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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lisa M's Card

The Bingo Linky party can be found RIGHT HERE

A note to those that might be wishing for me to put their Bingo card up on the blog--you have until 10 PM Saturday night (tonight) central time to email it to me; then after that I will not be able to post anymore.

Tomorrow I will be away from my computer for family day. I have been spending much time on here and my family needs me to take a break.

Here is Lisa M's card:

LISA---Take note that I had to change your list a bit from what you emailed to me so that they are one word each. Some, though I just left as they were. 

B  stars, fish, snowman, rabbit, flower

I  bone, gingerbread man, spider, tassel, pawprint

N flag, swirl, free, mitten, jelly bean

G watermelon, holly, ladybug, moose, candy corn

O ghost, cherry blossom, swirl, music notes, hat

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Snoodles said...

You have been working very hard .....enjoy your family time! Have a lovely and blessed Sunday!