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Monday, March 12, 2012

Quiltsy Randomness

Sometimes I get really backed up with what I would like to share with you so it's just best to get it all into one post. This is not my usual fun randomness. This is quiltsy stuff that needs shared. I'll try to get back to fun random posts soon! (although take heart...this is not boring I hope--it just doesn't have all the Ozark Hillbilly flare).

I have a good friend that is giving away several BOXES of fabric on her blog for St. Patty's Day. (Her name is Patty!). She actually just gave away ten boxes recently. I have received several boxes from her and I would like to share the wealth. She owns a quilt shop and has been downsizing a bit and re-organizing. So we get the benefits of that! Please go to her post RIGHT HERE TO ENTER.


There are still lots of Bingo questions. I am commenting on each, but I'll gather them all into one post for Friday.


Remember the pillow cushions that I made for my friend? Look how great they look on her couch:

I love her furbaby, Missy, so I had to include this photo. Missy was a rescue, and is now 14 years young.
Pat does great pet portraits. You need a pet portrait. You really do!

I really really LOVE my Perfect Piecer ruler that I've been using for finding the exact place to begin sewing on angles. I cannot believe I never knew of it before. I am not much of a tool/gadget person, but this to me is now an impossible to live without tool. Are there any other tools that you think I shouldn't live without? I need to know!!


I am starting to work on re-opening my etsy shop. My biggest downfall is lack of time to get photos taken and up on the web. I have plenty of items to start a storefront again. I really want to do this. I need to get some product out of this house before we move again.(Yes, That may happen. More on that next random post.It's not quiltsy!) Anyway, I wish I could hire someone to just deal with that part of the business. I suppose then I wouldn't make any money at it, huh?

I have been spending way too much time designing a couple of dresden quilts. I want them to look 'different', kind of like the last one that I did but smaller. I cannot seem to get a pattern worked out. Does EQ have dresden patterns? Does anyone know? I think EQ might be going back on my dream list after all this drawing and erasing and re-designing that I've been doing. Too much time wasted! I gave up and put it away for awhile.

Sew Cal gal has the post up for you to vote on the Quilters Awards. I was actually nominated by two people for the quilt teacher award, but didn't make the cut. That's ok, I don't even come close to those names up there. Thank you for thinking of me! Maybe someday I really can become a good teacher. Someone has suggested that I start doing video classes. That is a great soon as we get a video camera :) And maybe when I get my front tooth fixed. Anyway, I chased a rabbit.

I nominated Marcia for the best Long Arm quilter. She didn't get in the final voting either. Maybe next year Marcia. You deserve it! Well, anyway, you can go to This Post and vote for all your favorites but Marcia and I. We know you really wanted to vote for us too. *grin*

 I have several LQS's that are within driving distance. They feud one another and don't get along. One really dislikes the other one. I went to the 'other one' twice this last week for a commissioned quilt and you know what? I loved it there. And they liked Stephen. And I found out something. I better stop complaining about having a toddler at age 43; because Tula Pinks mother (who owns the quilt shop I've been enjoying lately) had twins at age 48! They are only 5 years old now. Yikes. I'll count my blessings. That wasn't really quiltsy but it sort of was. We know that Tula Pink's mother and I have something in common. (P.S.--don't be trying to guess the other LQS. I'm not sharing and there are 4 more in the area.)


I have no idea if that is all. I hope so. If you have read this far...thanks. This is what I need from you in my fun rapid fire comment section that I always do for random posts:

1) Do you do anything out of the ordinary on St Patrick's Day?
2)What other ruler/gadget should I NOT be living without?
3) Are there other quilt design programs besides EQ7 that maybe is less pricey?
4) Would you have voted for me or Marcia? No do NOT answer that. Just tell me one person you did vote for.
5)How old were you when your last child was born?


Kat Scribner said...

EQ has dresden blocks with all amounts of blades, quarter blocks, pointed blades, rounded blades ..... I'm sure I left alot out. EQ has everything. If you cant find it there, it will have a tool to create it. I should get residuals for the times I chant about EQ !

Kelli said...

Rapid fire comment:
Hmm. Don't know..
Don't know of any.
You of course. ;) oops wasn't supposed to answer.
Happy Monday!

Fiona said...

I always enjoy your random posts...
1. no - it used to be my grannies birthday so I like to think of her... she was a sweetie..
2. I don't have many gadgets.. I'm sure you have a rotary cutter
3. don't know the design programs... graph paper would be cheaper!! haha
4. I didn't vote -
5. 28
Have a good week Tonya..

Vroomans' Quilts said...

1. Only time I go out to eat cornbeef and cabbage - will not cook cabbage in my house (the smell)
2. Cannot live without my 6.5" square ruler
3. Have EQ7 and can't figure it out
4. Not voting this year
5. 32 (menopause)

FabricFascination said...

I actually started with Quilt Wizard which I think was about $20. It is a simple program, but I had lots of fun with it. Very user friendly, and they have a website with new free patterns every month.

Tools, my favorite is probably the crile my husband brought home from work. It is a medical instrument, but I use it for all kinds of quilty work.

My last child was when I was in my twenties, although I did have a miscarriage in my 30's

krisgray said...

Lets see:
1. eat corned beef
2. easy angle ruler
3. ????
4. Bonnie Hunter
5. 37

Patty@Granma's said...

1) serve green drinks like limade or sour apple jelly beans

2)Easy Kut spring loaded snips - tiny blades, light weight, gets right next to the fabric to 'snip' threads - and I've been told they're great for ripping out, which I DON'T do ;)

3)Quilt Wizard - not as fancy, but neither am I

4) I'd vote for you if you ran for President, but let's wait till Stephen grows up!

5) #5 at 30 years, 11 months

I'm not a gadget girl either
Thanks for posting the give away!

KatieQ said...

I was married 13 years before having children. I turned 40 exactly 2 months after my daughter was born and turned 37 three months after my son.
I haven't checked to see who's nominated yet, but would have voted for both of you.
Don't know a thing about EQ or any other quilting software.
I like my 6.5 inch square ruler for squaring up blocks. Lately, I have been using my 5 x 18 inch ruler to cut strips. It has a lip on one of the 5 inch sides that hooks on to the cutting board so it doesn't move. I think I cut more accurately when I use it.

iluvmybugs said...

I am a gadget person and love Pinmoors (don't get stuck with pins using these) and Wonder Clips. These are just two of my favorites.

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Eat Cabbage and corned beef and green jello cake at our local pub every year!
1/4 inch paper piecing ruler -- I think you have one!
No info about quilt programs.
You are the Best quilt teacher! you go above and beyond with information and explanations for all of us! We love it!
I was 26 when last child was born!
Take time to enjoy a few minutes -- each day -- Play!

QuiltSue said...

My quick fire answers are:
1) nope
2) 6 1/2" square ruler and EQ7
3) I used to use QuiltPro, which was great, but I'm not sure if it still exists
4) of course
5) 24. A loooong time ago!

Pat said...

Thanks for including me in your post Tonya. She has such a darling face, you can't help including Missy :) xx