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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The 50

The dresdens are of about 3 a.m.! Here they are:

8 blue/red plaid

8 blue red polka dot

4 tan

4 red/green

4 brown/peach floral

4 yellow/navy

8 corner fan

8 small fan

2 large multi print

Lessons learned:
1) How to do EPP!! I started out using the machine and found it really hard to do non cottons so EPP was much easier. Also learned to use interfacing on non-cotton!

2) Roxanne's applique glue works better than Sewline for applique.

3) Older black fabric disintegrates really easily. I've learned this through research. I will hand wash this quilt before giving to the owner to remove applique glues, but I will tell her that it should not be washed very often. The fabrics in this quilt are 40 years old, so they should be handled carefully.

4) On a personal level--not to take on large projects! I did this as a favor, and won't be earning a profit. But, I have learned from this quilt (or quilts rather) and that I don't regret at all

5) Also on a personal level--I do so very much enjoy blogging and reading blogs. I missed you so much that I almost got depressed for a few days. Well, actually I did. But I can also say that peri-menopausal stuff helped in that dept. Seth said he would like to move out until this is over. I told him that he better just get used to it. I have to deal with 3 men all the time with only seeing a female face (my daughter) about once every two weeks, so they better just deal with this. Their fault for taking the apple, I say! Ok, there's my little bit of humor for today.

All that is left is sashing/borders. I cannot easily work on that except during sleepy toddler times so I can now start visiting each of you again! Yay! I am so excited!!!!!!

There are 883 posts in my reader...I am going to take my time and enjoy catching up.

Mostly, I am just ecstatic to say, " I'm Back!!!"


Heather said...

Yippie! So glad you got them done!! And I'm glad to see you back. I blogged yesterday & hope to keep it up! :)

Teresa Felgueiras said...

Lovely dresden. I love the small ones. Are they paper pieced?

Snoodles said...

Good to have you back, my friend! Take it easy for a day or so and recuperate! :)

Barb said...

You need to get some the dresdens.

Belinda said...

They look great! Congratulations on getting them all done. You are almost at the finish line... Hooray!!

Michelle said...

You'll feel quite relieved to have them done... welcome back :O)

Christine M said...

So glad you're back Tonya. And what are you doing up at 3am stitching dresdens? Hugs, Christine

Fiona said...

great job... what a lot of dresdens - we missed you too...

KatieQ said...

Thanks for sharing the photos and your experiences with these blocks. I'm thrilled to see you're getting back in the groove. I've really missed you.

Mrs. White said...

These look beautiful!

Mrs. White

Pat said...

Gorgeous work, Tonya!
Welcome back, hon xx

QuiltSue said...

That's a lot of work, no wonder you had to skip your blog writing/reading for a while.

Anyway, welcome back.

Linda said...

Tonya, the dresdens look great! I am happy to have you back :) Oh and tell Seth that Girls rule and Boys drool. hahaha That's what I say to the boys in my house :)

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Love all the Dresden Blocks! So many fabrics! They look great! It is very hard to work with old fabrics!
Welcome back!

Melody said...

Great to have you back. Your dresdens are fabulous

debi said...

Hi, Tonya...
Enjoy your blog!
LY debi

marina said...

lovely hexies, it can be dificult making things for others. You have done a super job, can't wait to see them all together.