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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lone Star Learn-a-Long

Week 1: Supplies

Always before diving into a project, I spend some time researching and learning. Well not always, but always before diving into a BIG project such as this one! I will tell you; I am very nervous this time around because I've never been the best at getting those pesky seams and points to line up. But after my research I am feeling better about it than I did a month ago. Today I want to share with you some tools that I have found that are important for our journey.

 I know many of you are joining from Sue's Quiltalong.
As we discuss these tools,  I will be sure to tell you if those are things that are a benefit to those making just a normal Lone Star, or if they are more suited to those following me in this book (there is still time to purchase and join us. I know of at least 4 of us making these quilts together):

Ok, let's get to the necessary (other than your normal quilting) tools.

Sand paper grippers  I use a different brand; but no matter which brand, you really need to use these on your rulers! The difference is night and day!!!

Painters tape. 1/4" feet on your sewing machine are important, but you can extend that line using a thick little pile of painter tape strips. (more on this in a moment.)

I recently gave away several rulers that I didn't ever use; and am prone not to use anything other than my old faithful 6 x 24, but this wonderful little tool is useful when connecting y seams, mitered corners, etc. It helps you stop at exactly the right point for those perfect angles. I will share more on how to use this next week. Anyone joining us would benefit from this ruler.

If you don't know about color and the color wheel...then learn!! There are some fun websites, but if you need the basics Go Learn them HERE.

Ok, now for the not-so-necessary-but-I-highly-recommend tools.

Every single one of you should get this movie! It takes you step by step on how to make a Lone Star quilt, no book needed! She takes you through fabric choice, cutting, piecing, blocking..the entire process. Also are included some great pointers that I would have never thought of on my own. Jan illustrates how to use blue painters tape to cut perfectly straight strips every time. Also she shows a method of piecing perfect pins...that is ingenious. There is so much more this video teaches. I want to watch it over and over. 
(and would have already if my toddler wasn't so time demanding){and will in time}.

I'll admit. I have been 'planning' to make LoneStars for years. And everytime I saw these mirrors, I figured that I could get by without them. After all, I have a pretty good sense of color. (I really do. I can't draw or get perfect seams but I can handle color). But then when Jan showed how these mirrors worked on the video, wow! The mirrors available by Jan Krentz are larger than other brands--they show the entire design.Those doing the book study will not need these right away.

Now you will notice that I am kind of a Jan Krentz fan. But, really, after watching that video I know that Jan knows her stuff. AND--Jan is here to answer our questions. She really is a sweetheart. We will be working through some of her books eventually on this blog, but I know some of you on Sue's learn along are working through them now. So if you have questions while working through her patterns, just ask away and I'll see if I can find out an answer for you.


Next week...we tackle some Y seams and look at fabric choices. Both are necessary before beginning our projects. 


Fiona said...

I won't be making this but I still find reading your notes informative.... I have never heard of those little stickers for the ruler... what a good idea. I know I will learn lots here...

QuiltSue said...

I agree the grippers are great. They've stopped me straying off the straight and narrow on many occasions. The mirror looks interesting and that Y-seam ruler looks like a must have. Now I'm off to do some internet shopping for it.

Belinda said...

I'm not going to join in, but I already learned things from this post that will help me with other projects. It's fun to learn along with Hillbilly!!!

Linda said...

I will be joining in :) Y Seams terrify me so I hope to get over that fear with this lone star project. Those little gripper are genius! I am off to shop for them and the Y seam ruler. Any tool that makes this easier is a must for me. haha

Sharon said...

I have so many projects in the works that I have to decline joining but will enjoy learning things for the future. I've always admired those lone stars!

Sonia said...

Just found your blog. I am a beginning quilter who also homeschools and is perimenopausal. And I love to blog, too. Want to learn more about quilting. Your blog is wonderful!

Heather said...

Hey Sis! Sorry I haven't been around much! I hope you're doing well.
I'm not going to join you in this one but I do still read & learn from them. I've made 1 lone star quilt & really enjoyed it but my focus is on other sewing projects right now. :)

Jayne said...

I've never tried using the grippers, but I'm intrigued by them. Might have to check those out. And since everyone is singing the praises of Jan Krentz's book, I think I am adding it to my wish list; I will definitely be looking for it when I'm out shopping

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

I would love to do the quilt along but my quilting business is way too busy in the winter months. But I plan to follow along with all the posts and imagine them in my mind! Thanks for sharing!
Wow all you tools would fit in for the project quilting challenge!
Have a wonderful week!