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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jeanne's Card

Woo Hoo, I've got a couple more cards from non-bloggers to share. Just a few more hours to go!

Here's Jeanne's card. Gotta love her "Misery" Mizzou free space! Only us people from MO are allowed to call ourselves Misery by the way. The Rest of You 'Uns still gotta respect us by calling us by our rightful name.

No...not 'Missura" as many people call it. "Missouri". Actually depends on what part of the state you are from on how you pronounce it. "Misery", "Missura", 'Missouri" place like home.

Sorry--i got a bit sidetracked there. Here's Jeanne's card and list:

B= Penguins  Elephant Snowflake Snowman Monkey

I=  Watermelon  Racer Heart  Sparkles CheckeredFlag

N=  Sunflower  Bus  Free  Butterfly Tiger

G=  Tractor  Grasshopper  Shamrock  Truck  Flower

O=  Belly  Boots  Dot  Bear Flag

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Snoodles said...

Love the lesson on how to say the state without offending the residents! LOL Congrats on 100 participants! Yay!!!