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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ahhhh 20--revisited

My sincere apologies to those that are working through my Ahhhh's. The one from two weeks ago was a bit of an odd one and was hard to figure without color. As soon as I finish typing this I will be drawing up the Ahhhh for this week. I am so happy to be able to get back into the sewing groove! I have new fabrics picked out for fresh colorful ahhhh's.

Ahhhh 20 was called Bluebirds when it was published by Carrie Hall. I've colored it in the way that it was originally published. I just wonder if one was to change the colors around a bit if one could 'find' the star again. I am not a real fan of this block in the original two color format...but then I am kind of like Liz (who is joining along each week) and I like star blocks. (Hey ladies...I've got a simple star for you this Thursday!!!!)

Does this rough drawing help any? I hope so.

I'll add this photo to the original ahhhh 20 page sometime this morning.
(this is pre-set to publish at 1 a.m. and I'll be snoozing I hope!)

P.S. If you read this far my wonderful husband....Happy Anniversary. I love you.


Sunnybec said...

Yay! Happy Anniversary you guys. Hugs xxx

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!

rubyslipperz said...

HAPPY, HAPPY Anniversary to you!!

I'm thinking your block could be even prettier with an additional color? I really like stars too! They remind of wonderful people like YOU...and the beautiful magic of a star-eee night!


elliek said...

Thanks Tonya, that helps a lot but I'm with others, I think another colour would help. I'll have to see what I can come up with

elliek said...

Sorry meant to add Happy Anniversary. Hope you have a wonderful day/