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Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Morning Brain Bounce

In other words, I need to clear my thoughts so I am really glad that I can post a Regular Random Post today!(is there such a thing as regular random?)

Life random

Jerry is up for a promotion on March 28th. We could once again choose to go anywhere in the state that there is a prison (sadly--or really probably goodly there is none near my beloved Ozarks); but this time around we are going to stick to this side of the state. We got really good news on Friday that Jerry might be able to stay right where he's at and not transfer. We'll know by mid-April. I found this house on the internet. I would really like to live there. Yes, just a mobile home but still beautiful land, has a great workshop for my quilt work area and so much better than our duplex. And we could have a dog. I really really want a dog.

Here is the website for the home

Quiltsy Random

I've not touched a needle or thread in over a week except for last Thursday's Ahhhh. I am having serious withdrawal symptoms. I think I'll beg some sewing time tonight. ('s almost 8 pm...maybe I'll just try tomorrow night instead.)

Stephen Random

I caught Stephen standing in front of the mirror the other day with some tweezers. He was attempting to pluck his chin hairs. LOL, it must have hurt because the next time he saw me plucking chin hairs he went crazy telling me "No momma! Ouch! No!" Poor Stephen--his trials of having 'old' parents have just begun.

Food Random.
Tonight is Mexican Monday! We are trying to eat very good but I REFUSE to give up Mexican Monday. Tonight, bean burritos with Rotel. (A mexican cheese dip for those that don't know).

Hiking Random

My friend called this morning while I was writing this post and wanted me to go find a quick geocache. After two years of living here with no friends I have finally found one. She likes to hike a lot and cache alot just like I did before Stephen came into my life. We hiked several miles last week. It feels good to hit the trails again! (Although it is tiring lugging a 2 yr old around with us.) Anyway, we started the day with a nice little walk and my geocache stats are climbing thanks to her!

Random Author

Ever heard of Brandilyn Collins? Mercy. I just read another of her books straight through. It's storming here today and Stephen had trouble staying asleep during his nap so I snuggled down with him and picked up another Brandilyn Collins book. Read it from beginning to end. I do that every single time with her books. Suspense. Murder. Surprise twists and turns. That's how I spent my last two hours. I should have been sewing probably. Or cleaning. But, hey, an afternoon thunderstorm snuggle was more fun. Here's the trailer for the newest B. C. book:

Random Photo

Usually I try to pull a photo up from our past...but I am running terrible slow getting this post out. I've been working on it for almost 8 hours now. I guess I better just grab one from my computer instead of taking the time to scan an old one in. Some of you have seen this before. It's my favorite shot of Stephen and I. When did my baby turn into the ornery little boy who I can currently hear giggling as he jumps in rain puddles with his brother?

Random Hillbilly


Belinda said...

Oh, I'm so glad you found a friend near you. That house and land look awesome. The water feature nearly blew me out of the chair! I'll be praying for you all in this.

Deb said...

I enjoy reading Brandilyn Collins books, too (when I get some free time to read instead of working on UFOs!). I just checked our library, and they don't have this new book yet. But, oh my, what a thriller from that trailer! I don't think I'd be able to put it down. Thanks for putting up the link.

Connie said...

Hi, I'm Connie @, your new GF friend, stop by and be my friend, too.
Marcia suggested I stop to the bingo card hop, so I'm off to do that. Thanks for having me.

Snoodles said...

It looks like a wonderful place! I'm making that, and Jerry's promotion/staying in Cameron, a matter of prayer. Love the picture of your "ornery" boy!! :)

Jan-Maree said...

Good luck with the house and Jerry's job- hope it all works out. What is a geocahe?

Jan-Maree said...

Good luck with the house and Jerry's job- hope it all works out. What is a geocahe?

Pat said...

Tonya, what a gorgeous property! I would want to live there too, honestly!
Will keep you in prayer that it comes to you xx

Angie said...

Yeah for a friend!!

And that property is beautiful!

Patty@Granma's said...

Cool property. Is that a swimming pool by any chance? I always wanted a private pool. And five acres of run and play room! The boys would be over the moon!

Rhonda G said...

The property is wonderful. And the price is awesome. We are looking for something very similar over in Washington state. My mom just turned 80 so we want to get a property and put a second home on it to be there for her when she needs us. Neither of us want a big house, but all of us (my mother, DH and I) want a work shop. I hope you are able to get this. It's a wonderful place.

sweetybird09 said...

Tonya, what a fun post, I like all the different bits of information, you gave us, and I think that snuggling and reading were so much better then cleaning or sewing, you will think back to those days and treasure them when your Stephen is grown up.

Barbara said...

It's not "just" a mobile home . . . it's a moveable mansion! No wonder you like it. It looks so lovely and homey.

Jean said...

This book sounds really good! I love mysteries, especially if they grab you right from the start. Thanks for the referral!

Jill Martin said...

wow a whole bunch of good news...Will pray for staying in
Cameron and for the property you found. Lots of room for fabric, and think of the work tables you could have. Also room for gardens, Seth could have Herb gardens. I have plant slips to get him going! Glad to see you have found a friend...Hurrah for answered prayers. Time to hike,geocache and read will restore your psyche and the sewing creativity will only benefit from you being recharged.

KatieQ said...

Wow! Great house. I love the outbuildings and the pond. Lots of room for a garden. It looks like a little piece of heaven. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Michelle May said...

Friends always make the days much brighter and oh so much fun! Happy hiking together!
Plucking chin hairs...hee,hee,hee.

Grace InAZ said...

That property is wonderful! I do hope you stay and can get that home! Your randomness fit my day just was that kind of day here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and dreams.
Hugs, GraceinAZ

QuiltSue said...

Fingers crossed for a great result on the promotion. That property looks amazing, you'd have room for a whole pack of dogs, not just one!

I'd never heard of that author before, so watched the ad and promptly hopped over to Amazon and bought it!

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

I checked out the house and the property - Looks perfect! Keeping you and Jerry and your family in my thoughts in prayers for the promotion locally and the new home. Good positive thoughts!
Love the baby photo! I love photos from the past!
Enjoy your day!

Dora, the Quilter said...

I just got a chance to go back and reread your blog and look at the property. What a gorgeous piece of property! Out where I live more often than not, ponds are just depressions in the earth! I wonder about making the workshop workable-the right temperature in winter and summer, getting some appropriate lighting and electrical outlets, etc. And in the home, enough sleeping/growing space for the kids. The price tag certainly is lovely! Even here in the valley, it would be hard to find 5 hardscrabble acres for that price. Keep us posted.