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Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Random Thank you's

Friday night I was so excited. I was finally caught up on blogs. I have a Kindle Fire (thanks MIL!) and I like to read blogs while cuddling Stephen as he falls asleep at night. (Yes I still do cuddle him. I plan to until he's at least 20.) So, here comes Saturday night. I snuggle down with Stephen in my recliner to do some blog reading...and I have no internet. Sunday...still no internet. We had to call a tech, and they had to completely re-set our entire system--new access name and all. Our internet is so crazy here. I sure do have a time with it. Anyway, that's why I haven't replied to emails. I will get to that soon; well probably later tonight after Stephen goes to bed. He'll probably wake while I am trying to write this. Kudos to Snoodles for filling in a pinch over at the Bible Study blog. She did some fast writing. Thanks!


Stephen had quite a little boy adventure this morning. I didn't have a camera, but I think I'll still post about it on his blog later tonight when I get a chance. The funniest part of our day was convincing him that he could go potty behind a tree in the middle of the woods. He refused. He was talking about it later, too. "NO potty tree!" LOL. Yep, I am pretty sure I've got to blog about that on his it can make it into his blog book next year. The things I'll have to show his girlfriend someday. *wicked snicker*  Thanks, Stephen for the fun hike this morning!


Many of you are routing for us to get that house I showed you last week. I better clarify that we won't be able to buy anything for another year; but you all can continue to be my dream-leaders! So many of you have helped us out over the last couple of years. Things are looking up quite nicely. With the med bills paid off now and the raise my husband will get when he promotes--it is just making me smile to think there is a house for us somewhere just over that horizon. Thanks to all you Dream-leader friends for cheering us on and being encouraging!


 I will soon be the proud owner of EQ7 sometime within the next few weeks. Much learning to do there...but I cannot wait to start producing patterns that are in my head! Beaquilter even emailed EQ about my hexies and they have a book on sale right now that will help me draw them. Thanks Bea! Also, thanks anonymous friend for your generosity. If it weren't for you, I couldn't get EQ7!


I have been trying to eat as a vegetarian for many reasons; health being at the top of the list. Do you know how hard it is to not eat bread, or pasta, or potatoes, or corn, or flour of any kind, and now add meat to the list?? It's just not working. One thing that I can say..."Thanks Chocolate! You are a lifesaver. I refuse to give chocolate up completely. Not going to happen!


Next week...back to a fun random. Sometimes Thank You's are in order though.
Thanks to all of you. You are the best kinfolk a Hillbilly blogger can have!


Fiona said...

fun post... I am looking forward to your EQ designs too!!

Carrie P. said...

Glad to hear you got your internet back up and working.
Love that story and photo about Stephen.
Have fun with EQ.
Eating vegetables will be so much easier once those summer veggies start coming in. When we start going to the farmers market and start getting fresh veggies we feel like we are eating like kings. I am hoping that our garden does well this year.

Belinda said...

Oh what fun you will have with your EQ!! I didn't email you when I found out about your downed internet because I figured you'd be behind on them already and I didn't want to add another. Glad you are back among us!!
Looking forward to Stephen's post!

Joanie's Quilts said...

Just seeing someone opening wide for chocolate is making me want chocolate right now.

Pat said...

Tonya, I swapped to vegetarianism for Lent - and bought a book by Good Housekeeping for the beginner vegetarian. Over 500 recipes, so much to try! Can't recommend it highly enough. I haven't missed meat at all xx

Snoodles said...

We hillbilly kinfolk stick together! What fun you'll have with that EQ!! Glad you are back with us!

Gmama Jane said...

I liked reading your random post! I'm trying to do better about getting around to all my favorite blogs and to leave a comment. My daughter and SIL gave up meat for Lent and she said by the time Lent is over she may eat the whole side of a cow!!!
Gmama Jane

Carla said...

Don't give up the cuddle time. My daughter when home at age 25 still likes for me to come in and tuck her in. I crack up every time.