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Monday, April 30, 2012

Random on my mind

Random Bingo:

Mr. Random number generator is getting quite the work out these days. Our Bingo game has almost 1100 unique words--that isn't counting words that have been repeated. You wont want to miss stopping by here, Marcia'sSharon's, and Snoodles to get your daily words. We will each call 5 words a day! (Mon-Fri). We are all calling them at 5am Central time to try to make it easier on you. There might be an hour or so fluctuation between us as blogger doesn't seem to understand Daylight Savings Time.  Any last questions before the games begin tomorrow?

Random Quilting:

I started teaching quilting to two little girls. I am probably more excited than they are. Both are eleven years old and as sweet as can be. One is trading babysitting time with Stephen for sewing time. She babysits an hour, then I provide her with all the supplies and teach her how to quilt for an hour. Of course, I will be right here when she and Stephen need me but I am hoping it give me a bit more computer or sewing time with less frazzlement!

Random Blog:
Please forgive me for not keeping up with each of you. Bingo will probably keep me busy for this week as well, then finally I can have some catch up time. I don't even email people like I used to or should. On the other hand my spacebar is completely broken on my computer. I have this little soft nub that keeps shifting, so hitting a space is tricky. My husband is giving me his laptop. He's been meaning to for months but now he's just going to have to. Hopefully within the next few days. He wants to back up some files first or something.


Random Photo:

 Little Horse and I are working on his crazy hairdo. I enjoy spending time with the little guy. Stephen takes his horse responsibility seriously and already brushes him, helps clean his hoofs, and feeds him all on his own, and even scoops up ummmm, that stuff, you know...


Random Life:

Seth is doing so much better since we moved him up out of the basement. He's part of the family again, eagerly looks forward to going to the barn, has read several books without me hounding him and is helping with Stephen more than he's ever done. He is getting ready to go on a Mission trip next month and is super excited. Sure is nice to have my boy back!


Random Rapid Fire Comments:

(If you are new to my blog; here is the answer one word answers; the first thing that comes to your brain. The questions usually correlate to but have nothing to do with my random blog post.)

1)  What is your favorite board game?
2)  What is the very first thing you ever sewed?
3)  Do you prefer a laptop, desktop or notebook?
4)  How often do you get a new hairdo?
5)  If you plan to travel this summer, where to?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ahhhh 23--The Morning Star

While I enjoy Bingo and can't wait for it to start on Tuesday; I am glad to be back into regular blogging mode. Of course, my favorite posts are my Monday Random (which happen randomly by the way) and my Thursday Ahhhh's.

 If you are new to my blog, Ahhhh's are hexagons that we slice all up all different ways. Mostly they come from old Kansas City Star block patterns, but some from other places as well. I teach you step by step how to draw them out as they can be a bit tricky sometimes.

You can find out more about Ahhhh's (and why we call them that) up under the English Paper Piecing button.

This week's pattern was first found in the Kansas City Star on Feb 1, 1936. 

Here is my Morning Star:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More prizes and questions answered...

We just keep getting more prizes donated. Yay! That's a good thing since there are 98 of you playing along with us!

Today we need to give a big thank you to Naomi at Nomes's Brag-a-long for her donation to our mounting pile of prizes!

Naomi has sent this great set of  6 celebration fat quarters and you just have to love that top one!

Naomi bought her fat quarters from 4my3boyz and they were so kind to include 4 additional fat quarters as a separate prize.

Marcia has added to her list of prizes that she is donating. Added to the list are three of her charm packs:

A Bright Pack:

A pack of Purples and Pinks:

And a pack of Pastels:


Now to answer some questions. I've had several emails on what I am going to do about plurals, such as if I call "Flower" what if you have "Flowers" written down. Perhaps this will clear up some of those questions:

Any word counts as singular/plural. When we call the words, they will say something like "B-Flower(s)" or "N-Kite(s)." If you have the word flower or flowers on your list, it will count. It will NOT count if you were more specific such as rose, sunflower or daisy. Those will be called separately.

There has also been some questions as to chicken/ rooster/hen and similar type items. These will be called separately and you MUST stick to what you wrote down for your cards. That's why we have linked up photo proof :)

You will see that I will be very specific when I am calling these novelty items, but if you have a question, just ask it! Also, you do need to remember to re-read the rules. I assure you there were many duplicate items (cat, flower, ladybug, leaves, dots...) ; you need to read what we will do in case of a tie. You can find the rules RIGHT HERE.

Just one week my friends! Get those buttons ready. Add one to your free space!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Colonial Winners

I'll be back tomorrow with more Bingo goodies to add to the prize list. I'll also try to answer some more frequent questions.

Today I thought that I'd better let you know who won the Colonial needle prize packages. I am so shocked. I went to Mr. Random and punched in the numbers and had it draw 6 times, one for each winner. And it came out perfectly! 5 of the numbers drawn wanted the needles and only one of the numbers drawn wanted the John James fun pack.

Below are the winners and the order in which Mr Random chose them. Please email me your snail mail address and I'll get them sent off!

# 60--drmithome--pack of needles

# 6--elliek--pack of needles.

#39--krisgrey--pack of needles

# 38--teresa--john james fun pack

#14--purl buttons--pack of needles

#94 Ullharvan--pack of needles

Contact me ladies! HillbillyHandiworks (at) gmail (dot) com!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lookie, another--# 98!!

This one slid into my email just as I was publishing Vickie's card.

Welcome Deb--number 98. Are there two more floating around out there?  I wonder? If not, 98 is a FANTASTIC turn out. We are going to have such fun!!

Here is Deb's card:

B. heart. Turtle. Cloud. Leaf. Pinwheel

I. Lizard. Bug. Tree. Star. Butterfly

N. bear. Bird. Pink (free space). Moon. Flower

G. Elephant. Soccer. Girl. Frog. Ribbon

O. Cat. Baseball. Airplane. Boy. Baby

Vicky's card

Sliding in here at the last moment, we have Vicky's card!

It is so cool how she embroidered the list below her card:

Here is her word list a big larger:

Jeanne's Card

Woo Hoo, I've got a couple more cards from non-bloggers to share. Just a few more hours to go!

Here's Jeanne's card. Gotta love her "Misery" Mizzou free space! Only us people from MO are allowed to call ourselves Misery by the way. The Rest of You 'Uns still gotta respect us by calling us by our rightful name.

No...not 'Missura" as many people call it. "Missouri". Actually depends on what part of the state you are from on how you pronounce it. "Misery", "Missura", 'Missouri" place like home.

Sorry--i got a bit sidetracked there. Here's Jeanne's card and list:

B= Penguins  Elephant Snowflake Snowman Monkey

I=  Watermelon  Racer Heart  Sparkles CheckeredFlag

N=  Sunflower  Bus  Free  Butterfly Tiger

G=  Tractor  Grasshopper  Shamrock  Truck  Flower

O=  Belly  Boots  Dot  Bear Flag

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Only 12 to go!

Til we reach 100 cards. Woo Hoo!

I have logged down up to number 65. I'll be back tomorrow night to keep at it. (and probably later tonight too.)

I know of one more person at least that needs to email me their card tomorrow. JUST MAKE SURE IT IS DONE BY 10p.m. so I have time to blog about it before linking up.

Several have just linked up from Flikr. Great idea!

Ok, well, if you are just joining you have one least get a flimsy done...let's get this to 100!

Lisa M's Card

The Bingo Linky party can be found RIGHT HERE

A note to those that might be wishing for me to put their Bingo card up on the blog--you have until 10 PM Saturday night (tonight) central time to email it to me; then after that I will not be able to post anymore.

Tomorrow I will be away from my computer for family day. I have been spending much time on here and my family needs me to take a break.

Here is Lisa M's card:

LISA---Take note that I had to change your list a bit from what you emailed to me so that they are one word each. Some, though I just left as they were. 

B  stars, fish, snowman, rabbit, flower

I  bone, gingerbread man, spider, tassel, pawprint

N flag, swirl, free, mitten, jelly bean

G watermelon, holly, ladybug, moose, candy corn

O ghost, cherry blossom, swirl, music notes, hat

Friday, April 20, 2012

Rhonda's Card

You can find the Bingo Linky Party RIGHT HERE

Rhonda is from Missouri!
I promise not to do any extra favors for her though :)
Some of the fabric that she used I used for my May for Me quilt last year--gotta love it!

 B~~cup, leaves, hydrant, gift, cat
I~~candy, flower, cherries, star, sun
N~~iron, teapot, free, squirrel, butterfly
G~~umbrella, mouse, (rotary)cutter, duck, bows
O~~shoe, ants, scotty, cupcake, mitten

Sally's Card

The Bingo Linky Party can be found Right HERE.

I hope that you all have had a nice Friday. We went to Nebraska. And back. Stephen will share why on his blog eventually. I am still working through those cards, getting them all logged down. I think I am on number 45...out of 76 as of this post! Whew! It is really fun seeing all the variety. Next week I'll share how I will be drawing and answer a couple of questions people have had concerning plural words, etc.

I had two cards to post this evening from some non-blogger players.

Here is Sally's Card and List:

B     Raindrops        Feathers                Dots                Lake                Flowers
I      Mustard          Weathervane      Corn                Sunflower    Chicken
N    Pig                       Santa                    Black/FREE    Barn                Strawberry
G    Tree                    Shamrock            Thread            Fields             Candle
0     Vine                    Flower                  Balls                Leaf                  Feathers

Patty's Card

B  -sun -  umbrella  -  centipede – poinsettia -    grasshopper
I - raindrops -  swirls -  lemons -  star -   kite
N -   snail -   snowflake -   free -   buttons -  toaster
G – lettuce -   coffee pot -   beehive -  turtle -  umbrella
O -   pincushion -   ironing board -   snowflake -  lizard -  butterfly

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ahhhh 22--Arrow Heads

The Artistic, Hexotic, Hop-A-Long, Hex-a-long, Hillbilly, Hectic Hexies

(You can find out more about these by clicking the English Paper Piecing button up top.)

The Bingo Linky party is RIGHT HERE

I have been wanting to get to today's Ahhhh from the very beginning of our Ahhhh journey as I just loved it so much. It's not one of the easiest ones, but it is very pretty. 

The Arrow Heads hexagon block appeared in the Kansas City Star on January 21, 1942.  I decided to give the fabric that I used last week just one more chance. After doing so, my opinion is that the block is pretty but it does not 'pop'. I like 'pop' blocks, so I for sure am putting this fabric away for another project and finding something different next week. Perhaps it is just too busy for me. Ha! That seems funny after some of the wild blocks I've made in the past!

If it looks a bit wonky, it is because I did not get the outer pieces finished. I tried, but there was just no way this week with Bingo going on. Here is my version of  "Arrow Heads" . Pay careful attention to instructions this week, as the arrow head itself was tricky to do!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lisa E's. Card

The Colonial Needle Blog Hop is RIGHT HERE

The Bingo Linky Party is RIGHT HERE.

And this card belongs to Lisa E.:

Her list of words are as follows:

B--Bird, Tuba, Chicken, Fish, Mouse
I--Toaster, Hydrant, Frog, Lemon, Bunny
N--Bones, Turtle, Free, Hearts, Ladybug
G--Shamrock, Lime, Cupcake, Dog, Bee
O--Snail, Grapes, Butterfly, Dots, Star

Judy's Card

The Colonial needle blog hop/giveaway is RIGHT HERE

The Bingo Linky party is RIGHT HERE

And Judy's card is right here:

Margaret R's Card

The Colonial Needle giveaway for the blog hop is Right HERE.

The Bingo Linky party is RIGHT HERE.

Welcome to my new Kinfolk that have hopped over from the Colonial Needle bloghop and have decided to stick around. Normally I don't blog daily...but currently I am blogging several times a day so you will have to forgive me. We are currently in the sign up stage for the Biggest Bestest Quilters Blogger Bingo party ever! There is still time to make a quick Bingo card and join us. You will find all the details under the Bingo button up top. You only have until Saturday night though...then the linky ends and I cannot accept any more entries.

For the rest of this week you will have to put up with more than one post a day as I am posting for all the people that are joining us that do not have a blog. It is necessary that I post separate so that I might link them up.

Speaking of one of our email friends, first up tonight is Margaret R. Here is her card:

And here is her list (thank you Margaret for one word 'words'!

B - Cows, Peace, Snail, Faith, Cardinal

I - Birch, Pinecone, Frog, Chicken, Cherries

N - Thing, House, FREE, Bricks, Fred

G - Dragonfly, Campfire, Fairy, Butterfly, Panda

O - Trick, Fish, Snowflake, Planets, Candy

Colonial Needle Blog Hop/giveaway

The Bingo Linky party can be found RIGHT HERE.

I was so excited when I found out that I was going to be a part of the Colonial Needle blog hop, especially when I found out that I got to review Milliner Needles. (same as Straw needles.) Many people ask why use Straw?

English Paper piecing of course! Over at Paper Pieces they suggest milliner/straw needles and I've been wanting to try them. I even called them to see if they use them for basting, whipstitching or what? And which size for which?

Of course, like anything, it is personal preference.

(I am so sorry, due to Bingo I just do not have photos gathered of the process.)

These burgers are long and skinny. When I tried them for basting, I was pleased that they are so small and they just went right through the paper. But they did bend easily and I broke one on my second Ahhhh that I tried it moving on...

Next I tried them for whip stitching. WOW, WOW! These things just glide right between the fabric and paper. No catching the paper at all. No wonder they like Straw's over at Paper Pieces!  I am sold on using milliners/straws from now on for my paper piecing and these ones for Colonial are great!
So what have I got for you?

Well for you paper piecing friends I've got 5 packs of size 11 Milliners Colonial Needles. I'll give one away to each of 5 different people.

For you non- paper piecing friends, I have this John James Fun pack:

Please let me know in the comments which you would like to be entered for. I'll keep this giveaway open until Saturday and draw the winners on Sunday the 29th.

And then hop over to Colonial Needle and check out all their wonderful goodies!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Please help me out Bingo people!!

I am logging each and every word for these Bingo cards by hand. I am going through them, checking them twice.

I am almost halfway done but then I realized something is taking me quite a bit of time and I need you to please help.

If you are linked up as number 21 or after (DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES IF YOU ARE LINKED BELOW 20 as I am finished with those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) please go through and make sure you have ONE WORD items.

Examples that make things more difficult for me: Kitty Cat, Bunny Rabbit,  naming several items in one spot (butterfly on a leaf), any two word answers really must be shortened to one word answers.(including sports)  Pretty pretty please?

I am going to set this aside for the evening in hopes that there will be a few changes to make it a bit easier for yours truly.

And if you think I am pointing the finger at any of you...I am not. This was a problem that repeated time and time again. It just took me until my husband said, "Why don't you just make a post asking everyone to change theirs instead of you trying to email each person separately to fix their card?" Brilliant, I tell you. Just brilliant!

Again, if you are linked as NUMBER 1 through NUMBER 20--do NOT touch your words unless I already commented on your blog asking you to.

Also, if you completely remove your card for any reason, you'll really mess me please don't do that either.

Thank you in advance.

(Oh, by the way, you can easily change your words by editing your post.)

Stephen's Card

Once again, I apologize to my non-Bingo followers. Multiple posts in one day is a pain for you but I know of no other way to do this.

The BINGO linky party can be found RIGHT HERE.

Hey, the little guy should get to play along too, right? Well really just for my fun of getting to sew the buttons on. We won't be taking any prizes...but I will teach him how to sew buttons. Yes even at 2. Last year when he was just a little over the age of 1 I completely shocked my mother in law and my husband by handing him a yarn needle (not plastic) and an embroidery hoop. He sat and 'sewed' for a half hour or so. It's a year later, so I think he can surely sew on his bingo buttons, right?

B-- dog, frog, cat, bee, clifford
I-- twinkle, ladybug, ant, butterfly, star
N--alligator, bug, FREE, airplane, dragonfly
G--hat, chicken, flower, butterfly, cow
O--seal, butterfly, turtle, frog, bug

A new sponsor: Richard!

The Bingo Linky party is RIGHT HERE

Many of you have seen Richard from Richard Quilts around blog land. If you haven't you should pay him a visit. He and his wife just had a cute little bundle of joy not too long ago. She's pictured on the blog today.

Richard has generously donated two MYSTERY charm packs to the Bingo party. I think this adds an element of fun. These will be added to the prize page as random drawing prizes. How fun is that? You just might get your name drawn for a random mystery charm pack! If you get linked up that is... 4 1/2 days to go...

By the way....I am trying to get around to each of you; but it will take me some time. Any free moment I have is given to the computer this week. Today I have to start logging down all the lists. This will take me quite a bit of time but if I've not visited your card yet, I will as I log it down. I'll let you know if I have any questions.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Farm Girl's Boy

The Linky Party Post is RIGHT HERE.

I am trying to keep one card per post for my record keeping purposes; so although this card is mentioned with Farm Girls card, I need them posted separately.

Here is the card that belongs to Farm Girls' son, Little Mr.Farm Boy

(He's 5--good luck to him!)

B: Flowers, Dinosaur, Horse, Bobble, Fox
I:  Butterfly, Bowling pins, Backhoe, Sparkles, Pinwheels
N: Paddington, Sailboats, Free (green), Cat, Pigs
G: Bowling balls, Stripes, Hockey, Plaid, Blue swirl
O: Colts, Pawprints, Bag, Teddy bear, Cowboy

Marcia Wright's card

The Linky Party is RIGHT HERE

B         Strawberry
B         Stripe
B         Shell
B         Butterfly
B         Dog
I           Orange (the fruit)
I           Heart
I           Lady Bug
I           Clock
I           Dots
N         Apple
N         Flag
N         FREE
N         Star
N         Train
G         Present
G         Bear
G         Watch
G         Bunny
G         Pins
O         Confetti
O         Thread Spools
O         Flower
O         Cat
O         Birds

Esther Dixon's Card

Bingo Linky party is RIGHT HERE

B Love, Flower, Rusty, Silk, Red

I  Strips, Dragonfly, Blues, Night, Butterfly

N  Friends, Tie Dye,  FREE SPACE , Tiger, Bounce

 Paisleys, Dots, Vines, Leaves, Swirls

O Dahlia,  Bubbles, Pink, Neapolitan, Bees

Leslie Lami's Card

Bingo Linky Party is RIGHT HERE

B Music, Hannah, 60's, Butterfly, Purple

I  Flower, Net, Floating, Mater, Drawing

N  Quilting, Sun, FREE SPACE, Wheat, Stars

 Tie Dye, Grass, Pooh, Trees, Cutting

O Dora, Bee, Silk, Night, Cars

Marky's Card

You can find the Bingo Linky Party RIGHT HERE.

I apologize to my regular readers who are not playing Bingo. I am going to have an excessive amount of posts this week. I need to link up the Bingo cards for the players that do not have a blog, so the only way I can do that is to blog about them myself and then link them up. I plan to do that as they arrive in my inbox so that I may stay on top of them. Today I am playing 'catch up' so there will be several posts.

First up is Marky from Eue Claire, Wisconsin.

Marky's list of words:

B: Mosquito, Angel, Baseball, Whale, Food

I: Beets, Banana, Chicken, Helmet, Sunflower

N:Apple, Ladybug, FREE, Strawberry, W(isconsin)

G: Frog, Packers, Telephone, Eagle, Alligator,

O: BOO, flowers, leaves, stripes, Polka Dots

Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's BINGO linky time!

If you have posted already, just link it up!

If you've not posted, then do so and link it up!

If you haven't finished your card, then at least get it to flimsy point and link it up!

If you do not have a blog...then email me at HillbillyHandiworks (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll link it up for you!

If you have Linky troubles, contact Marcia.

YOU HAVE ONE WEEK. No more cards will be accepted after Linky's close. If you will watch the countdown on the Linky you will know how much crunch time you've got left.

NOTE---your list that matches your card HAS to be in the linked post. If I don't have a list then you won't make it into the hat.

Let's do it!!!! B-I-N-G-O

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wish upon the Star

My sewing room is in order! Of course with May for ME just around the corner you are going to have to wait to see it. :) But since I am back into the sewing groove, I am linking up this post with Marcia's Minutes for Me!

Thursday I actually dug out my star and started cutting the background. And then realized something. And then realized something else. Both realizations were devastating.

 The first:

Can't tell?
Well the gold is upside down!
It's supposed to look like this:

The second realization I had is this:

Why in the world did I sew the star together before adding the corners? 
Why didn't you all say something cuz I know some of you caught it. 
Especially Barbara Cline and Jan. You were just going to sit back and watch me have to set in double the seams than I should have to weren't ya?

Well, that is not going to happen.
Here's sort of what the star would have looked like. I was going to add applique oriental flowers (in red) to the center and the background. The green looks much better in person. It matches the fabric perfectly.

But with all the problems--center messed up, star sewn together before I should have, and upside down piece, I am done with it. It is now a fallen star. But that's ok, cuz fallen stars are shooting stars. People make wishes on those don't they? So you can make a wish as it tumbles right down into the scrap bin. I have someone that I send all my scraps to. I wonder what she'll think when she sees this?! 

I HAVE NO REGRETS. I learned some things and I'll come back to the book and try again someday when I can spend more time and not always be hurry hurry hurry sewing. 

Which brings me to a change that's happening around here. I LOVE doing Learn a longs, but they don't work out. They create a deadline that causes me to rush and make mistakes and then look where we end up. So, while I plan to re-visit the star very soon, and also work through those other books, you'll just get a post about them when I get to them. No deadlines of once a week or anything. (This does not pertain to Ahhhh's--don't worry!) 

Now in close, lets do some wishing. I found this version by Billy Joel. I've never seen it before. While he sings, tell me...what will you wish for?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Bingo--Another sponsor and an added rule

Wow, it is getting down to the wire. It is almost Bingo time!!

You might have noticed around blogland that there is a Colonial Needle blog hop coming up next week. There are going to be some nice prizes. Colonial Needle is also going to be a Bingo Sponsor!

Of course I am not going to show you what Colonial is giving away next week for the Bloghop, but today I will show you what prizes they are sponsoring for May for Me! Bingo:

There is one Pebbles Needles sample pack. (above)

And 2 (or maybe 3) John James fun packs which includes a tape measure, safety pins, a seam ripper and a pin magnet.

Our list of prizes just keeps growing! 
I need to do some shuffling and put an itty bitty rule change in. 
We need to make sure that everyone has a chance to win, so here is the deal. Once you win within one category, you cannot win within that category again. For instance, if you one a small prize for getting 5 in a row (like diagonal) you cannot win another small prize for getting another 5 in a row (like vertical 'B'). You will be able to win a larger prize. I don't want someone to not be able to win the grand prize just because they won a small prize.

Also, I will be adding several random prize drawings to the list. Same goes here. I'll have small and medium ones. You will not be able to win within the same category, but will be open to win larger prizes. Am I making sense? I hope so. With so many great prizes I want many people to have a chance to win.

I know of only 2 children playing. If there are more that haven't let me know yet, please do so. Thank you!
Now get those Bingo cards finished!!

(I'll update the prize page later today; or late tonight. Thanks for your patience.)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ahhhh 21--Star Studded Beauty

The Artistic, Hexotic, Hop-A-Long, Hex-a-long, Hillbilly, Hectic Hexies

Welcome new Kinfolk! Everyone wave a big hello to Kim who just stumbled upon our little ol' Hillbilly homeblog yesterday and fell in love with the Ahhhh's. I mean, what's not to love about the Ahhhh's, right? Well Kim loved them so much that she had the first 20 all drawn up within a few hours. Wow! I am not sure if she has a blog, but we will see if she will share on flikr.

Today we start on what I call the 'odd' blocks. We've done blocks that start with a star, or an asterisk, etc. For the next few weeks we will be doing blocks that just do their own thing. (If you haven't figured it out yet--I am all about the 'doing my own thing' thing.)

After that we will do some Y blocks. They will all begin with a "Y" in the middle in other words. Here's the catch--many of them are geometrical type blocks. I think I am going to get some plain marble fabric for these. I don't think the will 'match' all these pretty star blocks that we've been doing so they will get their own quilt.

Next in line will be some more asterisk blocks. The reason I've saved them is that they are very detailed and have some tiny pieces. I am not sure if they are going to work for us. I need to do some testing. In any case, they won't be easy!

Finally will be blocks with curved elements. So there's the plan for the next however long. Could take a long time to get there--or if the hard asterisk ones don't work it--it may not take so long.

Let's get to today, shall we? Our first 'odd' block,The Star Studded Beauty,  was designed by Laura Wheeler around 1958. It is a pretty block but I am disappointed in mine. I bought some new fabric back in February just for my Ahhhh's. It's Moda (although I can't remember the name of the line of fabric at the moment) and there are some great fussy cut possibilities. But after making one I am not so sure it Ahhhh'd me. What do you think? I am ready for bright, bright, bright. I might put this away for awhile and go stash diving before next week.