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Monday, April 30, 2012

Random on my mind

Random Bingo:

Mr. Random number generator is getting quite the work out these days. Our Bingo game has almost 1100 unique words--that isn't counting words that have been repeated. You wont want to miss stopping by here, Marcia'sSharon's, and Snoodles to get your daily words. We will each call 5 words a day! (Mon-Fri). We are all calling them at 5am Central time to try to make it easier on you. There might be an hour or so fluctuation between us as blogger doesn't seem to understand Daylight Savings Time.  Any last questions before the games begin tomorrow?

Random Quilting:

I started teaching quilting to two little girls. I am probably more excited than they are. Both are eleven years old and as sweet as can be. One is trading babysitting time with Stephen for sewing time. She babysits an hour, then I provide her with all the supplies and teach her how to quilt for an hour. Of course, I will be right here when she and Stephen need me but I am hoping it give me a bit more computer or sewing time with less frazzlement!

Random Blog:
Please forgive me for not keeping up with each of you. Bingo will probably keep me busy for this week as well, then finally I can have some catch up time. I don't even email people like I used to or should. On the other hand my spacebar is completely broken on my computer. I have this little soft nub that keeps shifting, so hitting a space is tricky. My husband is giving me his laptop. He's been meaning to for months but now he's just going to have to. Hopefully within the next few days. He wants to back up some files first or something.


Random Photo:

 Little Horse and I are working on his crazy hairdo. I enjoy spending time with the little guy. Stephen takes his horse responsibility seriously and already brushes him, helps clean his hoofs, and feeds him all on his own, and even scoops up ummmm, that stuff, you know...


Random Life:

Seth is doing so much better since we moved him up out of the basement. He's part of the family again, eagerly looks forward to going to the barn, has read several books without me hounding him and is helping with Stephen more than he's ever done. He is getting ready to go on a Mission trip next month and is super excited. Sure is nice to have my boy back!


Random Rapid Fire Comments:

(If you are new to my blog; here is the answer one word answers; the first thing that comes to your brain. The questions usually correlate to but have nothing to do with my random blog post.)

1)  What is your favorite board game?
2)  What is the very first thing you ever sewed?
3)  Do you prefer a laptop, desktop or notebook?
4)  How often do you get a new hairdo?
5)  If you plan to travel this summer, where to?


Gwen said...

So excited about May For Me Bingo!! Thank all you ladies for all the time and effort you have put and will be putting into doing this for us! :-)

Rapid Fire..
1. Monopoly
2. Barbie dresses
3. laptop
4. twice a year? well, not really a new hairdo, but a hair cut.. and I'm in dire need of a new one right now. I've been letting it grow out, and not so sure that is a good idea...
5. the mountains... maybe North Georgia, or North Carolina

Belinda said...

Rapid Fire Results....
1. None
2. Dress
3. Desktop
4. Seldom
5. Heber Springs

To explain the above...The only game I ever really enjoyed was one my parents played when I was a kid. It was called Ya Hoo.

I did a bit of random embroidery before I made a dress in Home economics class.

Desktop only because I can do more with it. I don't have a notebook, so I can't comment on that. I like laptops due to portability though.

I used to get my hair cut or colored every three or four months. Since I am no longer working outside the home, I never get it done.

Husband and I are going to Heber Springs, Arkansas for a couple of days next week for our 35th anniversary. My big trip to the beach is planned for next summer.

krisgray said...

DS and I will have some catching up to do this week after we return from vacation! Wondering if I should put the cards and some safety pins in his bag....

1. Monopoly Jr (courtesy of DS)
2. placemats
3. laptop
4. LOL!! a what?
5. Californeey

Snoodles said...

Good to catch up with you! I've been praying for a couple of these issues, so it's wonderful to see some answers!

1. Blockus
2. clothes (doll)
3. desktop
4. um, never?
5. don't

Note to 5: but I can dream! LOL I'd love to go back to the beach where we've gone for over thirty years...Cherry Grove, SC.

Linda said...

You are a busy little bee aren't you! That is a good thing, trust me! lol Glad to know Seth is back on track and happy!
Rapid Fire:
1. scrabble
2. Barbie Clothes :)
3. Laptop
4. every 6 weeks, color and cut
5. Punta Cana with the entire family to celebrate 20 years of marriage to my best friend :)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

1. Backgammon
2. Apron
3. Desktop
4. n/a
5. Quilt Show (local)

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

#1 Life -- play it with my nephews a couple times a year!
#2 Draw string bags and later a smock top! Makes me want to add drawstring bags to my May for Me listing!
#3 Lap top for sure -- with feet up at the end of the day!
#4 hardly ever - have had the same style for years - just grows longer then shorter and then longer again!
#5 No traveling -- we camp most weekends in the same spot every weekend on a site right on the bank of the Mississippi River -- this is our 20th year there - obviously we love it!

Thanks for all you are doing for May for Me and we know you will get around to all the blogs later in May!

Enjoy your day and Enjoy the first day of May!

The Slow Quilter said...

Rapid Fire:
1. Backgammon
2. Apron
3. Laptop
4. Once-mabe every two years, just cutt my hair this week.
5. Detroit - job paying for it.

Ullhärvan said...

Finally the BINGO game begins!

1. Scrabble
2. Clothes for a doll
3. Desktop
4. Haircut twice a year
5. France in september

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

1. Clue
2. replaced-a-zipper
3. laptop
4. once-a-year
5. camping-anywhere

Terri said...

Hurray for Bingo starting! Love your format, and your work with the horsey hair-do!
1. Scrabble
2. on a treddle machine, but can't remember what it was. (It's just that long ago!)
3. laptop is all we got!
4. Last time I went to the beauty salon was 1981 - I have naturally curly hair, and she tried to blow dry it! Really? I've cut it myself ever since and never have had a bad cut.
5. Alaska for a week to see my GD graduate High School. (Starting May 5.)

Question... how do we announce our Bingo?

Margaret said...

1. sorry
2. Dishtowel
3. Desktop
4. Never
5. Camping

I am excited to play Bingo.

Sandra said...

Rapid Fire

2.A door/draft stopper ( dachsund)
3. desktop
4. couple times a year
5. no plans

make.share.give said...

1. Chutes and Ladders
2. a dress
3. desktop
4. couple times a year
5. family reunion

Can't wait to start Bingo. Thanks for all your hard work.

charlotte said...

Rapid fire:
a skirt

can't wait for bingo.

Carrie P. said...

Whoa! May is almost here. thanks for reminding me. lol
1.Chinese Checkers
2.a skirt/7th grade
4.Not often, mine is cut short
5.Staying home this year

Angie said...


1- scrabble


3- Laptop

4- just about every time I get my hair cut-8 weeks?

5- Branson

Pat said...

Waves at Tonya! You are busy, but that's good. Friends will understand the constrictions on time :)

to answer you QF round
1) Hedgehog's Revenge (such a laugh)

2) An apron - in school :)

3) Desktop mainly, but netbook for novel writing in the summerhouse.

4) Trim every 8 weeks, new style whenever I fancy.

5) Travelling to my summerhouse (teehee)

KQ Sue said...

1) What is your favorite board game? SCRABBLE
2) What is the very first thing you ever sewed? DOLL CLOTHES
3) Do you prefer a laptop, desktop or notebook? LAPTOP
4) How often do you get a new hairdo? EVERY 10 YEARS +/-

Patty@Granma's said...

Rapid Fire:
1. Clue
2. a gingham skirt - on a treadle - at age 9 - had to match the checks on all three seams - what did I learn? - to Hate ripping out!!!
3. What ever has the largest screen w/ largest font!
4. This one is 7 years old - I'm reactive to dye and perms.
5. Do what?

Brenda R said...

1. Ticket to Ride
2.Feed sack a-line dress
3. iPad
4. Everyday it's different
5.Washington State

Michelle May said...

You know I loooooooooove little horse! So sweet!

Heather said...

Hey Sis! I'm trying to get back into the blogging game over here. :) I'm glad to see you are doing so well! The babysitting really helps, doesn't it?

1) none
2) a dress
3) laptop
4) once every 5 years or so
5) just around the city (zoo, parks, etc)

Carla said...

So Glady to hear the son is doing better and happier. I know that is load off your mind.

Rapid Fire
1. Monopoloy
2. barbie clothes
3. desktop even though the laptop I can use anywhere.
4. maybe once or twice a year
5. probably no where but my back yard.