one. They didn't look in the sign up book for new participants. They just emailed the regulars.

It was kind of frustrating from the get go because when I went went kind of like this (and it was almost exactly as I wrote it):

Them: "Oh, you were supposed to sign up."
Me: "I did. In the notebook."
Them: "Well then you should have been sent a supply list."
Me: "No, but I did give my email when I signed up"
Them: "We get our wires crossed sometimes. It's no big deal. Your teacher is _____________ and she is always late but you'll have a really fun time. Just go have a seat and they will be here soon".
Me: I go sit. And sit. for 25 minutes. Why oh why didn't I bring my Ahhhh to work on since it was supposed to be published today?
A different Them: "We are so sorry but she cancelled the class. She emailed everyone but you because you are new. You need to sign up in the book"
Me: "I did sign up in the book, I left my email address and I paid"
Them (to the other them and not to me): "Where is the art quilt club book?" "I don't know, haven't seen it" "We need to see if she's in there" "She says she is I just don't know where the book is"
Me: "Here, here's my business card with my email address on it. You can check it with your book"

I left. I was sad. I was truly sad about the HUGE waste of gas. I seriously doubt I'll go back.


I'll catch ya later! I am off and away to my little $5 art quilt class today. I am excited but nervous. I don't really get around other adults much...

Anyway, if you have a Bingo or questions or comments. I'll catch ya later.

If you have Horizontal Bingo--I've had now over 12 emails on horizontal alone---Horizontal has been won! But there's still several other things to win. Check out the prize page.

If there is double words called--well, I type this late at night with only the computer light on. I will try to do better on trying to see the words. I was using yellow pencil to mark them out and I didn't always see that in the dark. So, lights are on tonight as I type this!(sorry to my boys! as it is very late at night)  If there are still double words called (meaning words called that I called earlier) well, it's happened several times. Just smile at me and move on down the list.

Chicken, chick, hen, rooster--there has been MUCH confusion over this little animal. So if you have a Chicken, a rooster, a hen, a chick, a cockle doodle do--then ADD a BUTTON. No matter what row! There. Problem solved. :)

WE HAVE AN X , also Vertical 0 and Upside down T called!!

ANY chicken, chick, hen, rooster

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How about some pebbles?

I've been waiting on the elusive "Vertical-O" to give the last small random drawing...but I am tired of waiting, so let's give away the Colonial Needle pebble pack. How about number....


(You can find number 7 Right HERE.--hey, it might even be YOU!) If you are lucky number 7; drop me an email with your snail mail please.

For those of you that have won prizes from me..I have not got them mailed yet. Just be a bit more patient and my daughter is going to help me with that on Thursday. ( Those winners would be Lisa M, Kimberly, Sally, Raelene, and Sharina.)Thank you!

N--pot of gold, gold

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Believe in Miracles!

Patty from Granma's Charms emailed her May for ME list to me yesterday. She really has been doing great. She re-arranged her whole shop, done several other things, and try to get a quilt hand quilted before a festival. Her final note was, "I've got 33 days. I believe in miracles."

Isn't that wonderful? Let's all route Patty on that she gets the quilt done in time. Patty is one of our sponsors but she's also been giving away fat quarter packs all month for May for ME. She's got one left, you better go try and win it! 

What miracle are you claiming as your own right now? 


I'll give the recipe for the porcupine balls below. Sounds like we have lots of people joining us for meatball Thursday. Vicky emailed a recipe for Cranberry Meatballs so I'll post that below too!


B--polka dot or dot(s)

Porcupine Balls from Taste of Home:


  • 1/2 cup uncooked long grain rice
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/3 cup chopped onion
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon celery salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 2 tablespoons canola oil
  • 1 can (15 ounces) tomato sauce
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce


  • In a bowl, combine the first seven ingredients. Add beef and mix well. shape into 1-1/2-in. balls. In a large skillet, brown meatballs in oil; drain. Combine tomato sauce, water, brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce; pour over meatballs. Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 1 hour. 

Vickis Cranberry Cocktail Meatballs

Meatballs (see note below)

2 pounds Ground beef

1 cup Cornflake crumbs

2 Eggs

1/2 cup Chopped -- fresh parsley

1/3 cup Ketchup

3 tablespoons Minced onions

2 tablespoons Soy sauce

1/4 teaspoon Garlic powder

1/4 teaspoon Pepper

Sauce (use double sauce ingredients if buying the larger sized bags of frozen meatballs)

16 ounces Can -- jellied or whole cranberry sauce

12 ounces Chili sauce

1 tablespoon Brown sugar

1 tablespoon Lemon juice

In a large bowl, combine ground beef, cornflake crumbs, parsley, eggs, ketchup, onion, soy sauce, garlic powder and pepper. Mix well and form into small balls, from 1/2" to 3/4" in diameter.

Place in a casserole or baking pan. Heat oven to 300 degrees F.

Meanwhile in a saucepan, combine cranberry sauce, chili sauce, brown sugar and lemon juice.

Cook stirring over medium heat until smooth. Pour hot sauce over meatballs in casserole.

Bake for 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the meatballs.

Transfer to crock pot and keep on low for serving

Monday, May 21, 2012

Who would you choose?

If you could,  as a May For Me treat to yourself, have any one designer or teacher come to your home for a personal 'one-on-one' class - who would it be and why. 

This is the question that Sharon asked us Bingo ladies to answer for you this week. I've really had to think hard on this one. There are so many things I want to learn. I want to learn stars from Jan Krentz or Barbara Cline. I want to learn how to design blocks from Jinny Beyer. I choose her because she likes kaleidoscope effects too. I want to learn how to make Judy Neimeyer quilts. I want to learn applique from Carrie, I want Sharon to come teach me basics that I've never learned, Marcia to teach me to think out of the box and Snoodles to teach me to be patient in my learning. I want Ricky Tims to teach me to be more creative and I want to learn how to do Fabric Portraits from Marilyn Belford. I want Bea Quilter to come walk me through EQ...and the list goes on. So, my final decision would be...I think Sharon. I need to learn some very very basic things that I know that I do wrong, (I am completely self-taught) then move on from there. 

This week several of us Bingo bloggy friends are planning to eat meatballs on Thursday night. My husband wants porcupine balls. I'll post a recipe tomorrow. Join us for meatball Thursday? Why? Well, we all accidentally ate Sloppy joes on the same day last week, so why not meatballs this week?


CHILDREN prizes are separate. If they get a Bingo, they win. Period. So...please let me know of all children that have gotten ANY row on their cards. Thank you.


ANY ROOSTER--I forgot that I had rooster written down in one place and actually had it written down in another. I was originally gonna just throw those roosters in with the chickens but then one person had a rooster and a chicken on the same row of their card so I had to go back and add roosters in. But it still got messed up, so if you have a rooster, put a button on. And if someone else calls rooster this week (cuz I think I remember emailing the word rooster to at least one of the other ladies) then consider yourself ahead of the game.

I--pinecone or pine
G--soccer or soccer ball
I--teacup but not teapot

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday Spectacular! (yes today is Saturday).

Typically Fridays in our home are known as "Friday Fun Day". That is the day that I give Seth the day off from regular school to go do something such as a field trip or even a trip to the local 'swimmin hole'.(Seth is allergic to the chlorine in pool water). We love Friday Fun Days around here.
The image is a hidden picture game you can Go here to play

But...Fridays were all about the kids. And this is May. All about ME you know? So I implemented a change around our home. Fridays are no longer "Friday Fun Day". Nope, Friday is now Friday Spectacular!

It all begins with me dressing up a bit. Yesterday I donned my nicer pair of blue jeans, a pair of black loafers, and a pretty shirt. (As opposed to a pair of jogging pants, or holey jeans and my beat up pair of tennis shoes and an old comfy t-shirt that most likely has bleach stains.)
I used to have these dolls. My brother was a toy collector. I had to sell his toys off when he passed away to pay for expenses. Now I really really want the Beverly Hillbilly Barbie back!!

Then I went to the LQS. As I have said before I actually live near several. (More about those another day). This time I chose the really-local-only-a-mile-away shop. I was not disappointed. This shop is actually the 'dark' shop when you compare to the other quilt shops around. I normally don't shop it much as it specializes in Civil War reproductions and dark wool.(not brights) So, imagine my shock with I found that they carried In the Beginning Fabrics! Don't know about In the Beginning Fabrics? Take my breath away kaleidoscope is what they are all about (much of the time)! 

Just take yourself HERE and have a browse around..

I have no idea why this LQS that specializes in reproductions is carrying something completely the opposite, but I am thrilled! So, as part of Friday Spectacular, my other new rule is to buy myself a Fat quarter every Friday. I will try to stick with one line of fabric until I have them all, then move to another, but I do have to keep an eye out because if they are getting low on something of another, I will need to purchase it. Wanna see what I got yesterday? Huh, wanna, wanna??

This is from Morris Meadows line by Michelle Hill. Just look at that Kaleidoscope fun! Oh man oh man I cannot wait to get some more of this line for my Ahhhh's.

Yesterday's Friday Spectacular ended with some water and mud fun. You'll have to hop over to Stephen's blog to read more about that. He tells the story much cuter than I ever could. 

Of course I am linking this with Marcia's Minutes for ME for this week! Have you linked some moments for you? Go here and join!

Friday, May 18, 2012

We hit the halfway mark!

Not just for the month but in prizes too! We had 19 to giveaway and we've given ten prizes away now!

Last night I had my young sewing student. She was so excited to use the design wall. Here are a couple of photos of the baby quilt she is making:


G--Checks, checkered

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ahhhh 26: Grandmother's Star

This Ahhhh was originally published in the Kansas City Star in 1959. I do like my version using Moda Origins fabric. It is a bit unusual, but like-able. I think I just described myself. :)

This week you will be doing some drawing and then erasing.
It will just make things easier.

Note that the center of the kites have the extra lines that need erasing.

I can't stand getting new computers...

Can you? I switched over to my husband's computer a couple of weeks ago because my laptop pretty much is a mess. Missing keys, skipping spaces. It is not good for blogging. Then today I had trouble getting into anything google with this computer. I finally had to remove the free AVG antivirus and it is all good now. Of course I can't not have an anti virus so I guess I'll be pinching pennies to get a good Norton download. Just won't have it any other way. I started using it on my own laptop after it died a serious death from a virus. Norton caught tons of things AVG didn't catch. Stupid viruses!

I also have all my files on the other computer and don't know how to get them from one to the other without emailing them to myself. Hubby keeps meaning to do it for me but I think I'll just start emailing. I want to get Stephen's photos moved and I need to get my BOM files swapped before I catch up on blog reading. I guess I could read from the old computer and save all the files there. It will just be hard to comment without a space bar. I'll think on maybe doing that at least for my BOM's. Then I can start catching up on blog reading! This has been one of my big hold ups. I didn't want to read new BOM posts and then go back and find them later when I finally got my files swapped around. So I've just been letting them go. Hmmm, maybe I have just talked myself into leaving them on my old computer. If I start commenting with funky words, and lack of'll know why :)

So there are my computer struggles. I wish that I could use the old one forever. And ever. I miss it. Does anyone else hate new computers too?

In the meantime, since I spent the evening fighting between computers, I have only your Bingo words right now. There are a couple of Bingo's that were called yesterday that were not challenged so if nothing happens by around 8 a.m. those will be winners and added to the winners linky that is now under my bingo button. Everyone thank Marcia as now it will just be a quick glance for you to know if your Bingo has already been taken or not.

Oh, and my Ahhhh is done...just let me get my computers working. I'll post it this afternoon during my little guy's nap.

Please remember all Bingo words singular/plural is the same. No need for us to type (s) everytime, right?


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's a color thing...

I was supposed to post this yesterday and completely forgot! Marcia did too, so I don't feel so bad. Those of us that are working behind the scenes sometimes have discussions about different May for Me things. Last week Sharon asked us a question for us to answer. That question was,

"....about what is the most predominant color (or favorite color) you use in your quilting, what inspires it, and what is your favorite block or pattern to use with it."

What a question to ponder! My favorite color in my non quilt life is blue just like the other three ladies who host this thing called BINGO. The blue shirts in my closet are the first to go after wash day. And dare I wear any pants but blue jeans? I think not! But I confess. I lead a double life. My quilting life is completely opposite! I love bright and colorful. I love rainbow colored quilts with black backgrounds. I tend to like blends and marbles above any other type of fabric. Oh, and then there is my African and Asian fabrics. Love those too! As for my favorite block; well, I am not a block kind of person. Since my plunge into blogland I've been doing some scrappy quilts, and trying some traditional blocks here and there...but it's not my favorite thing. I like to be different! I like landscape quilts and the non-traditional (although I am not too keen on some 'modern' quilts.) I have noticed that I lately I am antsy to get back to the old quilt me. Bring on the brights!


Bingo players--could you please do me a huge favor? Before sending me a BINGO claim, could you please check the prize page(up top under the Bingo tab) to make sure that no one else has already won that particular Bingo? It would sure save me a lot of time. Thank you very much.


Congrats to Lisa of Port Hope--she won vertical B! She has a flikr account and her card is # 60 if you'd like to congratulate her. You can go here. Lisa, I'll snail mail your pattern out right away.


Hey, would YOU like to win something...come on Mr. Random...someone wants to win a John James Fun Pack--who, who wants to win?? How about Sally?! # 76 (Sally is a non blogger. Sally please email me your snail mail address.)


G--Bunny or Rabbit or Bunny Rabbit
I--Bee or Bumble bees


BINGO calls for today so far: Kimberly called Vertical G, and Kathy calls Vertical I.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May for ME goals

I always have very lofty goals for May; but I don't ever set myself up for disappointment when I don't reach the goals. I figure dreaming and planning is all part of the quilting process.

Some of my lofty quiltsy goals for the month included:
* Working through Ricky Tims Convergence quilts
* Starting over on my Gradient Star quilt
* Make kitchen curtains, some mug rugs for the table, begin to make monthly wall hangings for dining room
* Catch up on Seth's BOM quilt.
* Get a Dresden quilt finished for booth/etsy display to take orders from
*Make some dog quilts
*Make mini quilts
*Make some snap bags
*Learn to make a zipper bag.
*Give my blog a makeover

Guess what? I have just scrapped all those goals (but one). They are still on my to do list. In fact I think I might make a page on my blog about that soon; it would probably be just as easy to keep my goals on here than anywhere. But I have a new May for ME goal. It's quite lofty. Are you ready...

I want to catch up on blog reading. Yep, that's my big goal for the month. With over 2000 posts to read, patterns to save, friends to catch up with, it is quite lofty but it's what I want to do.

The month is half over...are you changing any May for ME goals? How are you doing on them?


We had an evening Bingo called yesterday. Lisa M in Port Hope called Vertical B. Keep in mind while you have 24 hours to call the same Bingo it can only be through Monday's words. Today's don't count.


If I duplicate words on any of the lists (mine, Marcia's, Sharon's, Snoodles) I am sorry. I try not to, but it might happen sometimes. (As it did last week.)


G--Bee or Bumble Bee
N--peppers or hot peppers

Monday, May 14, 2012

Applique Affairs

 I am having applique issues and I want answers NOW. I was going to not have an extra post but I don't want to wait until tomorrow for answers. (as I should get an hour to sew tonight.) (And mostly because I am so impatient.)

 I've never done much hand applique. I really don't like machine applique much. I've tried doing satin stitch by machine, just leaving the raw edge and doing basic thread painting. I really am HORRIBLE at thread painting, and I really like the look of traditional applique. So I've been trying a few experiments. At first, they worked out ok. Let me explain what I've tried, and then maybe some of you can give me some pointers...

First I wanted to try paper piecing applique. The paper pieces website says that it is possible, so why not?

I treated curves just like in paper piecing..the same way as you would a yo-yo.
Other than that, I think this method might be similar to freezer paper applique.
You are just basting instead of using an iron and starch to baste it. 

I wasn't real sure how to do deep valleys. I didn't understand how cutting so deep would hold up in the long run; but I consulted Carries blog and her deep valleys tutorial (RIGHT HERE) and I think I did ok for the first time ever doing applique. Here are some finished curves and deep valley close-ups. These were all done using the paper piecing applique method:

Next, I received some of this free to try out:

I figured it would be nice to paper piece using it, and then I wouldn't have to rip out the paper. It was even an added bonus to use water soluble thread to baste. It did ok, but it had a tendency to not hold a perfect shape as well as heavy cardstock. You can see that on this mushroom top. I can fix the little extra points when I applique it down I think:

But then I got to a flower with really deep valleys and it looks awful. And it is fraying every where. I don't know what to do other than just start over, do raw edge and maybe button hole stitch.

Some other applique thoughts....
My wonderful friend Patty over at Granma's Charms knew I was attempting some applique and she sent me a package of this. She said that her customers highly recommend it. (You can shop at Patty's online store Right HERE)

This stuff is printable, and it's got a sticky adhesive so you can just draw your design, then stick it right down to your fabric. Great...but then I ran into another problem. Once I had the shape all ready, I couldn't figure out how you would know where to tuck in at. So....

I noticed on Carrie's post that I referred to above, that you have to draw your pattern on the front so that you can see where to needle turn. Ok, I can handle that. But...what about after you glue your applique shape down with Roxanne's? I mean, then you can't stuff your fabric down under there for needle turn. Perhaps you can only use this glue for freezer paper or paper piecing applique?

I am so confused! I think that maybe I should just save money for this:

I've read lots of reviews about it. But it sure won't help me now.

So, how do you applique? Do you glue down or pin in place?
Has anyone used EPP for applique?
How do YOU do deep valleys, especially when it keeps fraying?

In the mean time I am going to lay my whiny boy down for a nap and wait for you all to help out your hillbilly friend!

Oh, I am certainly linking this up with Marcia's minutes for Me as this is my only ME minutes for sewing that I've had time for this month. You can link up too! 

Blogger...what next?

Ok, so we all know that things keep changing with google. And they like to throw it at us all at once..with gmail, blogger, picnik...that was the latest changes. And I can deal with them. Except for one thing. That little button way up at the top that used to say "FOLLOW" and now says "SHARE". That annoys me. Why? Because there are people that do not put that little widget thing with all those little faces on their blog. So if I want to 'follow' them and they don't have that section...what's a person to do?

Ever since it changed, when I saw the "SHARE" button, I thought that meant I was already following, so now I can 'share' them. So there are several of you that I thought I am following but I guess I am actually not following. I really don't want to take the time each time to manually put them into my reader, so does anyone know a better quick fix to follow someone? Of course I am talking about BLOGGER blogs only. I know how to deal with wordpress , etc.


Daily Calm

REFLECT ON BEAUTY--beauty is calming. God made or even man made. Find some beauty to enjoy today.


Just some thoughts....

It is exciting when someone gets a big idea. It's even more exciting when that big idea comes into reality. It is fun to bounce ideas off of people and get their response. Positive response, super! Negative response...ugh. (although we may need to hear it.) I am one of these people that are response needy. I'm full of confidence in some things but in others I am like a little baby that won't let go of the blankie. And I'm so super super sensitive to rejection. If you knew my life story, then you most likely would know why that is. Okay...getting to the point... Blogs are fun. But they are human based. There are feelings involved. I, for the most part have not ever found too many hurtful quilters in blogland, but occasionally I've seen some mean comments or at least some comments that are just not the nicest anyway.( I was quite shocked by some on a friends blog a few months ago concerning how a random prize drawing was handled.)

I ran across This POST on another blog that you might find interesting and a help if you are like me and really have trouble dealing with negative feedback.

 This was just a random ME to YOU thought thrown in for today...


Bingo--I do not want to make a blog post every time someone calls a Bingo. Remember, if you are going to call a Bingo you need to either comment on MY blog post for that day or send me an email. I need a list of the words you are claiming for that BINGO. If there are others that call the same in 24 hours, I will let you know via email. I expect things to get very crazy this week. Prizes going out left and right( Which is why I just don't want to make posts all day long.) I will edit that days post to reflect any Bingo calls. It will be at the bottom. REMEMBER--just because you call 'bingo' you are not guaranteed a prize. We have to be fair to everyone in all time zones. Current winners are posted on Marcia's blog. Also the prize page is changed every time a prize is won.

Some of you prize winners have not sent your snail mail to either me or the person sponsoring your prize. Please do so that we might get your prize out to you--thank you!

Sometimes I will make mistakes. Today I gave Marcia the word "I-Squares" by accident. There were 2352 words that I had to log down. Most of the time I 'caught' repeats as I narrowed the list down to 1087...but I guess that I didn't on I Squares. Please accept my apology for this and similar mistakes in the future.


I--Santa or St Nick

BINGO--Lisa M of Port Hope calls Bingo on Vertical B.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Me weekend, another random drawing, and Winners take note....

My daughter and I have been planning a ME day for a long time. Since Christmas in fact. We decided that instead of birthdays this year, we would just have one big fun time during May. We were both supposed to start saving money for this months ago...but that didn't work so good for either of us. Is that going to stop us? NO WAY!! I leave in just a bit to go to her new apartment. She and I are going to garage sales, then window shop, then this evening come back to her apartment for chick flicks! No men allowed for the next 24 hours!!!!!!

So of course I won't be around here either. I'll see you all Monday :) Oh, I forgot to tell you...I got a mother's day gift in the mail yesterday. I ordered this clear back in March I think. It was a gift from my mother in law as I do all her quilts up for her great grandchildren. (I need to share those quilts with you.) Lookie what I got:

I have no idea how to use computers. I can use the internet like crazy and do anything on it. I even found my husband on it. I did! I will leave you hanging on that one until next week. And no it was not some online dating thing either. :) Anyway, I am going to pack up my computer and this program and take it with me. Maybe Amy can give me a jumpstart on how to use it. 

Ok so how about a giveaway to honor my great ME weekend that I am going to have; let's give away another charm pack, the pink and purple one from Marcia,....are you ready? 

NUMBER 81!!!!!! 

Let's do a winners re-cap for this week:

Maria won a Pastels Charm pack from Marcia for VERTICAL N.
Sharina won a Judy N. pattern for DIAGONAL.
Wanda won a Little Gatherings Charm Pack for HORIZONTAL.
Wendy also won horizontal and will get the prize that we had to take back from Maria for being too lucky. (a mystery charm pack from Richard.)
Quilter000 also gets a mystery charm pack from Richard.
Patty won a Pinks and purples charm pack from Marcia.

More to come next week. Having fun? I am.
Now, as soon as I can I will be closing this computer and won't be back until Monday. So I will be slow to answer comments. If you are a prize winner, it would be wonderful if you could email me with your snail mail address. I'll get those sent along to the proper places come Monday. 
Also I was supposed to be sending each of your blogs to Marcia(along with what you won...such as VERTICAL N) for her to post onto the winners Linky but I have got to get on the road. If you winners would like to do that for me it would be GREAT! Otherwise I will do that Monday as well. I still have to shower and pack and do some other things....

Have a good weekend!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Horizontal BINGO!

Wilma has called a Horizontal Bingo! You all have 24 hours to see if you also have a horizontal Bingo. If others do(there is potential as the day is young), then we will have a drawing between you. The winner will receive a charm pack from Granma's Treasures.

Edit:  Oh no! Oh Yes! We have two horizontal calls today! Wendy has called Horizontal too....Sorry Wilma! I'll draw tomorrow between the two of you (or more if applicable).

Are you late to the party?

Because, really, I kind of am. I did have my day out last Saturday with my hubby and new friends, and I did get my ahhhh done yesterday. (Rats, I always forget to link it to Marcia's blog!) Anyway, other than that I am kind of late to the May for Me party. I had several fun blog things planned, some ideas to throw at you..things of that sort. So, starting today, I am going to try to put my May for ME ideas into action. Several of you have been linking some fun May for Me things to Marcia's linky party. Pop over there and watch the fun, then make your own fun!


So for the first May for ME thing that I had planned; I have a daily Calm for you. What is a daily Calm? Well, it's just something to help you calm a bit when life gets crazy. Today's Calm is...

Waste some time

Do something completely frivolous or fun. Something totally out of the ordinary for you. Just waste some time. I bet you'll find that you are rejuvenated  for the task at hand. How will you waste some time today? I think I might just color a picture. A Snoopy picture! Oh, I am going to print one out as soon as I get done typing this!


I am attempting to fix my blog. I have tried on so many new blogger outfits that I can't even think straight. It's 2 a.m. here, guess I'll let it go til morning. I did find a really cool outhouse with a barn quilt on it. It's not my image, so I couldn't share it, but you can see it Here. If I knew how to do graphic design I could have a lot of fun making cute hillbilly stuff. The header is one that I just made from a free site and I use it for my Etsy shop. I think it needs 'cuted' up too; but it works. Anyway...expect outfit changes around here until I find something that I like.

Bingo words for today:
Note--I messed up on two different words now. I am a bit human, you know, and I do type up so many of these words. I send the lists to all the other ladies...lots and lots of typing so I am bound to mess up. I have now listed P--Poinsettia and A--apple. So if you have a poinsettia or an Apple word anywhere, then just sew you a button on! Remember, on any of the following, plurals count.

G--tie dye
B--bear(s) Teddy Bear or Teddy

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ahhhh 25--Seven Stars

The Artistic, Hexotic, Hop-A-Long, Hex-a-long, Hillbilly, Hectic Hexies

I just love this Ahhhh today, so hopefully those of you that are waiting on it will find it worth the wait. I got it finished this afternoon but I had a quilting student tonight so I couldn't blog about it until now.

If you will remember, I am using a new computer so when I sat down to write this post, I got so disappointed that I couldn't crop the image as I would like. It frustrates me that it is so hard to freehand crop images on line. I need to load my program on here. I hate to do that. It is large and about 20 years old. No kidding! But the only online freehand crop I can find is Pixlr and that one I can't figure out how to use. So, the point Ahhhh is very pretty but it has ugly edges :)

The Seven Stars hexagon block was first published by Grandmother Clark around 1932. I am quite happy with my version.

Please excuse the wobbly drawing. I drew this last week while my student was sewing and I didn't have my Ahhhh ruler with me. I never use my marker drawings as my actual Ahhhh. Not accurate enough!

In the above I try to explain that you can just grab a piece of graph paper and cut your parts.
It will be accurate, and I've already done all the work for you. 
You won't even have to draw it out.

We have two Bingo's!!

We have an N-Vertical and a Diagonal!!

Ok, now you all can't get too mad at Maria for getting the first Bingo; even though she also won the first random draw. Are you one of those always lucky people Maria? Well, we are just going to YANK one of your prizes right back away from you (I am so sorry but rules are rules, ya know). You all have 24 hours to see if you get an N--Vertical using any words up through Thursday. If no one else claims then Maria, you get to choose between your mystery charm pack or a pastels charm pack from Marcia. (you can see it on the prize post Here). There will be another random drawing for the item Maria doesn't choose.

And then we have Sharina getting diagonal. She gets a Judy Neimeyer pattern if no one else calls diagonal (either direction) using up through Thursday's words. Friday's words don't count!

Congrats ladies and good luck!

What? No Bingo yet??

Believe me, I think we are all as surprised as you about that!!

Remember if we start getting some action around here that after someone calls Bingo you have 24 hours to call the same Bingo. The words have to be from the same day as the person that called Bingo. In other words, if Fiona (everyone wave at Fiona!) calls Bingo tomorrow afternoon from across the pond, then Linda (Linda, you around?!) cannot call the same Bingo such as "B-vertical" with a new word from Friday morning. Linda would have 24 hours to call Bingo but it would have to be with a  Thursday word that Fiona won on. I got to thinking I better add this to the rules. We allow the 24 hours due to time zones but we need to be fair too!

Thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday. I won't be leaving until the second week of June and will probably be back full time by fall. It just depends on a few things. I've been kind of looking around town for wi-fi connections. I need to see if they work from the parking lot. I thought I might drive to Burger King once a day to check my email but I won't go inside to do that so we will see what I can find. This is a travel hot spot and every hotel says they have it too, so maybe I can find something strong enough to work from the car.

I will post my ahhhh a bit later today. I worked hard to get it done but I didn't quite make it. Almost though, so I'll get it posted before the day is over. It has something like 66 or 67 pieces!

Well, here are your words. SOMEONE get a Bingo already, ok??!!

O--Checks or checkered or check
B--safety pin or pin(s)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Do you ever have pity parties? Oh, come KNOW that you do! I had one of those kind of days yesterday. I have been just a bit overwhelmed with several different things that are weighing very heavy on my shoulders. I am usually a very strong person and I don't cry often but yesterday I just had a day. All day. Off and on. And as I type this. So that was my ME for the day. Do you ever have ME days like that for you?

Part of my meltdown was concerning my husbands health. It is still FAR from perfect, but he agreed to go to the doc yesterday. The bad news--he's got an acute sinus infection. The good news--his very bad headaches were not an onset of another stroke(which is always a fear in the back of my mind). The bad news--well he doesn't like me sharing things so I guess I'll just leave that and not say...

And I've something really HORRIBLE to share with you...after May I won't have internet anymore. I just have to let it go for now. I will still have my Thursday ahhhh's, because I will go to my daughter's house once a week to post them. But I certainly will not be around much. I will be back full time just as soon as I can swing it though. This will just be a temporary, yet necessary thing. Stupid bills.

ANYWAY--that was my day. PLUS--none of you had a Bingo. WHAT A BUMMER!!!!

OH--I know what I can do. Let's have a Cheer-Me-Up random drawing! Oh, FUN!! This drawing will be for the second MYSTERY charm pack from Richard. Are you ready??


If you don't know who you are number 71; HERE IS YOUR BLOG!

Wow, I feel so much better! That was fun :)

Are the rest of you going to have a pity party since you didn't win? Well, maybe one of us will have a winning word for you today. Here goes:

B--Bee(s) Bumble bee(s)
P--poinsettia (edit--P??? silly me. Ok, anyone with poinsettia gets a button today!)
O--Ho! Ho!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just the words today...

It's very late at night and I am oh so let's get straight to the words for you today:


Monday, May 7, 2012

A ME weekend!

First of all I must say that I cannot wait to fix this background...I miss my pretty stuff! I have heard that Shabby blogs is all fixed but I may go a different route when I can get to changing things. We will see.


Did you all do some ME things this weekend? We had a first around our house. Stephen went to spend the night with his sister Saturday night. He did ok, but sure missed his Momma at bed time. Jerry and I went to eat Mexican with some new friends. I think I've shared with you that we don't really have any friends at it was so nice to meet new people and you are not going to believe their beautiful home! It is a quilter's dream. I didn't have my camera but I will either get some photos from her soon or grab some the next time I go over. So...that was just a teaser. Be watching because you quilters will be in love (and you gardeners too)!


Stephen has 7 buttons sewn on his card. Of course that is because he loves sewing them on an begs too all of the time. I limit him to one per day. He's quite upset right now because his sister painted his toenails pink (on his insistence) and now his daddy just cleaned it all off. He wants "more pink toes". I have pink toes too. I don't ever paint my toenails but that was a ME thing that my daughter did for me.


I took a four hour nap on Sunday. As did Stephen and Jerry. Guess our big night out wore us all out! That nap was another ME thing. So all in all a great ME weekend around here!


Mercy mercy mercy...just clicked on my reader...980 posts awaiting me. I am sure that will be at 1000 by the time this publishes. Oh me oh my gotta find ME time to read blogs. You all are such an inspiration to me and I love reading them!


I hope that bringing you ten words a day will bring some Bingo's this week. Be watching, there might be a random prize or two thrown in along the way. Here are your Monday words. Don't forget to check the other three ladies' blogs as well! You have 40 chances today between all of us!

I--Sunflower(s) but NOT flower(s)
B--binder clip

Friday, May 4, 2012

Random Drawing!!!

Ok, Ok, I hear your pain....

No winners yet! I too was hoping for at least one in the first lets do a random drawing!

Up first for a random drawing is one of Richard's Mystery Charm Packs! I've already let Mr Random do the drawing and I'll tell you WHO in a moment.

But since no one has won anything, I am going to throw a little twist in there...the winners of random drawings will not get their item mailed to them until all small Bingo's are won. That way they still get to enjoy the game and not feel left out if they get a Bingo. When all the Small Bingo's have been won, then the winners of the random drawings will get their prizes. If a small random prize winner should happen to win a small Bingo, then they will get to choose which prize they want (between the random one that they won or the Bingo prize that they won). Then another random person will be drawn for the opposite prize. I sound I confusing? Think about it a minute--you'll get what I mean.

Ok, lets get to the drawing...Mr Random says...someone wins a mystery charm pack from Richard...and that someone is number.....


Don't remember if you are number 2 or not? Well go look at the linky party again...or you could just click over to number 2's blog and congratulate her...It's Right Here.

Hey, number 2, I know where your blog is now! (that would be a stupid inside joke.) And, hey, number two, wonder what that mystery charm pack is? I guess you'll find out after all the small Bingo prizes have been won!

What a mess!

I am sorry for the extra posts last night. I was really stressing. I have just switched laptops (not everything is moved over yet from the old one) and I was just starting to teach my student. We are using one of the patterns in my Learn to Quilt section. I went to pull up my blog--and it was blocked. As I said last night, I planned to give my blog a new look for May for Me but I am not sure when I will find time for it. (I actually have to fix it on another blog of mine too.)

So, with the craziness going on around here, I am just going to jump right to the Bingo words for today. Don't forget to check MarciaSharon and Snoodles for your other words. There will not be any words on the weekend. Starting next week we are going to up it to 10 words from each of us a day for a total of 40 words a day! Don't lose hope; someone will get a Bingo soon. Will it be you?