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Monday, April 16, 2012

Marky's Card

You can find the Bingo Linky Party RIGHT HERE.

I apologize to my regular readers who are not playing Bingo. I am going to have an excessive amount of posts this week. I need to link up the Bingo cards for the players that do not have a blog, so the only way I can do that is to blog about them myself and then link them up. I plan to do that as they arrive in my inbox so that I may stay on top of them. Today I am playing 'catch up' so there will be several posts.

First up is Marky from Eue Claire, Wisconsin.

Marky's list of words:

B: Mosquito, Angel, Baseball, Whale, Food

I: Beets, Banana, Chicken, Helmet, Sunflower

N:Apple, Ladybug, FREE, Strawberry, W(isconsin)

G: Frog, Packers, Telephone, Eagle, Alligator,

O: BOO, flowers, leaves, stripes, Polka Dots


Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

That is so nice of you! They all look great! Enjoy your day!

Belinda said...

What a gal!! I love this bright fun card!