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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Please help me out Bingo people!!

I am logging each and every word for these Bingo cards by hand. I am going through them, checking them twice.

I am almost halfway done but then I realized something is taking me quite a bit of time and I need you to please help.

If you are linked up as number 21 or after (DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES IF YOU ARE LINKED BELOW 20 as I am finished with those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) please go through and make sure you have ONE WORD items.

Examples that make things more difficult for me: Kitty Cat, Bunny Rabbit,  naming several items in one spot (butterfly on a leaf), any two word answers really must be shortened to one word answers.(including sports)  Pretty pretty please?

I am going to set this aside for the evening in hopes that there will be a few changes to make it a bit easier for yours truly.

And if you think I am pointing the finger at any of you...I am not. This was a problem that repeated time and time again. It just took me until my husband said, "Why don't you just make a post asking everyone to change theirs instead of you trying to email each person separately to fix their card?" Brilliant, I tell you. Just brilliant!

Again, if you are linked as NUMBER 1 through NUMBER 20--do NOT touch your words unless I already commented on your blog asking you to.

Also, if you completely remove your card for any reason, you'll really mess me please don't do that either.

Thank you in advance.

(Oh, by the way, you can easily change your words by editing your post.)


Snoodles said...

Sounds like a plan - the man is a genius. LOL Tell him we all said thank you, cos if you have a nervous breakdown trying to get this done, where would we all be? :)
I'll edit my post and add the words....

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

I added a link on my Bingo link up post to this post -- stating Important Update from Tonya.

I changed the couple that I had that were two words --- like bumble bee to bee.

That is a really good idea!

I was trying to go to everyone's Bingo card and comment but now I am way behind! I'll get there yet!

What can I do to help you?

Mhairi said...

Mine is a Flickr link. If I delete the photo to upload the new version how do I change the Link. I have a couple of double words and I want to help.
My card is number 25.
I am happy to change them but I need to know how to do it.
Thanks very much.

charlotte said...

Tonya, I am sorry I can't edit my post right now. I am number 33. If you get to me, I only have 2 double words. I will try to edit tonight when I get home, but if you get there first, I am going to change Betty Boop to Boop and Ghastly Woman to Ghastley. Thanks. Charlotte.

Wanda Correll said...

All fixed for you. Thank you for letting us know.


krisgray said...

done, done, done....sometime those Dh's have some good ideas!

Janet said...

Edited my post. Hope this makes it way easier for you.