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Monday, January 30, 2012

Woulda Coulda

I was not able to make a Project Challenge quilt this week; and knew that from the beginning. But I got to thinking that planning an 'out of the box' project is still a good stretch of the imagination...even if the quilt never gets to come to pass. ( I know-"never say never" and 'put it in the idea hat'). I wanted to show you what I would have made if I woulda coulda done it.

The challenge this time was to use a song for our inspiration. Not just music but an actual song. I chose a song that my husband wrote concerning his children (most of you know that story). We used to keep the song up on myspace in the hopes that someday his kids would hear it, but myspace is kind of a thing of the past. We don't know how to get the recorded song from the computer to the internet now. Any ideas?

Anyway, I will let the song describe the rest of this post and the quilt that would have been. Bear with the photos. They were scanned in from a very rough sketch.


When I wake up in the morning, wipe the sleep from my eyes
I realize that you're not with me, it still takes me by surprise
In the stillness of the hour, leaning on that bed post
These are the moments, when I miss you the most.
The bed post, bed and pillow would have been applique
When I stumble to the kitchen and pour myself a cup
I stand gazing through the window, watching as the sun comes up
I think I see you in the backyard, and my thoughts are engrossed
These are the moments, when I miss you the most
It was going to be an appliqued window, cup and tree and swing fabric, the rest embroidery

When the minutes turn to hours and the hours into days
The weeks roll into months then years but the pain won't go away
Whether wide-awake or sleeping, every second that I can boast that
These are the moments, when I miss you the most
Applique/embroidery calendar years; one year for each year the kids have been  gone.
When my day is finally ended and I lay me down to sleep
I ask the Lord to richly bless you, and for all our souls to keep
I trust you to the sweet protection of the sovereign Holy Ghost
These are the moments, when I miss you the most
Appliqued verse

Chorus: Every song I sing, every prayer I pray
Every breath I breathe, brings me closer to the day,
When you come back to me and I'll hold you close
Tag line: When each drop of blood throws through my broken heart
These are the moments, when I miss you the most
These are the moments, when I miss you the most.

It was to be a patchwork heart-each patch a different color of red, with black embroidery making them look patched together. Big black line where heart is broken.

photo borrowed from myspace.
We know nothing about this organization.
We do sadly know about parental alienation.
Please pray with us that Jerry will see his kids again someday. 


Fiona said...

very moving post....

Belinda said...

That would have been an awesome quilt and maybe you can make it one day. I pray for you and Jerry daily.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Don't turn a would-a-could-a into a should-a! Make that quilt at some point.

Angie said...

Beautiful. Praying.

jill said...

I would make the quilt and put it behind Jerry singing the song on youtube for a start. If he is not already doing this start a journal with these words for his children to have one day. I have had reason to look into this subject and have found advice to keep communicating even if this means unmailed letters and cards. One day they may come to find him and imagine the joy of seeing how much their Dad really loved them.....,.

KatieQ said...

I can't imagine how painful it must be for your husband to be estranged from his children. There is a powerful message in your quilt. Don't let the opportunity to express these feelings slip away. Find the time to make it.

hope said...

It would be a beautiful quilt to go along with a beautiful Poem (song.) Hopefully, someday they will be reunited on this earth. Sending hugs. Hope

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

What a beautiful song Jerry wrote for his heart goes out to him and the pain he must feel.
Tonya - turn the idea into a quilt that you work on only 15 minutes a week and put it in a box and take it out for only 15 minutes a week and it will happen before the end of the year. You can make it happen over time...

Kelli said...

What a beautiful song, prayers for you and Jerry, and the children. Have you tried uploading the video to youtube? xo

QuiltSue said...

What beautiful words. Sorry I can't help with how to get it on the internet.

I really think you should make that quilt at some time, it would be amazing.

Linda said...

My heart goes out to you and Jerry. Never give up hope on a reunion. Make that quilt someday too. It is such a special song.

Snoodles said...

You already know that I share your problem...please make that quilt. Tuck away letters written to them. It hurts, but somehow it helps, too. We have a growing box of letters that someday Ty may read, and he will know that we never stopped loving him, and wanting him back. I'm praying for y'all....

elliek said...

You so have to make that quilt. Beautiful song and like so many my heart goes out to Jerry. I hope that his children are reunited with him someday ( I don't know the story only having just found you but I would hate to be estranged from my kids)Have faith!