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Saturday, March 31, 2012

No star today!

For you star seekers...I apologize for not showing you the star today. I have not even turned on my sewing machine in three weeks. What have I been doing? MOVING! Well...sort of...let me explain.
(This will be a little quiltsy but not totally--but I know of no better way than my blog to explain to all my  friends what we are up to; so read on if you want--otherwise I will be back with quiltsy things but it won't be for at least a week.)

 We are not going to attempt our dream of owning our own home again anytime soon. We have moved so much. Jerry (my husband) has decided to turn down any promotion outside of our town--for now. It is time for us to settle; and eventually he will be able to promote right here. So as of TODAY, I am making this duplex a home. And because of that I am making several changes:

* I am losing my Creation Station. Everyone--huge sad sigh! This was completely necessary for the teenager. It was not working having him in the basement. Talk about withdrawing--I know they do that at this age, but his was worse because he was able to just completely shut himself off from the family. The result was too much love of electronic things and no more love of previous interests (herbs, cooking, reading.) We've noticed really big attitude differences too--so as of now I am 'taking my son back'. We've spent the day taking down my Creation Station and creating Seth a bedroom again.

* I will move to the basement but it will be better than before. My ex-husband is going to come help us with wiring some outlets and lighting. In the entire ( large) basement, there is only one outlet and 3 light bulbs. It is horrible working conditions.(that is why I just can't bring myself to call it a Creation Station--at least for now.) So my sewing is on a standstill until he is able to come and work on that for us. The basement project will be a 'school' project for Seth actually.

* Our living/dining/kitchen area is so dark and drab and ugly. I haven't cared up until now because today is our 2 year Anniversary of living here. That used to mean time to move--so I never saw the point of fixing it up. I cannot paint since it is a duplex but I am making the following changes:

        -- new Table and chairs. Ours were ugly. My ex-husband had a beautiful new dining set that I bought before life changes. It was never used...and I found out he was just using it in his garage to work on his guns and load powder. Today I traded him the ugly set for the pretty set. I'll show you photos later. Promise!

         -- New brighter living room. Out with the ugly, broken in several places mini blinds and in new curtains. What a difference that made! A shuffle here and there, a removal of the tv (now kicked out into the basement) and we have a nice sitting room to enjoy music and reading. Photos soon.

         ---Kitchen: I cannot wait to start showing things that I am going to do to brighten that. I have something I need ideas for too, so I'll post more later.

So, that is where I am right now and what I am doing. It is tiring. I feel like we are moving, which I guess really we've moved at least half of what we own. I really am going to miss the Creation Station with the fabric rainbow walls and the sunlight streaming in, but I hope the trade off will be that my 14 year old finds us again. Give me just a bit of time...and this house will become a home. That will be worth all the hard work(and lost sewing/blog time), don't you think?

I may not be back next Saturday either. And no ahhhh this week. I am so sorry!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ahhhh 20--Blue Birds

This Hexagon pattern was published by Hall in 1935. If you just use two colors, the star is completely lost--so beware you star lovers. It will be interesting to see what you came up with. There is a flikr account flashing on the side bar for those of you that are new to the blog and want to see some past Ahhhh's other than my own.

 I worked on my Ahhhh of and on all week, got it almost done and hated it. Didn't even want to finish it. I am now out of the bright African prints (although I've got several African hexis ready to make from past ahhhh designs that I'll show as I finish them). I have the darker African prints but I am ready to step away and do something bright and flowery or something. So, I've not got a finish to show you now but I'll get one to show you eventually. You'll have to just work from drawings today :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Random Thank you's

Friday night I was so excited. I was finally caught up on blogs. I have a Kindle Fire (thanks MIL!) and I like to read blogs while cuddling Stephen as he falls asleep at night. (Yes I still do cuddle him. I plan to until he's at least 20.) So, here comes Saturday night. I snuggle down with Stephen in my recliner to do some blog reading...and I have no internet. Sunday...still no internet. We had to call a tech, and they had to completely re-set our entire system--new access name and all. Our internet is so crazy here. I sure do have a time with it. Anyway, that's why I haven't replied to emails. I will get to that soon; well probably later tonight after Stephen goes to bed. He'll probably wake while I am trying to write this. Kudos to Snoodles for filling in a pinch over at the Bible Study blog. She did some fast writing. Thanks!


Stephen had quite a little boy adventure this morning. I didn't have a camera, but I think I'll still post about it on his blog later tonight when I get a chance. The funniest part of our day was convincing him that he could go potty behind a tree in the middle of the woods. He refused. He was talking about it later, too. "NO potty tree!" LOL. Yep, I am pretty sure I've got to blog about that on his it can make it into his blog book next year. The things I'll have to show his girlfriend someday. *wicked snicker*  Thanks, Stephen for the fun hike this morning!


Many of you are routing for us to get that house I showed you last week. I better clarify that we won't be able to buy anything for another year; but you all can continue to be my dream-leaders! So many of you have helped us out over the last couple of years. Things are looking up quite nicely. With the med bills paid off now and the raise my husband will get when he promotes--it is just making me smile to think there is a house for us somewhere just over that horizon. Thanks to all you Dream-leader friends for cheering us on and being encouraging!


 I will soon be the proud owner of EQ7 sometime within the next few weeks. Much learning to do there...but I cannot wait to start producing patterns that are in my head! Beaquilter even emailed EQ about my hexies and they have a book on sale right now that will help me draw them. Thanks Bea! Also, thanks anonymous friend for your generosity. If it weren't for you, I couldn't get EQ7!


I have been trying to eat as a vegetarian for many reasons; health being at the top of the list. Do you know how hard it is to not eat bread, or pasta, or potatoes, or corn, or flour of any kind, and now add meat to the list?? It's just not working. One thing that I can say..."Thanks Chocolate! You are a lifesaver. I refuse to give chocolate up completely. Not going to happen!


Next week...back to a fun random. Sometimes Thank You's are in order though.
Thanks to all of you. You are the best kinfolk a Hillbilly blogger can have!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Finished star

I have been really dreading showing you my finished star. It just did not work out. It started out well:

I took the photos on the background fabric.
I've decided that I don't like the fabric at all and have since switched to another color.
(You'll have to wait until next week to see that!)

My problem came in when I noticed that it needed a bit of squaring up.
But I shouldn't have squared it up.
Lesson learned: pin and ease. Don't square up.

It looks ok...except the middle. 
Frog stitching won't help this one.
Good thing I planned applique around the background, because I'll have to add some to the middle too.

Sigh. I know that I need practice and patience and all that stuff.
But what I need most is time for that!
I thought about making another, but I am going to move on in the book.
Just "slowerer and carefulerer".

I do look forward to piecing the background this week. 
I think you'll really like the color I chose.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ahhhh 19--The Ozark Diamond

I know that we have many many new Hillbilly Kinfolk following along now (thanks to Bingo!), so I want to take a moment to explain Thursdays.

Every Thursday we have a new Ahhhhh pattern. Ahhhhh stands for 
"Artistic, Hexotic, Hex-a-long, Hectic Hillbilly Hexies". 
Several kinfolk followers helped me come up with that name, so I combined it all into Ahhhhh.

Our hexagons are English Paper Pieced. If they interest you, I have an English Paper Piecing button up top. You will find how-to's, resources, and all the previous Ahhhh posts. 

Now, onto today's Ahhhh--a couple of weeks ago we had the Ozark Star. You all know that I just love anything having to do with the I am equally in love with this week's Ozark Diamond. (Which appeared in the Kansas City Star on June 20, 1931.

I do wish that I had more of my pretty kaleidoscope fabric--but it's gone for good and forever. I do have some others up my sleeve that I will dig out soon, but for a few weeks I want to wrap up using African fabrics.

So, I present to you my Ozark Diamond ooh la la Elephante'!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Technical stuff

I have a couple of people that I try to 'follow' and everytime that I click the 'follow' button it says I am following...but then next time I am not following them. It won't let me stay following. It is strange. Any ideas? One comments here frequently and I used to follow her but I cannot now and I'd like to.

After the Clover and Violet post about Pinterest and the legal problems with it (they linked up another page on their post. I really don't have the time to go look for it at the moment as I need to wake the boy up for school, but you can find it easily on the clover and violet blog. The post was within the last week)...I've deleted my account. I don't need one more thing anyway. But please feel free to pin things from my blog.

I am getting around to blogs. I am going slow as I am in a purging mode. Some blogs that I followed haven't posted in a year. I am hoping that maybe cleaning up a bit will help my follow situation I mentioned up top. I am working my way through the alphabet. I've gotten through K' anything K and above gets read daily...anything below I am still working on. Once it is finished it will be much nicer. I used to follow a ton of book blogs, baby blogs, art blogs,religious blogs and it's too much! So I am purging most of those out.


You EQ7 people...I have read that you can draw blocks using the program. Would my Ahhhh hexies be easy to draw? If so then I've another reason to start saving for this program. I think Kat has me almost convinced that I can't live without it. LOL


I didn't mean to have another random post. But this technical stuff was on my mind this morning. I think now I will go work on my Ahhhh for tomorrow. Well after teaching a bit of math. We are working through Permutations. How's that for technical?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Morning Brain Bounce

In other words, I need to clear my thoughts so I am really glad that I can post a Regular Random Post today!(is there such a thing as regular random?)

Life random

Jerry is up for a promotion on March 28th. We could once again choose to go anywhere in the state that there is a prison (sadly--or really probably goodly there is none near my beloved Ozarks); but this time around we are going to stick to this side of the state. We got really good news on Friday that Jerry might be able to stay right where he's at and not transfer. We'll know by mid-April. I found this house on the internet. I would really like to live there. Yes, just a mobile home but still beautiful land, has a great workshop for my quilt work area and so much better than our duplex. And we could have a dog. I really really want a dog.

Here is the website for the home

Quiltsy Random

I've not touched a needle or thread in over a week except for last Thursday's Ahhhh. I am having serious withdrawal symptoms. I think I'll beg some sewing time tonight. ('s almost 8 pm...maybe I'll just try tomorrow night instead.)

Stephen Random

I caught Stephen standing in front of the mirror the other day with some tweezers. He was attempting to pluck his chin hairs. LOL, it must have hurt because the next time he saw me plucking chin hairs he went crazy telling me "No momma! Ouch! No!" Poor Stephen--his trials of having 'old' parents have just begun.

Food Random.
Tonight is Mexican Monday! We are trying to eat very good but I REFUSE to give up Mexican Monday. Tonight, bean burritos with Rotel. (A mexican cheese dip for those that don't know).

Hiking Random

My friend called this morning while I was writing this post and wanted me to go find a quick geocache. After two years of living here with no friends I have finally found one. She likes to hike a lot and cache alot just like I did before Stephen came into my life. We hiked several miles last week. It feels good to hit the trails again! (Although it is tiring lugging a 2 yr old around with us.) Anyway, we started the day with a nice little walk and my geocache stats are climbing thanks to her!

Random Author

Ever heard of Brandilyn Collins? Mercy. I just read another of her books straight through. It's storming here today and Stephen had trouble staying asleep during his nap so I snuggled down with him and picked up another Brandilyn Collins book. Read it from beginning to end. I do that every single time with her books. Suspense. Murder. Surprise twists and turns. That's how I spent my last two hours. I should have been sewing probably. Or cleaning. But, hey, an afternoon thunderstorm snuggle was more fun. Here's the trailer for the newest B. C. book:

Random Photo

Usually I try to pull a photo up from our past...but I am running terrible slow getting this post out. I've been working on it for almost 8 hours now. I guess I better just grab one from my computer instead of taking the time to scan an old one in. Some of you have seen this before. It's my favorite shot of Stephen and I. When did my baby turn into the ornery little boy who I can currently hear giggling as he jumps in rain puddles with his brother?

Random Hillbilly

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bingo FAQ's

I completely forgot to write my Lonestar post. Good grief! My star is finished. Guess you can see it next week. Maybe I'll have the background finished by then.

This page will be added to the Bingo page up top and updated as more questions arise. These are the questions that I've been getting emails about; feel free to ask more if you need. Rules and dates can be found on the Rule page also up under the Bingo button on my blog.

1) If I don't have a blog, can I still play?

Yes! When it comes time for us to put up the link share for everyone's cards you may email me a photo of your Bingo card and your list. It is necessary that I get a photo of each. Your Bingo card/list email MUST be within the same week as the link party is up; not before. (For my organization purposes.)

2) Can other members of my household play along with me?

Yes! But they must have their own card and list; and their card may not be the same as yours. If you are using the same fabric mix it around to other rows. They must link up/email their card/list separately.

3) What if I've already blogged about my card and list and didn't wait until April 15th?

That is fine. You can still link up that particular post and won't have to type a new post.

4) What if I do not have enough fabric of the different colors for each row? Or what if I have two flowers?

Colors do not matter. Colors were for suggestion only. What does matter is that each space be different. You can have two 'dogs' for example but they both cannot be in the "B" row.

5) Will prizes be sent to International winners?

Yes they will.

6) What is May for Me?

Starting next week I will be telling more about May for Me. What it's all about, what we do, some ideas, etc.

7) Will there be another quilt pattern to sew along with this year?

No, sorry. Each year I plan to come up with something fun and new. This year it was Bingo. Next year...who knows? I've ideas already forming though...
A final note for today. Marcia has a May for Me linky party up on her blog already. This is not the Bingo Linky. The linky on Marcia's blog is for those that are participating in May for Me! Some might be playing Bingo with us, some may not. If you have already linked up your Bingo card there, that is fine, but you'll have to link it up again the week of April 15th to the Bingo card linky.

Please feel free to ask more questions if need be.

Friday, March 16, 2012

I kicked out my husband.

When he came home for work I had his bag packed, his bedding ready, and was waiting for him outside. He had no clue this was happening.

You see, my daughter and I made plans to have a girls night out during May for Me. (May 11th I think.) We were both supposed to tuck $20 in an envelope each payday starting this month. So today when I went to get groceries I got my first $20 out, ran home and stuck it in an envelope labeled May for Me! happened. I felt guilty. My husband needs some time away too, you know? He works all day dealing with a bunch of 2 yr olds. Well they are men of all ages but most inmates are not real mature people. My husband is not a guard. Much worse. He's more like a principle or something. He spends his day having meetings, dishing out punishment and working through other issues with the prisoners. I just deal with one little 2 yr old boy. He deals with too many to count.

So, I packed the camping stuff, called one of the local campgrounds and sent him packing about an hour ago. My May for Me money is tucked in his pocket. There's plenty of time to save more; and I am happy for it to be spent for this.

The boys and I are going to make brownies. Then when Stephen goes to bed Seth and I will have a movie date with our freshly made brownies.

Tomorrow I'll write up a blog with Bingo FAQ's. Tonight I am going to wonder how my husband's doing since I kicked him out for the weekend. And enjoy my boys!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ahhhh 18-- The Hidden Star

We need an easy Ahhhh today. The last couple have been hard ones. How about this Hidden Star that appeared in the Kansas City Star in 1936?

I doubt the original was as African-like or blurry as mine :)

Sorry if I am quiet in blog/computer land.
It's nice outside so the boys and I have been doing many hikes. 
We have to fit my beloved woodland time in before ticks and poison ivy get too bad. It was never cold enough this winter to kill off the bugs, so it will be a really bad tick year. 

I've never my entire life lived a winter like this where we didn't have snow. Now it's in the mid 80's and many have their air conditioning on. No way, not me!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quilting makes the difference!

A few years ago (before Stephen) I used to take on quite a few large commissioned quilts. And I would attempt to quilt them myself using my machine. Then I finally realized that I just could not do the job that someone with a long arm quilter could do. Since then, I have made it a policy that anyone who orders a quilt that is larger than a lap size/throw must pay to have it long arm quilted. Making that a policy is one of the smartest things that I've done; sure has relieved lots of stress!

Then, through wonderful blogland I discovered Marcia and freehand long arm quilting. From now on my customers have a choice...they can use a local long arm quilter, who most likely uses a computer or pantograph, or they can pay to have their quilts freehand long arm quilted by Marcia. Now some of you think I am singing her praises because she is my friend. Well, she is my friend, but her quilting is what grabbed my attention and caused us to become friends. Another thing--don't get me wrong--there is nothing wrong with computer/pantograph quilting. I just prefer the 'extra' that comes along with Marcia's freehand work. 

I am so happy that my dresden customer chose to allow Marcia to quilt the identical quilts. Below are some photos. If you pop over to Marcia's blog, you will see some more up close photos of detail work while they are being quilted.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Quiltsy Randomness

Sometimes I get really backed up with what I would like to share with you so it's just best to get it all into one post. This is not my usual fun randomness. This is quiltsy stuff that needs shared. I'll try to get back to fun random posts soon! (although take heart...this is not boring I hope--it just doesn't have all the Ozark Hillbilly flare).

I have a good friend that is giving away several BOXES of fabric on her blog for St. Patty's Day. (Her name is Patty!). She actually just gave away ten boxes recently. I have received several boxes from her and I would like to share the wealth. She owns a quilt shop and has been downsizing a bit and re-organizing. So we get the benefits of that! Please go to her post RIGHT HERE TO ENTER.


There are still lots of Bingo questions. I am commenting on each, but I'll gather them all into one post for Friday.


Remember the pillow cushions that I made for my friend? Look how great they look on her couch:

I love her furbaby, Missy, so I had to include this photo. Missy was a rescue, and is now 14 years young.
Pat does great pet portraits. You need a pet portrait. You really do!

I really really LOVE my Perfect Piecer ruler that I've been using for finding the exact place to begin sewing on angles. I cannot believe I never knew of it before. I am not much of a tool/gadget person, but this to me is now an impossible to live without tool. Are there any other tools that you think I shouldn't live without? I need to know!!


I am starting to work on re-opening my etsy shop. My biggest downfall is lack of time to get photos taken and up on the web. I have plenty of items to start a storefront again. I really want to do this. I need to get some product out of this house before we move again.(Yes, That may happen. More on that next random post.It's not quiltsy!) Anyway, I wish I could hire someone to just deal with that part of the business. I suppose then I wouldn't make any money at it, huh?

I have been spending way too much time designing a couple of dresden quilts. I want them to look 'different', kind of like the last one that I did but smaller. I cannot seem to get a pattern worked out. Does EQ have dresden patterns? Does anyone know? I think EQ might be going back on my dream list after all this drawing and erasing and re-designing that I've been doing. Too much time wasted! I gave up and put it away for awhile.

Sew Cal gal has the post up for you to vote on the Quilters Awards. I was actually nominated by two people for the quilt teacher award, but didn't make the cut. That's ok, I don't even come close to those names up there. Thank you for thinking of me! Maybe someday I really can become a good teacher. Someone has suggested that I start doing video classes. That is a great soon as we get a video camera :) And maybe when I get my front tooth fixed. Anyway, I chased a rabbit.

I nominated Marcia for the best Long Arm quilter. She didn't get in the final voting either. Maybe next year Marcia. You deserve it! Well, anyway, you can go to This Post and vote for all your favorites but Marcia and I. We know you really wanted to vote for us too. *grin*

 I have several LQS's that are within driving distance. They feud one another and don't get along. One really dislikes the other one. I went to the 'other one' twice this last week for a commissioned quilt and you know what? I loved it there. And they liked Stephen. And I found out something. I better stop complaining about having a toddler at age 43; because Tula Pinks mother (who owns the quilt shop I've been enjoying lately) had twins at age 48! They are only 5 years old now. Yikes. I'll count my blessings. That wasn't really quiltsy but it sort of was. We know that Tula Pink's mother and I have something in common. (P.S.--don't be trying to guess the other LQS. I'm not sharing and there are 4 more in the area.)


I have no idea if that is all. I hope so. If you have read this far...thanks. This is what I need from you in my fun rapid fire comment section that I always do for random posts:

1) Do you do anything out of the ordinary on St Patrick's Day?
2)What other ruler/gadget should I NOT be living without?
3) Are there other quilt design programs besides EQ7 that maybe is less pricey?
4) Would you have voted for me or Marcia? No do NOT answer that. Just tell me one person you did vote for.
5)How old were you when your last child was born?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bingo Rules

We are going to have so much fun in May! Many of you have decided to join us for our May for Me Bingo game. I will link this page up under the Bingo button at the top of my blog so that you will have it to refer back to. Click on the Bingo page button to read all of the Bingo posts!!!!!!!

There has been some confusion about the Bingo cards. Colors are for suggestion only. If you don't have certain need to fret over it. The master list won't even list colors. More on that in a moment.

Here are the deadlines and rules:

April 15-22--The Linky party opens. You have until April 22 to link your post showing your Bingo card and a Master list of what each space means. The list is VERY IMPORTANT and a necessary part of the game. After April 22 we will not accept any new entries. So you MUST link up by that date. 

The last week of April, I will take every one of those master lists and create the pieces that I will call. In a normal Bingo game, the caller might say, "B-14". In our game I might say, "B-Dog". If you have a dog in the B section, then you will get to sew a button on. Your middle square is free--sew a button on!

May 1 the game begins! You will have to hop around to find out what is being called that day. I will call on Tuesdays, Marcia on Wednesdays, Sharon on Thursdays, Snoodles on Friday, and all of us will call out a game piece on Monday's. 

Prizes will be awarded in the categories posted RIGHT HERE.

There will only be ONE prize in each category. Example, if someone wins horizontal, then there will not be another horizontal winner.

If you think you have a BINGO, then you will need to comment on Tonya's blog (to keep things from being too confusing, you will ONLY be able to comment on Tonya's blog. I will make a special post on the First of May just for you to claim BINGO. We will use that post for the entire month to make things easier.) If someone claims a BINGO, then the rest of the players have 24 hours to also claim the same BINGO. (this is for fairness of the many different time zones that will be playing.) If no one else claims the same BINGO, then that person wins the prize. If someone else claims the same Bingo within the 24 hours, then both names will be put 'into a hat' and a winner will be drawn from them. Edit:  The words have to be from the same day as the person that called Bingo. In other words, if Fiona (everyone wave at Fiona!) calls Bingo tomorrow afternoon from across the pond, then Linda (Linda, you around?!) cannot call the same Bingo such as "B-vertical" with a new word from Friday morning. Linda would have 24 hours to call Bingo but it would have to be with a  Thursday word that Fiona won on. I got to thinking I better add this to the rules. We allow the 24 hours due to time zones but we need to be fair too!

I hope that I have explained these well enough. We have some players who have no idea what BINGO is, so please feel free to ask as many questions as you would like.

Finally, a note about the Bingo cards. As I said up top, the colors are not important. I just need a list of what novelty item is in each location. A picture of this list MUST be shown in the same post as a photo of your BINGO card. This post is what you will link up in April.

If you get a B--Star, then your star has to be in B...not in I or N or G or O. Same with any other novelty I call.

Have I got everything covered?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Piecing the Gradient Star

One of the reasons that I enjoy working through this book along with you is so that I can show you the 'how to's' in more detail. Book authors just don't have the space to show you step by step. Today we will begin piecing our star--step by step.

Your pieces are ready to be marked.
 If you are using the Perfect Piecer, then you will be using the 45 degree at the points.

And the 135 degree on the side points.
I found these little markers to be my favorite for marking the dots.

Once they are marked, refer to your book.
Match dots with pins.

Excuse my horrible ironing board cover,
but note that I used a bunch more starch.

Press seams open.

If you didn't before, mark your dots.
(I preferred waiting to mark mine so that I didn't get confused which edges to match.)

Perfect marking means..
Perfect points!

I have four of each of these now...

Next week we will complete piecing the star.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ahhhh 17-- The Eastern Star

('s not midnight yet here in the I still got this out on Thursday. Sorry it took me so long today!)

The Eastern Star appeared in the Detroit Free Press on Dec 15th, 1933.
This pattern is one of my favorite yet. I know I said African fabric this week but this was just too pretty of a block to not use my kaleidoscope fabric on. I actually prepared one to make out of Asian fabrics too; but it's not ready to show to you yet.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Bingo Prizes

Do you all know who Barbara Cline is? She wrote the book we are working through on Saturdays. The book is fabulous! Well, she has another book just off the press.

Barbara(visit her blog Right HERE) is going to give a book to one of the winners! She's mailing it out herself so I bet you can even talk her into autographing it. (I'm jealous.)

But that's not all! Marcia is offering up several prizes:

3 yds of 100% Cotton Quilters Blenders 108" Fabric
(winner chooses color)

A pack of quilted notecards:

And one of her Easy to Sew quilt patterns:

So--with all this I am going to shuffle the prizes around a bit so that I can add these on. I'll work on that now so check on the Bingo page later today to see all the great prizes!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Frog Stitchin and Hillbilly Vittles

I was just a sittin in my perty little Creation Station and cominson to stitch up some of them thar diamonds when I thunked, "Hillbilly, you gotta go share some good vittles on your blog." It has been right nar forever since I did any sharin of vittles with you uns.

I got the hankerin to fry up some frog legs first of all, cuz you know what? I had to do some good ol' frog stitchin on that first diamond. You all do be knowin what frog stitchin are don't ya? You know..."Rip it, Rip it, Rip it". Yep. I be better at frog stitchin than I be at any other kind of stitchin. I mean my name should be "Hillbilly Tonya--Frog Stitcher Extraordinaire" (I liked that name so much that I done made me a little button. You can steal it ifn ya want to.)

But then whilst I were a frog stitchin away, I thunked about each of you all, and I realized you uns be pure ol high class peoples. Some simple vittles o' frog legs just are not proper for the likes of you. So I picked you out a recipe saved for rare, special occasions. Somethin' that we here in the hills are Nuts about, I hope that you all be enjoyin a batch of these on your next big dinner occasion.

Mountain Oysters
Image source

Recipe courtesy of


  1. 1
    Split the tough skin-like muscle that surrounds each "oyster" (use a sharp knife). You can also remove the skin easily if the meat is frozen and then peeled while thawing.
  2. 2
    Soak in a pan of salt water one hour; drain.
  3. 3
    Transfer to a large pot and add enough water to float the meat.
  4. 4
    Add the vinegar to the pot.
  5. 5
    Parboil, drain and rinse.
  6. 6
    Let cool and slice each oyster into 1/4 inch thick ovals.
  7. 7
    Sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides of sliced oyster to taste.
  8. 8
    Combine flour, cornmeal and some garlic powder to taste.
  9. 9
    Roll each slice into flour mixture.
  10. 10
    Dip into milk.
  11. 11
    Roll again into flour mixture.
  12. 12
    Dip into wine.
  13. 13
    (repeat the procedure for a thicker crust).
  14. 14
    Fry in hot oil or fat seasoned with the bottled hot sauce to taste (be careful, it will sizzle when you add the hot sauce); fry until golden brown.
  15. 15
    Drain on paper towels.
  16. 16
    Serve with cocktail sauce if desired.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cut Diamonds

Before I begin I need to do a shout out. One of you emailed me a different way to do Y-seams, and now I can't remember which of you it was. Katie, Carrie or Hope I think. Whichever one, please comment below as Linda would really like to hear your method. Thank you!

For those of you working through Barbara Cline's book with me, please don't feel like you have to go at the same speed as I. If you ever need help, just email me.

My mother-in-law gave us a nice Amazon gift card. I was able to get some design mirrors. Here is some of the fabric that I'm using. You can see how the mirrors help me with the fussy cutting.

I did enjoy playing around with the mirrors, but I actually like the element of surprise when I just choose an area without the mirrors, sew it up and see what happens. 
The mirrors will come in really handy when I get to an actual Lone Star quilt.

Here are all the pieces for my Gradient Star quilt. (well, except for the background pieces, I'd like to finish the star before I decide on that for sure. The photos are shown on the fabric that I think I'm going to use for the background.)

4 left facing Asian women

4 right facing Asian women

4 left facing dragons

4 right facing dragons

8 light colored

8 different light colored

I cannot wait to get sewing on these. Hopefully next week I'll have the middle all sewn up to show you!!
(I am also scared to death. Accuracy accuracy accuracy.)