Monday, April 16, 2012

Farm Girl's Boy

The Linky Party Post is RIGHT HERE.

I am trying to keep one card per post for my record keeping purposes; so although this card is mentioned with Farm Girls card, I need them posted separately.

Here is the card that belongs to Farm Girls' son, Little Mr.Farm Boy

(He's 5--good luck to him!)

B: Flowers, Dinosaur, Horse, Bobble, Fox
I:  Butterfly, Bowling pins, Backhoe, Sparkles, Pinwheels
N: Paddington, Sailboats, Free (green), Cat, Pigs
G: Bowling balls, Stripes, Hockey, Plaid, Blue swirl
O: Colts, Pawprints, Bag, Teddy bear, Cowboy


Kelli said...

Sweet Bingo card! :o)

Snoodles said...

Good luck, lil guy!