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Monday, February 27, 2012

Wild Wonky and Patience

I have a dear friend that I met through blogland. Pat was the first person that ever bought anything from me back when I had an etsy shop. I was so excited that I sold something that I just stuffed it in a box and didn't package it pretty or anything. Pat has since become my greatest encourager. Over the last two years she has purchased several things...seen my packaging get better...and has seen my sewing get better too. But mostly Pat believed in me when I didn't much believe in myself. (Sometimes a person's past can really get in the way of self confidence. Pat seemed to sense this from the beginning.)
This is the first item that Pat purchased from me, as it is displayed in her  home.

Over the last two years I've morphed completely. I ditched the original blog and now have this one--and you all know that I love every moment of it! I now find my confidence in encouraging others. I've learned to slow down and enjoy learning.
The second order from Pat--a table set. I had major machine problems with these, so the quilting is way less than perfect.
On this latest order for Pat, it has taken me FOREVER to get it finished. Well, that sort of happens with any order that I get. But Pat has so much patience with me. She never emails and asks when in the world that I am going to get them done. She just waits...patiently. I had another learning curve this machine. I had to figure out the best settings for machine applique. I also thread around all the applique might look nice. NOT!! So the first four items were thrown away and re-done.

Anyway, Pat, your order is now on it's way. Four pillow cushion covers size 16x16 and four sized 12 x 12. Oh I forgot to tell you all that Pat lets me be creative in anyway that I want, and she likes wonky, so I did creative wonky. These are very fun to make...once my machine and I came to an understanding of one another.

Now that another order is on the way I can catch up on reading your blog posts.
I have to balance things that way for now; and it's working for me.
Read all the posts, complete an order, read posts, complete an order...and so on.

The exciting part--I've another order! You know, this might just work out having my husband home evenings and weekends and not working two jobs. In the meantime though, I have to go to Sesame Street .org. My little one is a bit upset with me that I would not stop writing this post to go visit and sing Wheel's on the Bus with Elmo for about a hundred times in a row. He just shut himself up in his bedroom. I've some making up to do. 

Here goes: The Wheel's on the bus go round and round,
round and round,
round and round....


Pat said...

Tonya, they are fabulous! Everything I could dream of and more! Thank you so much, I am thrilled to bits with them *jumping up and down"

Angie said...

You are so talented!
That is adorable!!
I'm so glad you're getting more orders and that the Hubs can be home more.
God is so good!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Pat is very lucky as well as you. I have a faithful shopper too - who has been with me from the start and not only buys what I have on hand, but commissions pieces. I think I have decorated her house! I look forward to your creativity able to flow with a little more ME time on the horizon.

Junibears said...

Beautiful work Tonya. Glad to hear you are on the UP! Hugs xx

rubyslipperz said...

Those are some very wonderful things that Pat is lucky to have from your hands and heart!

You might tell your leeetle one that waiting for something special to happen...can make it even MORE special when it does happen. =)


Fiona said...

You're on a roll... great work Tonya... she will love them..

Snoodles said...

Those are adorable! I love each and every one of them!
....the driver on the bus says.... :)

quiltmom said...

Hi Tonya,
Your work is lovely but the table center piece is particularly lovely. It is fun to see what others create when they are playing in the fabric.
My kindergarten kids like sesame as well as
Pbs kids is fun too.
Thanks for stopping by my blog- you are right about the retreat being fun. I have known some of the ladies in the group since 1996 so that is quite some time ago now. Its alot of quilting and sharing time together. Great laughs, food and time dedicated to creating something beautiful. What more could one wish for?

QuiltSue said...

What great wonkies. I love them.

I could have done without "the wheels on the bus" though. Guess what I'm going to be singing all day now? LOL.

Michelle May said...

Beautiful girlfriend! So glad you are smiling. :)

Sharon said...

Love them! She will too! Let me see if I can remember the rest of the words to Stephen's favorite song..."the wheels on the bus go round and round, all the day long." Is that right? It's been so long since we've had a little one around! LOL!

Connie said...

Your work is so beautiful and I really love the place mats and centerpiece!