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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wish upon the Star

My sewing room is in order! Of course with May for ME just around the corner you are going to have to wait to see it. :) But since I am back into the sewing groove, I am linking up this post with Marcia's Minutes for Me!

Thursday I actually dug out my star and started cutting the background. And then realized something. And then realized something else. Both realizations were devastating.

 The first:

Can't tell?
Well the gold is upside down!
It's supposed to look like this:

The second realization I had is this:

Why in the world did I sew the star together before adding the corners? 
Why didn't you all say something cuz I know some of you caught it. 
Especially Barbara Cline and Jan. You were just going to sit back and watch me have to set in double the seams than I should have to weren't ya?

Well, that is not going to happen.
Here's sort of what the star would have looked like. I was going to add applique oriental flowers (in red) to the center and the background. The green looks much better in person. It matches the fabric perfectly.

But with all the problems--center messed up, star sewn together before I should have, and upside down piece, I am done with it. It is now a fallen star. But that's ok, cuz fallen stars are shooting stars. People make wishes on those don't they? So you can make a wish as it tumbles right down into the scrap bin. I have someone that I send all my scraps to. I wonder what she'll think when she sees this?! 

I HAVE NO REGRETS. I learned some things and I'll come back to the book and try again someday when I can spend more time and not always be hurry hurry hurry sewing. 

Which brings me to a change that's happening around here. I LOVE doing Learn a longs, but they don't work out. They create a deadline that causes me to rush and make mistakes and then look where we end up. So, while I plan to re-visit the star very soon, and also work through those other books, you'll just get a post about them when I get to them. No deadlines of once a week or anything. (This does not pertain to Ahhhh's--don't worry!) 

Now in close, lets do some wishing. I found this version by Billy Joel. I've never seen it before. While he sings, tell me...what will you wish for?


Belinda said...

Big fan of Billy Joel. Love this version. I have always prayed a wish/desire when seeing a falling star. :)

Can't wait to see your sewing area!

KatieQ said...

OH NO! It was all looking so perfect. It makes me sad to see this lovely star falling. Too bad there isn't some way you could applique the star to the green.
I actually am going through a fallen star event myself. Maybe I'll post pictures so that I can get some advice.

Connie said...

Your block looks beautiful Tonya, everything doesn't have to be perfect every time........believe me!

Carla said...

Goes to show how much I know. I thought the block was beautiful. ;o)