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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Technical stuff

I have a couple of people that I try to 'follow' and everytime that I click the 'follow' button it says I am following...but then next time I am not following them. It won't let me stay following. It is strange. Any ideas? One comments here frequently and I used to follow her but I cannot now and I'd like to.

After the Clover and Violet post about Pinterest and the legal problems with it (they linked up another page on their post. I really don't have the time to go look for it at the moment as I need to wake the boy up for school, but you can find it easily on the clover and violet blog. The post was within the last week)...I've deleted my account. I don't need one more thing anyway. But please feel free to pin things from my blog.

I am getting around to blogs. I am going slow as I am in a purging mode. Some blogs that I followed haven't posted in a year. I am hoping that maybe cleaning up a bit will help my follow situation I mentioned up top. I am working my way through the alphabet. I've gotten through K' anything K and above gets read daily...anything below I am still working on. Once it is finished it will be much nicer. I used to follow a ton of book blogs, baby blogs, art blogs,religious blogs and it's too much! So I am purging most of those out.


You EQ7 people...I have read that you can draw blocks using the program. Would my Ahhhh hexies be easy to draw? If so then I've another reason to start saving for this program. I think Kat has me almost convinced that I can't live without it. LOL


I didn't mean to have another random post. But this technical stuff was on my mind this morning. I think now I will go work on my Ahhhh for tomorrow. Well after teaching a bit of math. We are working through Permutations. How's that for technical?


Carla said...

Just found your blog via Confessions of a Fabric Addict. I know Cameron, Mo. My Uncle and Aunt used to live there and most of my family live in Trenton, Mo.
I know what you mean about following so many blogs but for the most part I can't give them up. I follow via the dashboard on blogger by day. Makes it easier. Because if they don't post they won't show up on the dashboard and I don't waste time clicking on the ones that haven't posted recently. I'm 5 days behind now.

Belinda said...

I've been concerned about Pinterest too and may delete my account as well. Or at least all the pins that aren't my own from my blog.

I wish I had someone to teach me math now that I'm an adult. I never really got it as a kid. :)

Pokey said...

I don't mind the randomness, sometimes it is just too many little thoughts that keep us from settling down to one.

I cannot delete any blog I haven't glimpsed at, I think the ones I could, I would just drop off the google reader. But it is because of that, that I always try to choose a photo at the top of my personal posts that is going to be mostly what I'm speaking about. Don't you love to see pictures?

And I can see how you could enjoy the EQ7, I draw up my things like you do with pencil, ruler and graph paper, but to draw it once, and then fill in colors to see contrasts for example, wow. The only thing is, I operate on a Mac, and most fun things do not work on mine. It's okay, I can't be justifying the purchase it anyway ~

Patty@Granma's said...

You're teaching what?

I feel I spend too much time on blogs and I only follow a few. Dashboard is the way I go - they are there if they post and if not - I don't have to go hunting. I should be quilting anyway, according to my best Hillbilly friend!

beaquilter said...

If you want a whole quilt of hexagons, it can be a pre-setting, I forget what it's called but under NEW quilt, you can select it there and pick how wide etc you want it

The Tulip Patch said...

pretty sure you can do hexies in there. I know there is a layout for a hex only quilt for sure. I got my EQ7 from accuquilt because they offered a big sale and they carry the product. i used my accuquilt points toward it and earned some in return.

Fiona said...

I find I need to do a clean up of blogs every now and then too...

QuiltSue said...

Random can be good you know.

I can't help with the follower problem, I've just decided that Blogger just does whatever it wants anyway!

I've read some of the Pinterest posts, and if I had one, I'd be deleting it!

I've never done it, but I am sure you could draw hexies in EQ7.

Finally, what the heck are Permutations?

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

I like your random posts -- you make all of us think about several things too.
I like Pinterest for quilting and gardening ideas. I'm going to stay, but I limit my time on it. Just like Facebook -- a few minutes in the am and a few minutes at the end of day -- no more than 5 minutes - that's it. No checking it at lunch time either! I have to have rules for my time -- I want time to sew and quilt!
Blog following and reading - I have to admit I can't keep up, but I scan thru' all of them every other evening and hop over to my favorites, but I don't always comment, like I should. I think I am following some that haven't posting in over a year too!
Have fun with your math!

Snoodles said...

I've been following the posts about Pinning, too....I followed some instructions and I was floored at how many things from my blog had been pinned. :) It made me realize that in my case, I absolutely must put my blog name on pictures that I upload! :)

Connie said...

I am staying on Pinterest, I use it as a bookmark for things I want to look at again. I think all of us get behind on checking on blogs....I know I do!